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That beat and the hooks in “BO$$” really is all kinds of awesome, I’m surprised. Finally an exciting pop 2014 song (could never really get behind Problem as much as I wanted to because of that lame Iggy verse). Too bad it’s not crossing over like it deserved to though.

No offense to Charli and this new girl, but while good music is always something to cherish, I find it hard to get excited about this kind of popstar recently. I miss when artists like Michael, Prince and Madonna did pop that was so bold and really demanded your attention, you know? People who make great music and also aim for world domination. This year there’s some good pop, but not very ambitious pop (Beyoncé being the exception).

 +9Posted on Jun 25th | re: Prince Albums From Worst To Best (58 comments)

1999 is my favorite album of all time and I find it unforgivable that it’s not even top 5 (and behind freaking Batman, for fuck’s sake). The Black Album is also way too low, and in favor of some of Prince’s weakest material. Other than that, I appreciate you finally doing this, thanks.

My list:

2. Purple Rain
3. Dirty Mind
4. Controversy
5. Sign O’ The Times
6. Prince
7. Lovesexy
8. Around The World In a Day
9. The Black Album
10. Parade

11. Love Symbol Album
12. The Gold Experience (even though it’s a tad overproduced)
13. 3121 (underrated, best late Prince album)
14. The Rainbow Children
15. Come
16. Emancipation
17. Musicology
18. Graffiti Bridge
19. For You
20. Batman

21. Diamonds and Pearls
22. Chaos and Disorder
23. New Power Soul
24. Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic
25. Lotusflow3r
27. Planet Earth
28. 20Ten

 0Posted on Jun 22nd | re: Watch Sam Smith Cover Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know" (21 comments)

Wait, this was supposed to be a reply for Colin James… My post is moving around, it has a life of it’s own.

 +2Posted on Jun 22nd | re: Watch Sam Smith Cover Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know" (21 comments)

But why should/would a gender-specific version in anyway deprive people to identify and sing-along with him? If people can’t correlate that the themes of love and desire of the song are universal even if he is singing about a man (and making that clear), than well, it just comes to show there’s still a lot of progress to be made in how people view homosexuality if they would make an issue out of that, or even simply feel distanced by that aspect. I also think the best way to build equality is to expose all people to all kinds of experiences and worldview, so they can truly get used to and understand other perspectives, but you won’t get that by instead opting to be so neutral, so guarded about it.

But of course, I also don’t think there should be pressure on Sam about this, as it is (and right now, really hope it’s based on) ultimately about his choice. But at the same, it still feels a bit like a cheat. Maybe Sam just doesn’t feel comfortable creating exposure based on that aspect. But that doesn’t change the thing about neutrality – it doesn’t necessarily causes harm, but it also won’t necessarily bring any good either. Hopefully with time, people will learn how to deal with it, and/or he’ll finally feel comfortable let this side of him come through naturally, but at some point, someone has to take the first step for that to happen.

 +5Posted on Jun 22nd | re: Watch Sam Smith Cover Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know" (21 comments)

Oh, please. Sam is a gay man and the song uses a male pronoun in the original, there’s no reason for changing just to avoid disturbing straight people, and people shouldn’t defend a gay men feeling the need to downplay an aspect of his to please mainstream audiences. I have nothing against Sam, but it was clear there was an agenda behind this decision: to make him as inoffensive and non-threatning as possible.

I also disagree with the false equivalency you bring up. I’m not offended by your post and your opinion because it’s clear you are giving a respectful and short response, but I still disagree. Yes, we are all human, but there’s a difference between downplaying the specificities that makes us human in the first place in favor of majority-minded driven acceptance rather than the majority really being able to see universality in the differences and diversity without having to change or ignore them, people would just be able to enjoy and identify with Sam without him needing it to be so neutral about the gender he desires. While people complain about how everything is sexualized these days, I also worry about asexualizing gay people in name of accessibility. And I can’t help but feel the way he is promoted is at least partially built on this.
It’s the old “He’s gay, but you won’t even notice!”, as if being noticeable that someone being gay or someone truly owning that aspect of their lives is somehow less admirable, or as if there something special about having that aspect more or less removed from your general identity (which is NOT to say that a gay men always needs to be outspoken about his sexuality, as that’s too personal to judge based on). And I’m really not judging Sam’s sexuality or anything, just how it has been handled by his people and the label so far, and I have to say, yeah, it bothers me a bit. He still has a great voice though, of course, even if his album is a bit underwhelming.

(And yes, I recognize that I wrote a long ass post for someone who posted casually and probably never thought someone would say all this, and also never got to elaborate further before getting this reply. What I can say? I have strong feelings about this).

 +1Posted on Mar 5th | re: Iron Maiden Albums From Worst To Best (62 comments)

This site is never gonna do one for Prince, is it?

 0Posted on Feb 26th | re: Stream Pharrell Williams G I R L (11 comments)

Gush is such a smooth, sexy track. I’m basically drooling from my ears listening to it (ok, that sounds weird).

 0Posted on Feb 26th | re: Stream Pharrell Williams G I R L (11 comments)

Where you see Frank Sinatra, I see Michael Jackson circa Off The Wall.

 +1Posted on Feb 13th | re: MØ - "Say You'll Be There" (Spice Girls Cover) (2 comments)

That’s the best Spice Girls song too