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 0Posted on Aug 25th | re: Charli XCX - "Break The Rules" Video (8 comments)

Good to see Otto Mann driving the bus

 0Posted on Jul 23rd | re: Duran Duran Are Suing Their Fan Club (6 comments)

That last paragraph was a tribute to hipster runoff

 +1Posted on Jul 9th | re: Roses - "It's Over" (2 comments)

I’ve been wondering what became of Abe Vigoda for what feels like forever.

 +4Posted on Jun 30th | re: Kitty - "Marijuana" Video (2 comments)

really liking this song

 +1Posted on Jun 5th | re: Interpol Announce New Album El Pintor (28 comments)

Yeah, I didn’t have a problem with Our Love to Admire, never really understood what all of the criticism was about.

 +1Posted on Jun 5th | re: Preview New Weezer Songs "Ain't Got Nobody" & "The Wasteland" (11 comments)

Yeah, the ‘Let’s Write a Sawng’ series was pretty fun to watch.

 +1Posted on Apr 1st | re: Album Of The Week: Cloud Nothings Here And Nowhere Else (58 comments)

Pure X’s album is primo. Have been listening to it non-stop.

 0Posted on Mar 26th | re: Stream Pure X Angel (3 comments)

This is the album that superseded Future Islands’ Singles as my go to listen. Tracks like ‘Heaven’ are just unstoppable and easily make up for their somewhat lacklustre second album. The whole thing is just fantastic.

 +1Posted on Mar 19th | re: Stephen Malkmus Albums From Worst To Best (39 comments)

On the new album Lariat is my favourite, it’s kind of like Malkmus’ version of Real Estate.

 0Posted on Mar 13th | re: Watch Charli XCX Debut New Single "Breaking Up" At SXSW (3 comments)

Lorde all grown up