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 +8Posted on Jan 26th | re: Death Cab For Cutie - "Black Sun" (34 comments)

It’s got a nice dark groove to it but the lyrics are kind of blah. The greatest thing about Death Cab has always been the specificity of their lyrics. But hey whatever, the first single has never been one of the best songs on a Death Cab record, and has often been the worst.

 +5Posted on Jan 23rd | re: The 5 Best Songs Of The Week (9 comments)

Dude. The Mountain Goats.

Seriously, people. Sell music on your site, your label’s site, or on Bandcamp. Otherwise I probably won’t buy it unless it’s so damn good that I’d be willing to get the vinyl. Amazon and iTunes are the worst.

 +7Posted on Jan 21st | re: Premature Evaluation: Björk Vulnicura (123 comments)

So, the first time I listened to this was at like 1 AM and I was half asleep and I didn’t follow along with the lyrics, so my reaction was basically “Waahhh, where are the hooks?” The second time, I listened to it while fully awake and read along with the booklet and my reaction was HOOOOLY SHIT and I felt like I’ve been stabbed in the heart and all I want to do is look out the window for a long time and think about my relationship, so thanks a lot, Bjork.

 +3Posted on Jan 21st | re: Premature Evaluation: Björk Vulnicura (123 comments)

I like and love those records, respectively, but neither one sounds like personal apocalypse. More like wistful melancholy.

 +10Posted on Jan 21st | re: Premature Evaluation: Björk Vulnicura (123 comments)

I believe Homogenic is the only album to get a 9.9 from Pitchfork. Kinda makes me wonder what they docked the .1 for. Possibly for not using the video version of “All Is Full of Love”, her best song ever.

 +4Posted on Jan 21st | re: The Mountain Goats - "The Legend Of Chavo Guerrero" (18 comments)

From John Darnielle’s Tumblr, which is seriously great you guys:


1) vultures, pigs, dinosaurs, necklaces, plates with pictures of cats on them, attachable dragon tails

2) the career trajectory of Black Sabbath

3) professional wrestling

The songs about the animals and dinosaurs you can only wrangle out of me if 1) you’re one of my sons or 2) I’m feeling sentimental, and the Ozzy songs must ripen in the darkness until the fullness of the last days. But the wrestling songs, several of which, surprise surprise, are really more about death and difficult-to-navigate interior spaces than wrestling — those will all be let out of their cages on April 7th in North America. (Europe and the UK prefer to let the album cellar for a week to develop its bouquet, so it comes out there on April 13th. Australia and NZ are always first in everything as we know so y’all get it on April 3rd.) The album’s called Beat the Champ, and features cover art by Leela Corman; the vinyl will be two LPs at 45 rpm with lyrics printed on the gatefold. Why lyrics now, after a whole career of refusing to print lyrics? I don’t know. Instinct. I am especially proud of these ones. They are rather more emotional than you might guess at first blush.”

 +6Posted on Jan 21st | re: The Mountain Goats - "The Legend Of Chavo Guerrero" (18 comments)

January coming on STRONG this year

 +2Posted on Jan 21st | re: Download Lil Wayne Sorry 4 The Wait 2 (2 comments)

Wayne’s style feels pretty familiar nowadays, but he actually sounds fired up here. I dig it.

 0Posted on Jan 20th | re: Album Of The Week: Viet Cong Viet Cong (140 comments)

I agree that Picaresque is probably their best, but I actually thought The Hazards of Love was a great experiment, though I rarely listen to it anymore, and The King is Dead had a lot of killer songs. June Hymn especially is one of my favorite Decemberists songs. I’m really, really bummed that the new record has not a single song that would crack my Top 20, it sounds very uninspired and by-the-numbers.