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One of my favorite M83 songs. There’s a fun skate video set to this song where dudes do tricks in slo-mo and stuff explodes, you can find it if you search for “Fully Flared M83″.

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I don’t understand why more artists don’t just sell mp3 files, either on Bandcamp or on their own website. I don’t want them tied to Spotify, iTunes, Google, or Amazon or any other third party software. I just want a zip file full of mp3s that I can play using any media player I want.

Just yesterday I was trying to buy the new Trash Talk album. Their website only offers vinyl and iTunes, the Odd Future website only offers CD. This is not an album I need to own on vinyl, and I have no use for CDs. Now instead of giving them money, which I wanted to do, I’ve downloaded the album.

“There is no quick fix and there‚Äôs no solution to this”

There are solutions, though. Always-on sousveillance for police officers and independent third-party investigations anytime a police action results in a death. There are a bunch of precincts starting to do these things already, we just have to keep pushing legislatively to get them implemented nationwide.

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My tastes in metal tend less toward “epic and atmospheric” and more toward “riffy and restless” so Take Over and Destroy kills it this week for me.

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Big ups to Prex. I’ve found so much cool shit there…

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I’m having trouble figuring out why this song even exists. It borrows too heavily from Baby Got Back to be a strong pop song in its own right, and Nicki’s bars aren’t good enough for it to be a compelling modern update of Baby Got Back, either. Basically there is no scenario I can imagine in which I wouldn’t rather listen to Sir Mix-a-Lot. It feels more like a novelty track than something trying to be a pop hit.

Sure is a titillating video, though.

The phrase “90s alt boom” is definitely vague, but I think it’s being used in this article to refer to the artists generally surrounding the grunge scene. Those that ended up dominating rock radio in the early 90s. Billy Corgan was never really part of the same scene as bands like Yo La Tengo and The Flaming Lips.

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Didn’t Jewel do the same thing where she went pop and then tried to front like she was making fun of pop?

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This is a truly fantastic album

Will the internet ever get tired of hashing out the same “People are too sensitive nowadays” vs “This is racist and horrible” argument? Can’t we all admit that there is truth to both sides?

We have to be willing to admit that there is a nasty history of white musicians “borrowing” musically and/or aesthetically from musicians of color, often squeezing them out of the market in the process, and that makes people upset. At the same time, we have to also be willing to admit that slapping the tag “RACIST” on something and leaving it at that, is not the same thing as a well-reasoned and objective critique.