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the problem with U2 is that, sadly, Bono has really lost the plot as a songwriter. it’s like he’s trying so hard to be impactful, stuffing so many syllables, ideas, vocal tweaks into every measure, that you just see the effort and there’s no payoff. “you’re dangerous ’cause you’re honest…” he can’t do that anymore. just can’t figure out how to gut-punch you with a great 2 measures / 8 simple syllables. the music usually is there, they’re a very inventive and elastic band. it’s easy to forget because of how distracting Bono has become. but he used to have a great economy of language and meaning, and he’s replaced, for whatever reason, with overstuffed blorg-juice that isn’t challenging, dangerous, provocative, or poetic. he might still have some of that buried in there, but he’s just so, so far from where he started, and it doesn’t feel like he deliberately navigated himself to wherever he is with any real sense of purpose.

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the day SFJ was introduced to the word ‘insouciant’ was a dark day for mankind.

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I liked it. I think it’s safe to say she has some ‘living up to her legend’ to do…but hey, if she actually does, it will be electrifying.

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I wouldn’t worry about it too much, this is really the only site that takes Coldplay as seriously as they want to be taken anymore. I don’t think that record was positively received anywhere else, as in, really, anywhere.

“discredit” – where and when did that happen? yeah, the real problem here is how anti-male Grace is! poor Andrew Garfield, how dare she put him though this mild, appropriate critical observation?!?

pretty sad bunch of commentary here. no, Grace didn’t “shit on” Arcade Fire, she made a perfectly valid point, and a particularly ironic one considering the title of the song in question. why are people pretending not to understand her point, and simultaneously grossly exaggerating what that point was? why y’all doing that? jeez, just deal with what’s actually been said!

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Where have serious comparisons been drawn between Coldplay and Radiohead, really? I read a lot of music writing & journalism, and can’t say I’ve seen much of it. And it’s a fairly ridiculous comparison, in as much as it’s just wildly musically inappropriate. As I’ve heard said, ‘Monk can play Stravinsky, but Stravinsky could never have played Monk’. Guess who’s who in this comparison!?! I love Arcade Fire but had no use for any of Reflektor, any of the pomp or hype around it, and just to sink myself further in the eyes of readers here, I’ve never really given a shit about James Murphy either. Never been moved by LCD at all the way so many are. I love, love ‘The Suburbs’, damn there was some great songwriting on that album. I like it better than ‘Funeral’ but a lot. Reflektor lacked the songs, it was instantly noticeable right off the bat to me – these songs suck but people are gaga because there’s a dance beat. Wee. I hope they get back to doing what they do well, but whatevs. With Coldplay, it seems to me that what they do best is ‘Yellow’, and then making a follow-up album to the debut that actually exhibited some limited amount of musical growth. To me, ‘Yellow’ always just sounded like Dave Matthews fronting a very, very boring indie band. Radiohead, Arcade Fire, not everything they do is amazing. But they have done truly amazing songwriting. Coldplay has never come close, to my ears, they just happened to be just above average in the post-9/11 doldrums, and that was enough to win a lot of hearts and minds. But I don’t hate them, just nothing I’ve heard has ever really grabbed me, or struck me as particularly interesting, risky or adventurous. Chris Martin is, like, a regular dude. Thom Yorke mercilessly interrogates his artistic sensibilities more than his fiercest critics do. And the results show it.

hehe, both Page & Plant have, let’s just say, a lot of props to give. JPJ & Bonzo were really both quite original in their instrumentation. but Page and Plant both borrowed, pretty liberally, from a lot of people. to me, this one doesn’t even register at all compared to some other instances…

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uh, I’m like way late to this, but I have to correct something. ‘Shiny happy people’ does in fact suck. it’s like one of the single worst songs of all time by any band. it really, really fucking blows. dear god it sucks so bad. on the other hand, ‘Stand’ is genius. no guitar player would ever say that ‘Stand’ sucks, that guitar line is so brilliant, and personally I love the lyrics. I just loved that song being popular and annoying both meatheads and ‘old school’ REM fans who were just bitter that it wasn’t their little club anymore. Stand is great. Shiny happy people is shit. thank you for listening.

Some rich tea-bagger pseudo rocker lady wearing a headdress with the caption “appropriate culturation” is fucking gross. F her and her moronic execution-botching mother.

I don’t care how many contrarian, white whiney young men with zero life experience here think that flat-out mocking and disrespecting Native Americans is just more fodder for ‘pc vs un-pc’ debates, it’s not. It hurts real people who are already beyond marginalized and who’s culture is used as mascots for others’ entertainment. In short, yeah, it’s racist. Fallin is a racist. Wayne Coyne, it appears, wants to align himself with racists and teabaggers. OK, Wayne, go ahead. F you too. I’ll never send another $ your way for anything. He has the gall to call someone a ‘nazi’ for complaining about white privilege? What is with this ignorant old white dudes in rock who don’t have the slightest understanding of how power dynamics actually work?

Also I just hate when people become famous and use it as a reason to excuse their bullying, their temper explosions, and generally mistreating people because they know no one will call them on it. The world can use a few less people who are this morally weak.