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Today I found out that I only need 2 more credits to graduate in May, but none of the classes I need fit into my schedule so I have to go to summer school even though I swore I would never do that again ever in my life. I also cut the sleeves off of my favorite dress that I want to wear for my birthday party tomorrow and immediately experienced regret because its January and what was I thinking!? I also watched this video twice and laughed just as much the second time as I did the first, I hope it never gets old:
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January 24, 2013 on How Was Everyone’s Day Today?
I liked Epic better when it was called Ferngully.
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November 30, 2012 on This Week In Movie Trailers, You Guys
This is as close as the internet can get you to that:!
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November 27, 2012 on How To Make Chili Cheese Nachos
There's a really great episode of the Twilight Zone where that happens! A man was in the safe room at a bank when a bomb goes off and he's the only one who survives. And he's actually really happy about it but then whoops, his glasses break and it is devastating! You should try to find it and watch it
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October 30, 2012 on Are You There, Internet, It’s Me, Hurricane Blogs