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 +2Posted on Apr 12th | re: Watch OutKast Reunite At Coachella (27 comments)

i was not at this show and i’m not about watching streams of performances 9especially entire performances0, but hip hop acts are a mixed bag just liked everything else, but i’ve seen some great hip hop shows including headliners (Jay Z and Beastie Boys were a couple of the best headliners I’ve seen at Bonnaroo). Assuming this set wasn’t over the top great, although I’ve heard mixed reviews, I still assume it was a pretty cool show. I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and chalk this one up to ring rust and other actors that go into playing a show together for the first time in years and miscellaneous other things because I’ve seen Big Boi put on a hell of a show so by time they get to Roo next year (fingers crossed) I’m sure they’ll kill it.

Exactly, I caught him at Bonnaroo in 08 and he was one of my highlights. I’m mean it was much better than this show obviously, but their are just certain artists you can appreciate a talk heavy set from. Of course I could a talk heavy set being disappointing to some people coming from anyone, but booing should be reserved for douchbaggery and BB King is very respectful to his audience.

I think pretty funny is taking it a bit too far. I wouldn’t step past mildly funny, but yeah I ain’t protesting it’s existence it’s probably made chuckle a couple of times, Another thing though is that a lot of it just seems to be them re-staging skits they’ve seen and liked from other shows like Chapelle and SNL and obviously doing a shittier job…and Tyler’s mostly shitty characters…like this guy

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RZA is not the same person as GZA… racist.

Third possibility Jude comes from a family who has been kidnapping the culturally significant icons from society for generations and generations.

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I prefer this to Money on Mind. Despite what the lyrical content suggests money on my mind does not strike me as very different from a song one would write as a single for a label it’s fun I enjoy it, but I don’t fond it particularly creative or impressive. While this song might not be over the top original it just strikes me as achieving a more significant emotion and a better over all sound to it.

I like to think about the possibility of this group being really into disco. It could have been worse, Tupac could have been some super aryan dutch guy in black face annnnnd for the most part they all look pretty healthy for their age. It’s kind of sad that they’d all wanted to leave their loved ones behind like that. Also my two theories for Jude are that she was kid napped or that she is an offspring of two of the island in habitants.

hehe less vaguer

The term of Rock and Roll was become more of a term for popular music in its vaguest sense and a broad musical attitude in a slightly less vaguer sense rather than a certain genre.I guess it is okay to be frustrated with how the etymology of the term has transgressed, I wouldn’t say the Hall of Fame is misusing the term or really misrepresenting itself. Even as a genre rock & roll has and had always very unclear boundaries, as do all genres but even more so with rock n’ roll it has always been kind of all encompassing. The term rock is usually used more when referring to genre than rock n roll, but again is pretty vague. Rap can be seen as distinctly different from rock or it can be seen as having direct traces back to rock music so even if we are taking the hall of fame as a rather genre specific institution it’d be fine to include rap. Does Kiss sound anything like Buddy Holly? Not Really. Yes, they both share guitar playing and singing, those are the things Kiss chose to keep in their music, but one could always argue that any sound or style a band or sub genre has that makes them different or what makes them or it stand out eliminates them from a parent genre. In other words what ever Kiss brings to the table the makes them different from artists like Buddy Holly could be argued, especially at the time, the Kiss weren’t rock artists either. Purists could always say so and so is lacking this or that and therefore shouldn’t be classified as this or that, but of course all of this goes back to the flimsiness of genres in general, but even when we give credibility to the hall of fame and the use of genres the hall still has a leg to stand on when it comes to including artists from the rap genre as well as other genres.

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So many possible additions I’m anticipating them almost as much as the line up announcement haha. I’m definitely excited for Roo though I would have loved to see Outkast, but I think I feel like we have the best undercard out of the festivals and some solid headliners.