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Agreed, I love it. This band needs more recognition in the US.
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October 9, 2015 on Everything Everything – “No Reptiles” Video
It seems you're getting downvotes. I can change (that)
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October 8, 2015 on Are LCD Soundsystem Reuniting?
I love that Protomartyr record, and I think we can all agree that at least the album cover is fucking great, one of the top 5 of the year so far.
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October 6, 2015 on Album Of The Week: Kelela Hallucinogen
Did someone say 2016 hype train? Did not see this one coming! The single is... interesting, we'll see how the album turns out
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October 6, 2015 on Tortoise – “Gesceap” + The Catastrophist Details
Underrated albums of the week. Anyone listen to that Big Grams EP? It was a huge surprise for me, I expected it to be a little clunky, but they seriously nail the balance between Phantogram and Big Boi's styles. It's fucking awesome. I want a full album.
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September 25, 2015 on Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments
Closer to the first album than the second, but overwhelmingly a new direction. Very well-constructed art-pop, I'd say? With exceptional clarity. It's a good look for him, if you ask me.
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September 22, 2015 on Album Of The Week: Chvrches Every Open Eye
I'd never listened to Julia Holter before this album, but I have to say, this thing is waaaay more dynamic than "gracefull, ballad-based" makes it out to be.
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September 22, 2015 on Album Of The Week: Chvrches Every Open Eye
I saw Roman open for Janelle Monáe (best show I've ever been to, by the way), and he's a fantastic performer. He played this version of "High and Dry" and it was excellent.
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September 11, 2015 on Stream Roman GianArthur’s R&B Radiohead x D’Angelo Covers EP OK Lady
Oh hell yes!
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September 11, 2015 on Stream Ought Sun Coming Down
I'll say it. What a Terrible World has some truly excellent songs. "Cavalry Captain," "Lake Song" and "Make You Better" in particular.
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September 11, 2015 on The Decemberists – “Why Would I Now?”
I feel like an anomaly. Kaputt never really did much for me (I don't know if I get it?) but I love Poison Season so much. I also have gone back to listen to a handful of Destroyer's earlier releases and I like those too. So I don't know what some of y'all are talking about with Poison Season being "scattered" or not as good as Kaputt. It's just so damn cinematic!
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September 4, 2015 on Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments
I don't love what he's doing but I moderately like the effect he's having on the state of things. But then I dislike a lot of it too.
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September 4, 2015 on Billy Corgan Is A Fan Of Donald Trump “Fucking Up” American Politics
I think people talk about people not liking King of Limbs more than people don't like King of Limbs.
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September 4, 2015 on Philip Selway: Radiohead “Want To Finish” New Album This Fall
I actually think she's confused about Kendrick's use of the name 'Lucy' throughout To Pimp a Butterfly.
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September 3, 2015 on Vince Staples: “Shut The Fuck Up Miley Cyrus”
Ah, sweet. I recently rediscovered Replica and it is still really excellent.
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September 3, 2015 on Oneohtrix Point Never – “I Bite Through It” + Garden Of Delete Details
I generally dig Battles' aesthetic (those drums!) but I feel like they'll never be able to touch the comprehensive brilliance of their early, Tyondai Braxton-including material.
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September 2, 2015 on Battles – “FF Bada”
That Animal Collective live album is coming out this Friday right? Because hell yes.
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September 1, 2015 on Album Of The Week: Joan Shelley Over And Even
Oh come on, he was far enough behind her that she could easily and reasonably ignore it all. Also, I typically don't judge the kind of stuff that goes up on this site, but... Now we're getting TMZ stories?
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September 1, 2015 on Taylor Swift Doesn’t Break Her Stride As San Diego Stage Crasher Gets Tackled By Security
Anybody else heard the Foals record? I was a little disappointed. To me, Holy Fire was a near perfect album, and while I'm okay with a rock band going more 'raw,' many of the songs on What Went Down sound a little overly simplistic or unfinished. There are still some great tunes though, like "Mountain at my Gates."
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August 25, 2015 on Album Of The Week: All Dogs Kicking Every Day