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 0Posted on Apr 15th | re: The 10 Best Galaxie 500 Songs (35 comments)

I object to ‘This is our music’ being labeled their weakest album, I would say it’s their best & most cohesive. Today and On Fire both have some of what I would call duds, but TIOM is eerily lovely front to back.

 0Posted on Apr 4th | re: The 10 Best Joy Division Songs (63 comments)

the past is now part of my future

the present is well out of hand

 0Posted on Apr 4th | re: The 10 Best Nirvana Songs (163 comments)

oh man in line 2 of #1 you’ve gotta fix “…–the beautiful “No Apologies”…” ugh!

I’d put Breed on there somewhere. thought experiment for everyone trashing …teen spirit. imagine Nirvana first broke with Lithium, then Come as you are, things proceed from there, they sell millions. everyone would be like “the secret of Nevermind is the opener, it’s the best song on the album and they didn’t even release it!” it would be like Plainsong on Disintegration. but it was and remains very popular therefore it can’t be “good” or something? I dunno. it’s a better song, objectively, than Lithium. by a lot.

 +2Posted on Mar 13th | re: The Week In Pop: It's Time We All Agreed That Coldplay Is Great (181 comments)

well, they make some music that sounds pleasant, but I can’t get past how vapid and just plain bad many of Coldplay’s lyrics are. I mean, come on. such horrible lyrics. slightly worse than, say, foo fighters. people may think ariel pink is an asshole for whatever reasons (as per the comments above, and apparently slagging him gets you lots of love but slagging other people is bad, or something?), but as a lyricist, compared to chris martin, he’s a master. again, they do make some decent melodies that can stick in your head, but for me, I have to actively work to keep the terrible lyrics at bay because as soon as they start to accompany the music, the rest of my brain kicks in and replaces it with another cacthy song that isn’t written from the POV of someone with a 74 IQ.

 0Posted on Feb 9th | re: NME's 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time (96 comments)

Hehe, yeah, especially considering it’s place there right ahead of ‘Waterloo Sunset’. Well-earned, for sure!

 0Posted on Jan 21st | re: The 100 Most Anticipated Albums Of 2014 (204 comments)

Ariel Pink

 0Posted on Nov 7th, 2013 | re: Album Of The Week: Cut Copy Free Your Mind (42 comments)

Hrmm, I love Cut Copy, BLNL was my favorite album of the 2000s. But I think they’ve been going in the wrong direction since In Ghost Colours. Some nice moments on Zonoscope, but just a little too much cheese. I streamed this new one a couple nights ago and had to shut it off after a while. Particularly the vocals were just painful. And the synth sounds have gone from fat & warm and gurgly to flat, cold and sterile. I will still see them live any time (although they always draw really douchey crowds), but I can’t say I like more than a couple of the tracks on Free Your Mind, and none of them as much as I like the tracks on BLNL that I liked the least…

 0Posted on Jun 26th, 2012 | re: Stereogum's Top 25 Albums Of 2012 So Far (328 comments)

I can’t believe people are still falling for Sleigh Bells as anything other than people who use a ton of compression in the studio and then can’t come close to reproducing the sound correctly live. The only reason anyone even heard them is that they sampled “Can you get to that?” so seamlessly that people thought it was their own guitar part…

I can’t believe how many people are falling for this band. Their whole success is based solely on the fact that she is wicked hot, and they made a really catchy sample of “Can You Get to That” by Funkadelic, which ughhhh thousands of kids right now think they wrote that riff. How frustrating! Anyway, this “performance” blew and pretty much confirmed what I has suspected about this “band”, which is that they suck a great deal. They’re just a studio creation. JT’s Bon Iver was priceless, though.

 +1Posted on Nov 23rd, 2011 | re: Lana Del Rey Tells The Story Behind "Video Games" (58 comments)

All the hubub about her is so stupid. On both sides. The people who hate her because she’s gorgeous are stupid. The people who think she must be way, way deeper than she actually is because she’s so gorgeous but also *sad* and melancholy, are stupid. She’s kinda ok, highly over-hyped, not at all hate-able, and really hot. But not that great of a songwriter.