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Don’t Tell ‘Em is a pretty massive single, even if only now it’s getting its due on the charts. Jeremih has been surprisingly consistent in delivering killer jams since Late Nights. One of my favorite singles this year. Let’s hope the album doesn’t disappoint, but whatever happens, we at least got that excellent EP with Shlomo earlier in the year and one of the best songs to dance to of the year.

I’m young, but I very clearly remember Kurt saying something among the lines of “I get tired of people trying to find too much meaning in my lyrics” back in the day, which is frustrating in the case of a song about abuse. That’s the problem you have when there’s near God-like universal admiration for rockstars. Kurt said it’s an anti-rape song, but he never really seemed to elaborate it much, always leaving the initial premise behind it as enough of a reason. So even if his intentions aren’t harmful, it doesn’t mean the song shouldn’t have to stand on it’s own merits like every other song, or that it was so loosely written that even if you are aware of the intended interpretation, it can still bother you how it lacks real depth in talking about the subject matter (even if it tries to capture the anger behind the experience musically) and just becomes frustrating – and not definitely not in the sense Kurt wanted to.
I think “In Utero” is Nirvana’s best album, but “Rape Me” really isn’t one of the best moments on it in my opinion, and that’s because it feels like it’s a track more worried about intensity, which would be fine in most cases, except, you know, a song about rape could use a little more complexity, and maybe even exploring more of the range of said anger, but it doesn’t. So yeah, I get thinking “Rape Me” is not exactly one of their best moments, and as I much as Nirvana is a great band, I do think Kurt songwriting is put too much on a pedestal sometimes.

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Unless something else happens, Nicki will be queen of the internet tonight

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 -1Posted on Aug 22nd | re: MTV VMA Video Of The Year Winners From Worst To Best (28 comments)

I also couldn’t disagree more about that top 3. All of them are very overrated as videos even if the songs are memorable. And I’m always annoyed when music critics praise “Nothing Compares 2 U” for it’s simplicity. So, you have a medium as open to innovation and creativity as the music video, freeing directors while giving them a big budget (in the case of big music stars) and a woman crying against a black backdrop is the best VMA winner of all time? No way I can agree with this. The overpraise that something can get purely for being minimalist will always bother me.

Top 3 should be Peter Gabriel, Missy Elliott and Madonna (depending on the day, I might switch Ray Of Light for We Found Love though).

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I love Outkast to death, but it did not deserve to beat (in terms of the actual video itself) “99 Problems” and “Toxic”, just like “Lady Marmalade” did not deserve to beat “Weapon of Choice” based on quality alone. That’s the problem with Video of The Year winners: they are usually more of a symbol of what was most prominent in pop culture at the time than truly awarding what’s best.

 +1Posted on Aug 22nd | re: MTV VMA Video Of The Year Winners From Worst To Best (28 comments)

I like Britney’s single, but damn, that video is just terrible. The only excuse I can see for it is that the videos she beat were just as bad (that was probably the weakest Video Of The Year line-up ever).

I agree there’s no way Piece Of Me is better than Losing My Religion.

 +1Posted on Aug 20th | re: Ariana Grande - "Love Me Harder" (Feat. The Weeknd) (12 comments)

Is that a “I Get Lonely” sample on “Be My Baby”? I don’t think it is, but there’s a few similarities between the two. And from that, I’ll use this comment to add that even though her voice is Mariah-like, the music itself feels closer to Janet to me.

This preview has actually made me a bit excited for the album, something even “Problem” (blame Iggy) and her debut couldn’t pull off. I’m a bit more poptimist about it now. Strangely though, the third song is the one I liked the least even if she really invests a lot of her vocals on it. “Love Me Harder” and “Be My Baby” are the best songs she has here so far, I think. The first might even be my favorite Abel feature in a while (as brief as it is).

 +8Posted on Aug 19th | re: Taylor Swift - "Shake It Off" Video (90 comments)

Red is one of the popiest albums to have ever popped.

 +1Posted on Aug 10th | re: The Week In Pop: Porter Robinson Welcomes Us Into His Worlds (13 comments)

“I can’t think straight, I’m so gay” – I don’t why I love this line, but I do. Well done, Mary Lambert.

Also, I have seen Meghan Trainor’s name charting for a few weeks now, but I just assumed it was another generic dance-pop shit by the title (like that terrible Britney/Will.I.Am song “Big Fat Bass”). I had no idea it was about bass as in Motown bass for a Supremes-like single, and that the song would be so fun and positive. And she’s kinda funny too. I like when pop artists make good use of their sense of humor, and what’s especially great about this one is how confident she comes off, like the pretty talented girl she is even if her weight isn’t the beauty standard. That song was a nice surprise.