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It’s really a gold mine.

 0Posted on Jul 13th | re: Radiohead Will Record In September (62 comments)

Bro, it’s Stereogum.

 +1Posted on Jul 13th | re: Radiohead Will Record In September (62 comments)

and “The Bends” but thats because of the production values IMO.

 +5Posted on Jul 3rd | re: Here's Your Song Of The Summer 2014 (53 comments)

“it should be the song which gets played so much it encapsulates the summer for the greatest majority of people”

I think the Stereogum song of the summer should reflect the music they report on and what their readership likes. The whole point of websites like Stereogum is to report on music that doesn’t get the majority of publicity and news and all that shit, indie music….. why should we make our song of the summer a ubiquitous yet annoying-as-fuck song? Zero logic there my friend.

I’ve actually always wondered what a dude like Jack White thought of the whole sports fans mob singing “Seven Nation Army” and his response was pretty cool, didn’t expect that.

The chorus of “90′s Music” sounds like something DJ HOODBOI would produce.

 +17Posted on Jun 10th | re: Still Ill: Morrissey Cancels Tour, Blames Opening Act (34 comments)

Maybe if he ate meat he would have a less delicate immune system lol.

 0Posted on Jun 10th | re: Santigold - "Kicking Down Doors" (1 comments)

She just sounds like she’s trying to sound like M.I.A. in this track.

 0Posted on Jun 10th | re: The Kinks Reunion May Finally Happen (2 comments)

Wait, why? Is there a beef I’m not aware of?

 0Posted on Jun 6th | re: Interpol Announce New Album El Pintor (28 comments)

Also the song “Barricade” on self-titled was excellent in my opinion, and “Lights” wasn’t bad either.