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I can hear a little bit of chili peppers in this but i'm guessing your in early 20's if that's the only influence you pick up. The whole thing sounds like a weird mash up of james brown, danzig, joe walsh for crying out loud, and yes, chili peppers. i think i like it more than 97 percent of the rest of the foo's catalog.
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December 2, 2014 on Check Out Dave Grohl’s Unearthed, Chili Peppers-y Solo Track “Hooker On The Street”
pretty good version. i listened to the original on repeat when I was like 13 and a wannabe playa. is 90's r8b starting to get rediscovered. if so, jodeci needs to go to the front of the line.
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January 7, 2014 on Twin Shadow – “Cupid” (112 Cover)
I don't dislike these guys but you'd think the bassist was in motorhead. get real.
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November 25, 2013 on Watch HAIM (And An Epic Outfield Tribute) On SNL
No se como me siento de su estilo nuevo..
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November 25, 2013 on Stream Destroyer Five Spanish Songs
Mickey didn't teach you anything.
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November 12, 2013 on Justin Timberlake Wants To Kill His Critics
i'm glad to see my comment made the staff pick but it still doesn't answer my question.
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November 8, 2013 on Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments
H ow can you compare eric clapton and eminem? They sound nothing alike.
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November 7, 2013 on Eminem: Rap Game Eric Clapton
that was real goofy
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October 31, 2013 on Turntable Interview: Toro Y Moi
lame to live in a world where making fun of a man for his pride in leather jogging pants turns into racism.
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September 27, 2013 on Kanye West Is Really Pissed At Jimmy Kimmel
Whatever album with "Horse with no name" is probably the best one.
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August 23, 2013 on Neil Young Albums From Worst To Best
gotta say, listening to trailer trash again makes me feel overwhelmingly nostalgic.
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August 22, 2013 on Backtrack: Modest Mouse The Lonesome Crowded West
At this point I'm ready for regular bland band names again.
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July 26, 2013 on Band To Watch: SAINT PEPSI
Well, He's got a kid to feed now....
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July 15, 2013 on Kanye’s A.P.C. Line Includes A $120 Plain White T-Shirt
I bought one of these. It's very comfortable.
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July 15, 2013 on Kanye’s A.P.C. Line Includes A $120 Plain White T-Shirt
Here's a random observation. 99% of stereogum's commenters are male.
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July 8, 2013 on Why Is YouTube Allowing Nudity In Justin Timberlake’s Video, But Not Robin Thicke’s?
What a bummer. Chi was an awesome human being aside from his contributions to some great music that trancended what music snobs call "nu metal"
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April 15, 2013 on R.I.P. Chi Cheng
i know sparta was supposed to be the lame and tame ones but i'll be damned if their first ep and two records didn't get a lot more spins from me than the mars volta.
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February 12, 2013 on Deconstructing: The Rise, Demise, And Legacy Of The Mars Volta
I'm glad to see this feature. Oddly enough I was just looking at a list of Kendrick Lamar's 25 favorite albums and was suprised not to see one Outkast album on there. Good Kid is a modern rap classic but I think it's as indebted to Outkast as much as the west coast stuff.
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January 31, 2013 on The 10 Best OutKast Songs
Who's ready to own up to digging the Timbaland / Chris Cornell collab?
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January 14, 2013 on Justin Timberlake – “Suit & Tie” (Feat. Jay-Z)
I'm sure I've heard all this music playing at Urban Outfitter's. Do you guys all work at Urban Outfitter's?
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December 19, 2012 on The Gummy Awards: Your Top 20 Albums Of 2012