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 +1Posted on Apr 16th | re: The 10 Best Galaxie 500 Songs (34 comments)

Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who prefers Luna to Galaxie 500.

 0Posted on Apr 11th | re: The 5 Best Songs Of The Week (13 comments)

Trap Them!

And those two Antemasque songs were better than anyone had any right to expect.

Holy shit please tell me someone has footage of J Mascis fronting Pennyroyal Tea

Gotta admit it’s not among my favorite SP records, but Appels + Oranjes and The Tale of Dusty and Pistol Pete are serious jams

 +1Posted on Apr 9th | re: Meet Antemasque, Mars Volta Co-Leaders' New Band With Flea (1 comments)

Damn, “4 AM” is actually catchy and sounds more energized than The Mars Volta have been in years. Chalk this up as a pleasant surprise.

 +4Posted on Apr 9th | re: Album Of The Week: EMA The Future's Void (22 comments)


That is all.

 0Posted on Apr 9th | re: Trap Them - "Salted Crypts" (2 comments)

Hell yeah. Darker Handcraft was my favorite heavy album of 2011. Glad they’re back.

 +4Posted on Apr 7th | re: The 10 Best Nirvana Songs (163 comments)

I can totally understand Teen Spirit feeling overplayed or just not being a personal favorite, but that outro (A DENIAL A DENIAL A DENIAL A DENIAL) is what makes it for me. Seriously one of the greatest outros in rock music.

 +2Posted on Apr 5th | re: Good News For People Who Love Bad News Turns 10 (44 comments)

The View is “relatively feel-good”??

“If life’s not beautiful without the pain/ I’d rather never ever see beauty again” is one of the most depressing sentences I’ve ever heard in my life.

 +2Posted on Apr 5th | re: The 10 Best Nirvana Songs (163 comments)

Surprised that “Tourettes” didn’t make it onto anybody’s list except mine. To me, that’s Kurt at his most unhinged. And yet, it’s still totally catchy.