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 +1Posted on Jan 25th | re: Rihanna, Kanye West, & Paul McCartney - "FourFiveSeconds" (74 comments)

I just like how in 2015 Paul McCartney and Steely Dan are cooler than they have been in years

 +31Posted on Jan 25th | re: Rihanna, Kanye West, & Paul McCartney - "FourFiveSeconds" (74 comments)

This comment really shows how racially tinged the word “thug” can be. What exactly did Kanye or Rihanna do to deserve to be called thugs? Think about some white starlets like Lindsay Lohan or even Miley Cyrus, both of them act way more out of hand than Rihanna. When was the last time anyone referred to one of them as a thug? Not saying we need to retire the word, but maybe consider what it means before using it and think about whether or not a person deserves is aside from being black.

 +9Posted on Jan 24th | re: Rihanna, Kanye West, & Paul McCartney - "FourFiveSeconds" (74 comments)

Is McCartney’s guitar also denim?

 +3Posted on Jan 17th | re: Shut Up, Dude: This Week's Best And Worst Comments (25 comments)

I was cracking up about the mixtape of the week, Angel Baby is my nickname for my cat.

I don’t know if I ever went through a jam band phase… I remember an old roommate putting on a string cheese DVD once and thinking it was brutal. Never liked Umphrey’s, Widespread, or Keller Williams(freaker by the speaker was a good song though). I was kind of into Moe. but even them, I saw them live once and was bored to tears. My point is I was a huge Phish fan, they are so much better than all those other bands. I’ve gotta listen the Billy Breaths again soon, I remember Rift and Story of the Ghost also being favorites. Pretty sure Lawn Boy and A Picture of Nectar were great as well and I listened to their new album for a week straight when it came out.

I even saw them live 5-6 years ago after I had kind of started to grow out of them. I remember worrying that I wouldn’t be into them anymore, at this point I had been reading pitchfork for a few years and had gotten into “cooler” or more critically acclaimed music, and guess what?? They fucking killed it! Yeah, their lyrics make no sense, but think about all the songs you like and what % of them do you know what they are about? Idk, I like Phish, leave Trey alone.

 +5Posted on Jan 2nd | re: Kanye West - "Only One" (Feat. Paul McCartney) (94 comments)

I actually love the way his voice sounds on this track, I like the autotune.

No he doesn’t have a traditionally good singing voice, and maybe its not even good in a non traditional way but he certainly makes it work here. I think the way the vocals sound are perfect for this track and for me the fact that he had to use autotune doesn’t take anything away for me.

An aside tho, what it McCartney taught him how to sing a little? If he worked on it he could get better. Working with PM could sent his career in a totally different trajectory.

 +15Posted on Jan 2nd | re: Kanye West - "Only One" (Feat. Paul McCartney) (94 comments)

The best part is when you lose yourself in the song and forget that McCartney is playing the keyboard then you remember that McCartney is playing the keyboard.

 +6Posted on Dec 31st, 2014 | re: The 50 Best Stereogum Comments Of 2014 (42 comments)

re #34, when you said “I’ll grab a breakfast burrito and a bloody mary” are you saying you have somewhere to get a to-go bloody mary?

If that’s the case it sounds awesome but it’s probably for the best that I don’t have access to that.

 +11Posted on Dec 31st, 2014 | re: The 50 Best Stereogum Comments Of 2014 (42 comments)

I actually never listened to “Seasons” until Pitchfork listed it as the #1 song of the year. Until then all I knew about Future Islands was one time I came across a FI concert pic on some random site where the lead singer was rocking what appeared to be a massive boner, which I then posted to the comments here.

Anyways, my personal songs of the year list looks almost as silly w/o “Seasons” as the ‘gum albums list looks w/o Black Messiah.

I probably won’t be posting much until all the year end lists come out next year, or at least until the Summer, so for now I’ll wish you all…

 +5Posted on Dec 15th, 2014 | re: Premature Evaluation: D'Angelo And The Vanguard Black Messiah (76 comments)

How dare you steal my thunder a.j. You said you wished the D’Angelo album would come out, you predicted nothing!

And shame on you Raptor Judas, I expected better