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I thought she was totally faking it and was sure it was going to end with her saying something like, 'yeah right.' I wish they would stop drawing this out, they are not interesting in any way as a couple.
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May 11, 2012 on Thursday Night TV Open Thread
I loved the scene on Community where they went through went through moments of the three seasons with the group in an asylum, just typical Community being hilarious. I also liked that they didn't dwell on the idea that 'Greendale isn't real' for too long, it was clearly a ridiculous idea. Parks and Rec though was close to perfect, what a great moment between Ben and Leslie when he told her that he never wrote the other speech. The episode could have use a little bit more Jean-Ralphio, not much, just a little more.
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May 11, 2012 on Thursday Night TV Open Thread
I think next season there should be more of Martin Starr's character.
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May 9, 2012 on So, We All Watched The Whole First Season Of New Girl, Right?
Troy's face here broke my heart, I am interested so see where they go with the Troy and Abed friendship for the rest of the season.
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March 23, 2012 on Thursday Night TV Open Thread
The Muppets Take Central Park Manhattan
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March 22, 2012 on Best New Party Game 64: Outdoor Movies
Not to get too sportsgum here but the reason Tim Tebow is so popular is because he is such a controversial player. He is a quarterback who cannot throw the ball yet can run the ball very well himself. When he was with the Broncos they kept winning games even though they really shouldn't have because he is a very weak player. A lot of their games would end with some last minutes 'miracle' play by Tebow to win it.
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March 21, 2012 on Here Are Some Afternoon Links!
I second this, four seasons and every episode it worth your time.
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February 15, 2012 on The Videogum TV Club Poll: What Do You Wanna Watch?!
I thought Community was great last night. Britta reading the book 'Warren Peace' in her account of how one of them would kill everyone else I thought was the best, such a small detail but so true to her character.
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October 28, 2011 on Thursday Night TV Open Thread
I did the exact same thing with my boyfriend, except it was the first time either of us have seen the show. I defiantly felt like we made the right choice this weekend.
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July 6, 2010 on Twilight: Eclipse Open Thread, And A Temporary Goodbye To Twilight
After justin bieber's music video I was thinking that bowling ally was the place to be, but after seeing this I am not sure anymore.
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February 26, 2010 on Blah Blah Blah, Indeed: Ke$ha Has Always Been Terribl$
Mike wanted to prove to people what I good person he was by taking his little brother "the station" out with him.
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February 11, 2010 on The Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It? Contest: Two Situations
I have to admit any information about the upcoming Muppet movie makes me as excited as a little kid on Christmas Day
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February 10, 2010 on The Muppets Love You, Man
This actually sounds like a trailer for a suspense film that could have potential...
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February 4, 2010 on Open Your Lazer Eyes, Sheeple
I don't know what I would prefer more, Hamm and Buble's champagne and ham or Jon Hamm's john ham?
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February 1, 2010 on Saturday Night Live: Hamming It Up! (Get It?)
Sir, When I was a little boy my mother was murdered and I sat in her blood for three days until I was rescued by a policeman who than adapted me. As I was growing up the man who adapted me noticed that I had uncontrollable murderous tendencies and taught me a 'code' for when I was killing people. Now that I am all grown up and that man has died I am a secret serial killer, but it's okay I only kill those who have killed others and escaped justice through the legal court system. The problem is though I now I have a child of my own and two step children that I must take care of and don't want to see them follow in my foot steps. How can I raise these kids in a spiritual environment while I still satisfy my dark urges?
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January 19, 2010 on Best New Party Game 14
It's like NBC had two options to try and improve their ratings, cancel the Jay Leno show and call it a loss or move jay leno back to the tonight show because that's what the viewers 'want'. But no instead they chose a third option that wasn't even on the table that will most likely cause them to loose ratings! You think someone would have said, "hold on a minute, something about this doesn't feel right to me."
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January 8, 2010 on Conan/Leno Update: We Live In A World Of Half-Steps And Meaningless Compromise
"I just need a spritz or two" she says as she sprays herself 5 or 6 times.
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January 6, 2010 on That’s Your Perfume: White Diamond Perfume
Princess and the Frog: Great Sherlock Homles: Got out of it what I expected, which was mindless fun Stardust: Enjoyable Serenity: Always good Lord of the Rings Trilogy: YES! West Side Story: Good story, music, and dancing...just a great musical Dexter (season 3): I have to catch up on this show still but it continues to be such a consistent and enjoyable show and each season has a great plot through out it.
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January 5, 2010 on Holiday Movie Watching Open Thread
I watched Peter Pan as well with some friends and we all had the same reaction as has been years since I have seen that movie and I forgot how blatantly racist Disney use to be.
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January 5, 2010 on Holiday Movie Watching Open Thread
*blushes* thanks!
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January 1, 2010 on The Worst People Of 2009