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Au contraire, I was a HUGE Marilyn Manson fan when I was 13 and 14. I’ve read his autobiography multiple times, that’s how I know he’s a shitty person. Also all the things that the dozens of people he’s kicked out of the band have said.

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I was at Ovlov/Big Ups/Les Savy Fav, it was a lot of fun! LSF was total madness. Wish I coulda been there for Metz and/or Lightning Bolt but one goodbye show is enough I suppose. Grimy DIY venues come and go in Brooklyn so I can’t say I’m super broken up about it. Siren Fest and the McCarren Pool Parties were a bigger loss.

Irreversible uses a lot of flashy gimmicks to tell its story and drive home a lot of its themes, and I just didn’t feel like there was a lot of substance under that. I didn’t think that what it ultimately had to say was very interesting or illuminating. Unfortunately it’s also not the sort of movie I ever want to see again to determine if my feelings have changed.

Irreversible is a film that actually tries (and in my opinion, fails, but that’s neither here nor there) to say something about society and cycles of violence. This, on the other hand, is more juvenile sadism-porn from Roth and MM’s wheelhouse.

Let’s not forget that MM has a music video that is literally just him beating a woman to death. Why continue giving this man our attention?

I’m still not sure why Stereogum has started writing about Marilyn Manson’s activities lately. His music hasn’t been interesting since Mechanical Animals and he’s always been a scumbag as a person.

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Brown ale is where it’s at in the fall, fuck the haters.

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Das Racist: Sit Down, Man, because I’ll need something to make me laugh
Burial: Street Halo, to remind me of home (if I can cheat and add Kindred that would be great)
Caitlin Rose: The Stand In, for making me believe in country again
Chance the Rapper: Acid Rap, for sporadicity and fucking pure joy
The National: Trouble Will Find Me, because I can’t live without the National
PUP: PUP, for sweaty pop punk energy fuel
The Antlers: Familiars, AOTY 2014, it is amazing

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If that’s true, I would argue that it’s more interesting for Stereogum to use this space to shine a light on something other than what “the entire music world” (also, really? i don’t recall reading about ariel pink on metal sucks or dat piff) is buzzing about.

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The self-titled debut from Antemasque was also apparently officially released this week. That’s the new band from Cedric and Omar (ATDI, Mars Volta) and it’s surprisingly great! I somehow got it off their Bandcamp in the summer before they took it down and I’ve had it in pretty regular rotation ever since. Less proggy weirdness, more witchy garage rock. And one song (10,000 Kilowatts) which sounds like Journey.

Ugh, don’t give this dude what he wants. Did I time travel back to the year 2000?