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 +3Posted on Oct 6th | re: Childish Gambino - "Secret Track" (4 comments)

I wish his stage name was Aubrey Graham

serve yrself clean, bro

 +5Posted on Aug 21st | re: Soundcloud Introducing Audio Ads, Paid Subscription (13 comments)

this is such a great time for money

 +2Posted on Jul 9th | re: Stream Jungle Jungle (3 comments)

you had me at “synthy British pop”

it’s actually a Swiss TV network

 +2Posted on Jun 27th | re: She & Him Sign With Columbia For Fall LP (5 comments)

the CD player in my car is broken and I have to listen to the radio so I’m excited

 +13Posted on Jun 26th | re: Grimes - "Go" (126 comments)

agreed, but interestingly the center had already moved a lot closer to her

 0Posted on Jun 23rd | re: Icona Pop - "Get Lost" (5 comments)

I wonder if they’ll credit Beck and Bat for Lashes for writing the chorus

 +8Posted on Jun 20th | re: Bee Thousand Turns 20 (32 comments)

what poor stereogum intern has to track down all these anniversary dates

 +2Posted on May 30th | re: Ariana Grande - "Problem" (Feat. Iggy Azalea) Video (25 comments)

Big Sean, Pop Whisperer