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 +3Posted on Apr 23rd | re: Pixies Soundtrack "Gigantic" iPhone Commercial (8 comments)

Its not that big of a surprise given all bands do this stuff now. The shock is in thinking back to 1991 or something. Who would have ever thought the Pixies would be on a television commercial.

 +2Posted on Apr 5th | re: Good News For People Who Love Bad News Turns 10 (44 comments)

Album changed my life. Was released my freshman year of college. Isaac’s lyrics always felt like he was as confused and lost as I was. The unique guitar tones seemed to be the sonic equivalent of twenty something angst. This album pushed me. Pushed me to try new things. To live life more fully. TO believe this life is all we have and that I better get to living. This is a quarterlifecrisis essential album. Helped me to become who I am. Helped me to change.

 0Posted on Mar 19th | re: Seven Swans Turns 10 (22 comments)

Whats interesting about his music, and Im not sure he’d agree, but, so often the organized religion ideology is that if you aren’t going to church you aren’t a member of the faith. And what Sufjan’s music conveys, whether or not he himself agrees, is the idea that God is all around. He exists in music, art, creativity, lyrics. The God Sufjan talks about is one who isn’t sitting around moaning about people taking his name in vain, or acting like homosexuality is something God gives a damn about. God is all around. And he’s here whether you believe in him or not. He doesn’t judge you if you don’t believe, doesn’t send you to hell, but he’s here reguardless.

Sufjan gives the entire display. The God who takes his first girlfriend who dies of bone cancer in Casimir Pulaski, and praying to God doesn’t help save her. Sufjan is as confused and scared as we all would be in that situation. Yet then you have songs like Chicago, where God’s beauty is on display. Even a song like Abraham while describing something horrific is indescribably beautiful.

 +1Posted on Mar 19th | re: Seven Swans Turns 10 (22 comments)

great article. Very influential and important album in my own life. The article hit the nail on the head. I wouldnt self identify as a Christian, but Sufjan’s power with words and description almost make me want to become a Christian. He portrays a God, completely out of step with much of what gets labeled Christianity these days. He may not understand God “he takes and he takes and he takes” as he says on Casimar Pulaski on Illinois. But the God he talks about is the one I want to believe in. I believe in God, and certainly a reason for that is the God that Sufjan talks about, his glory and his mystery. Sufjan has doubts and doesn’t understand God either. He’s as unsure as we all are, even if he is a proud Christian who wears it on his sleeve.

Sufjan is one of the greatest lyricists of our generation and a treasure. Incredible way with words. When he dies, a whole generation will weep.
Sometimes I only listen to this album during the holidays, but he has so many other Christmas albums in addition, this sounds good all year though.

Listening to this album and reading the article makes me sad. I miss how indie rock used to be. The article mentions all of the albums that originally made me become an indie rock kid in the first place. Those years 2003-2007 were so magical. I like what indie rock has become in 2014, but theres something indescribably important and life changing about hearing Our Endless Numbered, or Good News For People, or Creek Drank The Cradle or even Michigan for the first time and having your entire fabric of your being completely altered and forever changed. My heart ACHES for those days. What was this new thing called “indie rock”? Who was this strange guy, whose name I couldnt pronounce? Legitimately makes me tear up…..

 +4Posted on Jan 31st | re: Conor Oberst Finishing Solo LP, Is Not A Fan Of The Internet (19 comments)

would fit with who he is as a person too. He’s never been an attention seeking artist. Even when he was blowing up with Im Wide Awake, its not like he was seeking fame and money and attention. He seems extremely shy, and I think he feels very much, that his personal life is just that. Personal, and not our business. And thats 100 percent accurate.

He’s always been a hero of mine for precisely these reasons. His persona lends more credibility to his albums. Because he speaks from the heart.

In fact I think he’s always been extremely uncomfortable with fan adoration and critical success. When he was being called the New Dylan and the Spokesman for his generation around 2003-2004-2005, he clearly wasnt buying mansions and in my opinion wasnt taking advantage of groupies and fans either.

 +1Posted on Jan 31st | re: Conor Oberst Finishing Solo LP, Is Not A Fan Of The Internet (19 comments)

it is indirectly mentioned. The multiple mentions of how the internet is destroying everything and how Conor dislikes the internet, I think clearly are subtle and not so subtle statements on the accusations.

Also, perhaps Stereogum took the comments of its users to heart, when they posted the original allegations, and how people were correctly flipping out because the allegations are just that, allegations. At this point there isnt any evidence suggesting Conor committed any crime or is guilty.

I think its pretty clear why the headline reads “Is not a fan of the internet”.

Rape should be condemned and people who commit such crimes should be punished. But until theres actual evidence linking Conor to the crime, its silly to act like he’s a criminal. I seriously doubt the case will go to court. At this point its just some anonymous reddit user posting allegations.

Sorry, Im gonna need ALOT more than that to paint someone a criminal, folks!

 -3Posted on Jan 31st | re: Conor Oberst Finishing Solo LP, Is Not A Fan Of The Internet (19 comments)

since the allegations came out ive been wondering what Klara and Johanna think of Conor now, and if they still support him. First Aid Kit seem like the type of girls who wouldnt take any crap. So, if they no longer support him, the new project could be awkward if they are included on it

they should either get rid of the alternative category or rename it. Alternative died in the 90′s. When was the last time you heard someone say “Hey, I found this cool alternative band you need to check out”?

It should be renamed indie. Should have been renamed that about a decade ago

 -2Posted on Nov 20th, 2013 | re: Deconstructing: Justin Timberlake And The Dangers Of Overexposure (32 comments)

I just think the articles argument is weak. The main critiques are that Part 2 wasnt as good as Part 1. That he was embroiled in controversy with Take Back the Night the feminist organization. No mention that several weeks later the organization dropped the lawsuit charges, he wasnt sued. So thats a win in my book. Another critique is that Blurred Lines was censored by YouTube while Tunnel Vision wasnt. Not sure how thats a loss for JT. And that JT is viewed as “conservative” as a result. Not sure if Chris is aware of any pop culture in 2013, but from where I sit, the whole fancy dress, suit and tie, look is the popular thing right now. From Barney Stinson, to Don Draper, to Suit and Tie the song, to AF’s tour dress policy. Not to mention Tom Ford being mentioned in more songs this year than I can ever remember. Being fancy and conservative in your dress and style is in right now. Not sure I’d look to NY TImes to be the arbiter of whats hot in terms of style and fashion!

The critique of Holy Grail also shows Chris’ complete ignorance on the subject. How was Holy Grail the album received? How was it received critically? From my standpoint it wasnt his strongest and critics agreed. What I did here often was how great the production was, and then how great JT was on the album, specifically on Holy Grail the song. Theres a reason that song is a hit on the radio. And the song essentially plays as a JT song featuring Jay.

And I guess we do know something you dont know Chris. You aware of who the Coen Bros are? This isnt just another film. Any film they do is a big deal and big event. Its guaranteed to be nominated for multiple awards. How a Coen Bros film is somehow turned into a negative for JT is a thing of wonder in this article.

So what do we have? We have Part 2 which didnt do well. And…. And….?

The article reads like a person wanting to come up with reasons to tear JT down a notch.

Anyone who had a pulse in 2013 can surmise pretty easily that JT had an incredible year.

 0Posted on Nov 20th, 2013 | re: Deconstructing: Justin Timberlake And The Dangers Of Overexposure (32 comments)

Iron Fist, what other pop music have you been listening to in 2013?

I feel the same way. I almost feel like 20/20 changed my life. 2013 has been outrageously high quality in terms of pop and r & b music. And ive spent the majority of the year listening to those genres nearly exclusively.