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Ummm, if you go back and listen to Sex Style again, I think you'll find that it has some lyrical content that is far racier than anything to be found on Hardcore...
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May 17, 2016 on Remembering Kool Keith’s Unlikely Major Label Phase
dis vid gives special feels
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April 23, 2016 on Charli XCX – “Vroom Vroom” Video
at this point is there any doubt that people who are fans of Chris Brown are simply pro-rape & abuse? I think that forgiveness, moderation, and restraint are important parts of our culture and systems of justice. but, uh, we take that sh!t way too far. people couldn't wait to just pretend this guy didn't beat Rihanna so badly she nearly died. "who cares? I like his dancing." are any of these people going to feel bad at all when one day he murders somebody?
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April 17, 2016 on Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino Explains Why Chris Brown’s Latest Hit Perpetuates Rape Culture
I feel similarly, and akin to this off comparison of PC to Pavement, I've read so many damn comparisons of Courtney Barnett to Cobain, when to my ears the obvious comparison is...Malkmus...
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April 5, 2016 on Album Of The Week: Parquet Courts Human Performance
Noel, that is. Not the weirdly racist fruit-smashing guy.
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March 2, 2016 on Kanye Responds To Deadmau5 Diss With Another Quality Tweetstorm
this shit is hilarious. that was Gallagher-worthy.
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March 2, 2016 on Kanye Responds To Deadmau5 Diss With Another Quality Tweetstorm
Ok, I hate to even sort of defend him, BUT, according to his speech, Ian McKellan had told him that no openly gay man had won. So, Gandalf, what say you? WHAT SAY YOU???
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March 1, 2016 on Sam Smith Knows That His Oscars Performance Sucked
INXS > a whole bunch of crap > George Michael > Duran Duran > a whole bunch of other crap > the 1975. I can understand giving INXS some stick about some of their stuff, especially the later material that was more bloated and forced and formulaic. But 'What you need' and 'Don't change' mop up the floor with anything else mentioned in this review. The only album from this week I give a hoot about is SVIIB though...
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February 24, 2016 on Album Of The Week: The 1975 I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it
Well, I've never found "but they'll make a lot of $$$, so it's bad!!" to be a very persuasive argument as to why a beloved band shouldn't reunite for a tour. That's even dumber than saying artists shouldn't sell songs for commercial purposes. But, I also never cared very much about G'n'R in the first place, so, meh.
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November 18, 2015 on Here’s Why I’d Hate A Guns N’ Roses Reunion
scariest = laura jane sexiest = bethany funniest = snoop/jenny lewis (tie) not a costume = riff raff most unexpectadly un-naked = guess
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November 1, 2015 on Here’s What Your Favorite Bands Wore For Halloween 2015
Did anyone actually listen to this interview? Yeah he says he thought the Pixies were "unremarkable". Note, that doesn't equate to "hate". They, as a band, didn't blow him away. He also says he "loves" Kim Deal, and is "very close" to her and thinks she is a "genius". You can just feel the hate and curmudgeonliness oozing out of the mic!!! OMG! And he pretty well explains his attitudes toward production for bands, which is that he deliberately does not try to make himself part of their creative process the way most producers do, that he thinks doing so is "inappropriate", and that he thinks that in such a role, he is not entitled to royalties that accrue from the music, which if his process has worked, is just the band sounding as good as they can. I dunno how many of y'all have gone into a studio and had a producer drop all kinds of cutesy bulls#it into your music, but it's quite annoying and even hurtful at times. I think he's got the right attitude there. That said, I don't think I've ever even heard one Big Black song, couldn't name one Steve Albini song off the top of my head. I just happened to have actually listened to this interview and enjoyed its content. Me-ow.
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October 29, 2015 on Listen To Steve Albini On Marc Maron’s WTF
ha! I never had cable back then so never saw that vid, but yeeaahhh, that is highly incongruous.
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October 9, 2015 on Rock Hall 2016 Nominees Include The Smiths, NIN, N.W.A, Janet Jackson
the current Pope has already shuffled abuses around to new parishes to prey on new children, just like his predecessors. he does not call for them to face any legal action, just like his predecessors. they have ALL claimed there would be "accountability", but there has actually been very little. and he met with Kim Davis specifically to "thank her for her courage". Her "courage" in demonizing and abusing gay people, even though she's on her 4th marriage after 3 divorces. Antony *already was* calling the Pope out on his actions.
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September 30, 2015 on Antony Calls Pope Francis “Shameful And Pathetic” For Meeting With Kim Davis
i will upvote anything that properly makes fun of the big bang theory. it is the worst.
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September 14, 2015 on Lil Wayne Says He’s Still A Better Rapper Than Drake: “I Annihilate That Guy”
yup, conservatives aren't merely intolerant racists who want to force religion on people, deprive all non-white non-males of their rights and destroy education, they are also, to a man, terrible managers of money. the GOP simply doesn't understand basic macroeconomic theory. they haven't had a national candidate who was fiscally sound since Eisenhower. Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Reagan and now this whole clown-car of dipsh!t$ - all terrible with budgets and spending, all would seek to defund valuable health & safety services, all interested in bombing and killing any non-Americans they can bomb or kill to goose the weapons-making/arms-trading industries... The idea that the Right are 'good with money' is a very silly, and also very stupid one. They have proven themselves well beyond incompetent at finance over and over.
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September 11, 2015 on Grace Jones Memoir Disses Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, & Other “Middle Of The Road” Artists
meh. appetite has 2 great songs (sweet child o'mine, welcome to the jungle), 2 second-tier good songs (paradise city, mr brownstone), and then a bunch of filler.
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August 23, 2015 on Axl Rose & Slash May Be Making Up
yeah, the horses can go, and so can the weird, bogus 'native americans' who are almost certainly not Native Americans...
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July 13, 2015 on Deadmau5 Slams David Guetta For Using Live Horses In Ibiza Club Show
yeah, I had that same exact experience. also don't forget that 'Drown' as a single came out between Gish and SD, and I was really hoping for more of that type of awesomeness on the new album. and then it just sounded like, uh, grunge. the songs on Siamese Dream that people think are the most beautiful, like say 'Disarm', I find unlistenable. just awful, to my ears, Corgan's mosquito-whine voice just squirts ammonia all over the music. "the killer in me is the killer in you....send this smile over to you..." what? I don't understand what they mean, and I could really give a fuck.
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June 20, 2015 on Watch Billy Corgan Play A Medley Of Every Song From Gish In 3 Minutes
Damn Stereolab were the fucking best. I miss them so! Songs I would put on the list - Ping Pong, Wow & Flutter, Parsec, Miss Modular, Outer Accelerator, Tomorrow is Already Here, uh...frankly it would be best to just calculate in total how many songs Stereolab made and then make a 'top ___' list out of all of them. I don't think there's a Stereolab song I don't at least like...
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May 28, 2015 on The 10 Best Stereolab Songs