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Yes to all of these things.
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July 14, 2011 on Videogum Is Forever, At Least For DS3M
"I have a lot of feelings about this!" WHAT A SURPRISE
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July 14, 2011 on Videogum Is Forever, At Least For DS3M
Best Support for a Supporting Actress: Christina Hendricks' bras
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July 14, 2011 on The 2011 Emmy Nominations
This is awesome. And I'm home today, so I can actually participate! End of the world? Bring it on, I say!
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May 19, 2011 on Joan Holloway Was In An Everclear Video!
Well, this literally means nothing. Domestic violence victims drop charges and protection orders ALL the TIME, largely due to psychological fuckery and pressure from their batterers.
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May 5, 2011 on Uh, So, Oksana Grigorieva Has Dropped Her Domestic Abuse Charges Against Mel Gibson
Actually, all of the research and all of what we know about domestic violence is that it IS planned out. It is a pattern of behaviors chosen and planned by the perpetrator for the specific purpose of gaining control over his victim. Physical violence is seen by batterers as a perfectly acceptable form of maintaining "discipline" or control over their partner. The batterer is well-aware of what he is doing when he does it. He may very well consciously think "If the house isn't up to my standards when I get home, I'm going to beat my wife's ass." To suggest that the abuser does not have control over his own behavior, to suggest that his "mental state" is the cause of the behavior, then suggests to some degree that the blame lies with the victim. Also, I knew what you meant by a "crime of passion". It is still a dangerous misnomer.
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March 24, 2011 on An Open Letter To Good Morning America Concerning The Chris Brown Situation
This was likely due, in part or in whole, to the fact that Americans can tolerate violence much better than expressions of sexuality, because of how we are totally fucked in the head about sex. Thanks Puritans!
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March 23, 2011 on An Open Letter To Good Morning America Concerning The Chris Brown Situation
I really apologize, but I am about to get on a high horse. You can go ahead and skip this if you like. Domestic violence is not a "crime of passion", nor does it occur as a result of a "fit of rage". Domestic violence is an entrenched belief system overwhelmingly occuring in men wherein they feel that they have the right to use power and control over their partner. This includes physical violence, verbal, sexual, and emotional abuse. Long before Chris Brown decided to beat Rhianna, long before a man decides to assault his partner, a cycle begins wherein she is systematically torn down mentally and emotionally. The beating and killing of women has, for far too long, been romanticized as a "crime of passion". It is not a crime of passion. It is simply a crime.
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March 23, 2011 on An Open Letter To Good Morning America Concerning The Chris Brown Situation
"Desperately Wanting" by Better Than Ezra. You are welcome.
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March 21, 2011 on Boom Boom Boom Now Let Me Hear You Say Way-Ho!
Yeah, those scenes sort of cemented my carnal desire for Ron Swanson.
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March 18, 2011 on Kristen Schaal! Megan Mullally! Bob’s Burgers!
That you folks are guest-bloggerati makes me happy to be at work. Well, sort of. I mean, it's beautiful here, and today's a state shutdown day but I'm HERE at WORK (budget matters! state government!), but if I have to be here it's nice to have some wonderful guests on Videogum.
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March 18, 2011 on Meet Today’s Guest Bloggers: The Writers and Cast of Bob’s Burgers
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March 14, 2011 on Meet Today’s Guest Blogger: Mans
I know, right? That was weirdly hot.
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March 7, 2011 on Daniel Craig Wears A Dress For Womyn’s Rights
Gwyneth Paltrow is turning into Donatella Versace.
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February 27, 2011 on The 2011 Academy Awards Videogum Video Pizza Party
Best Picture: The King's Speech Best Actor: Colin Firth Best Actress: Natalie Portman Best Supporting Actor: Christian Bale Best Supporting Actress: Hailee Steinfeld Best Director: David Fincher Original Screenplay: The King's Speech Adapted Screenplay: The Social Network Editing: The Social Network Cinematography: True Grit Art Direction: Alice in Wonderland Original Score: The King's Speech Orginal Song: 127 Hours Costume Design: Alice in Wonderland Makeup: The Wolfman Sound Editing/Sound Mixing: Inception Vusual Effects: Inception Foreign Language Film: In a Better World Documentary Feature: Inside Job Documentary Short: Killing in the Name Animated Feature: Toy Story 3 Animated Short Film: The Gruffalo Live Action Short Film: The Confession
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February 26, 2011 on The Videogum 2011 Academy Awards Pool
I am probably more excited about this than is normal and reasonable.
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February 14, 2011 on A Brief Note About This Week
Look at all of those fucking hipsters, etc.
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February 7, 2011 on Saturday Night Live: Dana Carvey And Linkin Park
Agree to disagree! I completely disagree with you, agreed?
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January 25, 2011 on Gwyneth Paltrow Upskirt
I like you! Upvote! Especially for the phrase "one eighth of a fuck". I may steal that, if that's all right with you.
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January 25, 2011 on Gwyneth Paltrow Upskirt
I'd upvote this more if I could.
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January 25, 2011 on Gwyneth Paltrow Upskirt
As a "lady on the internet" who considers Videogum a place where I'd "want to be", I can honestly say that I do not give two fucks about this post or "what it all means". I don't think it signifies some deep-seated misogyny on Gabe's part. It was likely posted because he posts quite frequently about Gwyneth Paltrow and how she's an idiot, and this is one example of that idiocy. Or maybe not! But Christ, people, don't we have bigger fish to fry? Yes. Yes we do.
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January 25, 2011 on Gwyneth Paltrow Upskirt
Dear Cast of Jersey Shore (Snicki, The Laceration, Polly V, Lonnie, Smammi, and Dina), First, let me tell you that I really like your show a lot! You all seem like very good people who enjoy fun times together, which include getting naked and drinking lots of alcohol! Nothing wrong with that! As your people in the mother country of Ireland say, "Bonny is the lassie who can suck on a pickle after a pint!". I also like how you all have talents. You won't always be on TV, so it's good to have a vocation like writing (Snicki), playing records in clubs (Polly V), or really defined abdominal muscles (The Laceration). Anyway, enough small talk! You are all busy stars who are busy doing lots of interesting things like talking on shows about your TV show that people watch. I am writing to you because I have a favor to ask: Would you be willing to endorse my new charity that I just created? It's for needy Irish American youths (like yourselves) who do not have access to tanning beds or alcohol. Now, I know what you are thinking: Not another endorsement! But let me tell you, it would be worth it if you could help someone like how you used to be, wouldn't it? Write back to me soon! These kids need you so much! I can't imagine being Irish American and not drinking. Can you? (I hope you can't). Sincerely, Lazlo Toth
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January 7, 2011 on Why Jersey Shore Sucks Now
Right now, there's a TV executive reading this post and saying to himself, "Y'know? There are some really good ideas here."
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January 4, 2011 on 15 Ways In Which The Bachelor Will Be Different This Season
Well, this will haunt my dreams.
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December 21, 2010 on The Videogum Pets Of 2010 Photo/Video Round-Up
As the actual parent of a genuine 3 year-old boy, I know two things: 1. It is really hard to NOT laugh at your child when he's unintentionally hilarious 2. If my son had that same reaction, I would have stopped laughing around the time he started saying "books are poop" (which is TOTALLY something he'd say) and remind him that he doesn't talk that way and he needs to say thank you. Depending on his mood, he may say "thank you", or he may continue to talk about poop. If it's the latter, he goes into the time out chair. In summary, I am the best parent ever and these parents are really terrible and should put their child up for adoption.
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December 21, 2010 on Books Aren’t Toys, Books Are Poop
I TOLD you! Didn't I tell you? *looks at camera* Didn't I tell her?
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December 21, 2010 on The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: Four Christmases