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Grimes made an album that sucked and scrapped it. U2 made an album that sucked and snuck it into your iTunes. And as for albums that don’t suck, Arcade Fire’s Funeral turns ten years old tomorrow. It’s not just an instant-classic, but the rare life-altering discovery that inspires the whole mission of this site (i.e., to stoke band beefs to spotlight vital new music). I remember writing about Funeral for the first time; 387 Arcade Fire posts later it’s rightly recognized as one of the best albums of that decade. So fire up Funeral this weekend and head to N. 10th & Driggs in Brooklyn to wonder what happened to the last ten years.

George Lewis, Jr. released his powerful latest single “To The Top” back in April, but we still don’t have a release date for Eclipse, his highly anticipated third LP as Twin Shadow. While we wait, though, there are now ten more minutes of new music to check out thanks to New York Fashion Week. Earlier today Twin Shadow provided an original score of cold and pretty new wave for celebrated local label Public School’s foray into womenswear with its Spring 2015 runway show. You can watch Lewis perform (while wearing the designers’ black and white threads) at and keep an eye out for, Joe Jonas, and Miguel in the front row. Hope he gets to keep that hat.

We won’t have an Anniversary post on it, but Sugar’s superb power-pop swan song File Under: Easy Listening turns 20 years old tomorrow. How cool is it to see Bob Mould, 35 years into his career, still putting out vital music and kicking ass onstage? As Tom noted when posting Mould’s new video today, a clip of Hüsker Dü performing for and being interviewed by the dearly departed Joan Rivers in ’87 has been making the rounds. Watch that below if you haven’t caught it yet.


Not a huge surprise Jennifer Aniston couldn’t make it.

There’s definitely a thinkpiece about Friends and shitty ’90s coffeehouse music someone can write.

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You are correct. Will fix that, sorry.

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 +9Posted on Sep 15th | re: Hero Rushes Stage And Stops Widespread Panic Concert (100 comments)

Actually I lied — I didn’t even write the headline. Pharrell did.

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It’s a joke. I can’t speak for everyone, but I like jam bands.

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Don’t blame Chris. I write the site headlines; Chris was against this one, but I overruled.
It’s a joke. Sometimes we post things about bands we don’t normally cover just because they’re funny.

Honestly, though, I once got in trouble for tasing God Street Wine’s bassist during a H.O.R.D.E set. Totally my bad.

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ok, I will amend

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Also released 10 years ago today. Compare & contrast!

 +16Posted on Sep 13th | re: Kanye Halts Sydney Show Until Seated Fans Prove They're Disabled (58 comments)

In Sydney, one fan was in a wheelchair and another waved a prosthetic limb, but it’s not clear if the latter was in a wheelchair, too. Either way, I think Kanye shouldn’t harass people who are seated at his concerts.