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 +6Posted on Apr 14th | re: Lana Del Rey - "West Coast" (62 comments)

whut no one else hates that bro’s pouty face?

 +5Posted on Apr 14th | re: Lana Del Rey - "West Coast" (62 comments)

could do with less hipster Fabio mugging for the camera

that’s a photo from Bad Grandpa, right?

why deny ourselves the pleasure of seeing a bass player who wears his own band t-shirt?

 0Posted on Mar 26th | re: Hot Chip - "Atomic Bomb" (William Onyeabor Cover) (1 comments)

Just a note, I’ve seen this in a few places and I think one of the tracklist items is misleading. The Daphni track, “Ye Ye,” is not a new remix, it’s from his album Jialong, and it’s included here because it samples Onyeabor’s “When the Going is Smooth and Good.”

Also, this Hot Chip cover is really good.

 0Posted on Mar 26th | re: Album Of The Week: Future Islands Singles (54 comments)

Surely the new Withered Hand and the Tony Molina reissue are as worthy of mention as the Walking Dead soundtrack ;)

(If anyone is not familiar with the Tony Molina stuff, it is basically like freebasing Pinkerton.)

 +1Posted on Mar 20th | re: Watch Weezer Tease New Music From The Studio (44 comments)

Haha, yeah those generic rock riff snippets sound like a real return to form!

Kevin Drew was already too gross. This is way over the top.

 -1Posted on Mar 17th | re: The Week In Pop: It's Time We All Agreed That Coldplay Is Great (181 comments)

I guess I’ll give you Magic and Midnight, although I don’t think either song really pushes the band any further than what they’ve already done. The other two songs debuted at SXSW, though, are about as triumphant as the house band’s revved up version of “Open the Arms of My Heart” at my cousin’s calculatedly hip Baptist church service.