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wait, wait, wait… being of celt decent frees you of white guilt? seems like a cop out.

yeah it happens when white people have an opinion that they don’t think they have a right to voice so when a black person voices a similar opinion there’s just a massive feeling of relief and a few pounds of white guilt are lifted off their conscience very temporarily. Speaking of white guilt, Columbus day is only like 2 months away..oh man…there it is

really though fuck people you complain at restaurants too much right?

When I hear cases like this not only do I feel like it’s not similar enough to make case for, but it really just makes me think, “Man I know there’s a song out there that can make a better case for getting ripped off by this song” is that a weird reaction?

 +3Posted on Aug 15th | re: Diplo Defends Kandi Ban Following Mad Decent Block Party Deaths (7 comments)

Because casualness is the best tone suited for his message and his audience, which seem to be a group of people upset with the fact the can’t wear beads to a concert.

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Well at least I can say I’ve made the best comment list, the worst comment list, and editor’s choice. You’d think I’d be more famous by now with a record like that, we can’t all be raptor jesuses and rubberjohnnys though. I’m still curious if those down votes were from people who saw the show I did or not or if they thought I was just a Kanye hater or something because I was actually rooting for him hoping he’d do great and I still think the show was fine just had the potential to be much much better. I think gum had an article saying his was the number one best performance there, but I definitely disagree. I was really hoping he’d step it up for his return to roo too.

haha how the most unpopular thing I’ve posted I’m wondering if these 7 people were at this roo show though. I’m not saying the performance was awful i’m saying it had it’s weaknesses and Kanye seemed responsible for the majority of them. Kanye would call for the breaks in the middle of his songs they didn’t just drop out and there didn’t see to be cases of starting the wrong song, but i could be wrong about that. Again I’m talking about one show I attended if these people weren’t there it seems interesting that they feel the need to disagree.

DJ sounds like a tool on twitter, but then again so does Kanye. I wouldn’t be surprised if he just starting to fuck up intentionally cause when I saw Kanye at roo this year Kanye was definitely calling the shots and fucking up the flow of is own show. He’d often let the crowd almost get built up then Kanye would tell the dj to awkwardly cut the music and he did this a lot. I expected rants, but he his rants were kind of disappointing cause it wasn’t just an awesomely ridiculously silly stream of consciousness mix of sense and nonsense, it was just kind of half-assed and filled with more dead space and silence then hilarious complaints

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I’m really hoping KD comes to DC. Not only is a local guy, but the dude really reps dc sports it’d be super fun to have him back home. Oh yeah and he’s real good at basketball too