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Chill cover of the original, but still maintains the upbeat nature. I like it.

 0Posted on Oct 15th | re: Belle And Sebastian Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance Details (2 comments)

This is probably a stupid question but does 4x LP mean the album is split over 4 records? Or will there be bonus stuff.

I find it really obnoxious when albums are unnecessarily split over multiple records.

you forgot the part about the booze. it’s socially acceptable drinking before noon.

 +12Posted on Oct 9th | re: Julian Casablancas Blasts GQ Writer Who Made Him Seem Anti-Brunch (129 comments)

The title of this article made me laugh out loud. Thanks for that.

Also, #teambrunch for life.

I’m pretty sure the watch was just the result of the designers sighing over the years of rumors and finally just saying “they won’t shut up about it so we may as well make the damn thing.”

 +9Posted on Sep 2nd | re: Cee-Lo Deletes Twitter Following Heinous Rape Comments (31 comments)

This and the photo-leaking stuff just make me want to crawl back into bed. Go away, week, you suck.

Feels like something John Cage would’ve done if he had been around in the digital age.

Also opens up the debate for what can be considered “music”- is music just a series of sounds and rhythms or does it require a human to create them? Granted, Murphy had input in deciding what sound would be linked to which tennis movement. So I guess it’s music in the most basic sense, though not in the popular culture sense.

Yes, I now this project is “pretentious,” but that doesn’t make it any less interesting. And honestly, having listened to some of the songs they are at least better than some of the electronic noise out there.

 +26Posted on Aug 25th | re: The 11 Most Awkward Moments From The 2014 VMAs (21 comments)

I’ll just leave this here.

 0Posted on Aug 21st | re: You. - "Feral" Video (Stereogum Premiere) (6 comments)


 0Posted on Aug 21st | re: You. - "Feral" Video (Stereogum Premiere) (6 comments)

Talk about one of the worst band names to choose if you actually want people to find your music. Could anyone tell me what their other records are called? They aren’t coming up on Spotify or in Google.