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 +9Posted on Sep 29th | re: FKA Twigs Harassed By Racist Robert Pattinson Fans (4 comments)

Gonna go out on a limb and say she is probably a lot more interesting than his last girlfriend.

 0Posted on Sep 27th | re: Chocolate And Cheese Turns 20 (22 comments)

Had literally the exact same thought this morning as I was listening to GWS:TO for the first time in a while. Love Golden Greats but its too straightforward to be on the same level as some of their other albums.

 +3Posted on Sep 26th | re: Chocolate And Cheese Turns 20 (22 comments)

This video should have been included in the post.

 +3Posted on Sep 26th | re: Chocolate And Cheese Turns 20 (22 comments)

A lot of it comes down to whether you prefer Ween as a duo or a full band, although you seem to be a little all over the place since The Mollusk and Pure Guava are your favs. To me those first three albums had a lot of their most brilliant moments, but also a little too much filler.

As far as ranking albums goes, there isn’t really a right or wrong(as long as La Cucaracha is near the bottom). Chocolate and Cheese is the one that I guess would be the most mainstream and the one a new fan should probably listen to first so I could see a hardcore fan turning on it, but i don’t think saying it is bottom half is all that absurd.

For the record I was totally cool with Quebec as # 1 in that list. The Argus and If You Could Save Yourself… back to back was the best closing to an album since Abbey Road.

 0Posted on Sep 12th | re: Funeral Turns 10 (198 comments)

Sometimes I think about how into tupac and biggie I was in high school and college(I was more into them after they died) and how I never really listen to them anymore. IDK what my point is, I can say I’ve made 2 comments on this post and haven’t even clicked the ready to die one yet(I still might…)

 +3Posted on Sep 12th | re: Funeral Turns 10 (198 comments)

Anyone else think they didn’t release their second great album until last year?

 +13Posted on Aug 21st | re: Morrissey Details Label's "Botched" Album Launch In Latest Screed (16 comments)

Starting to wonder if Morrissey might be a pain in the ass

I actually get what Earl is saying, just don’t think it applies to this video at all.

Also, I’m gonna go ahead and put it out there that I love the song.

Agreed, you can’t talk about the hurt in those parents faces and then say you don’t care about inflicting hurt into business owners by looting and destroying property. In fact Michael Brown’s parents have spoken out against the rioting themselves.

Obviously none of us where there but that cop’s story makes no sense. To jump into a cop car the second the cop opens the door and go after his gun… that’s beyond criminal behavior, you would have to be psychotic.

Hopefully the FBI gets involved and gets this right. The police seem like they are standing by their boy so far.