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This week we looked at 26 bands from the NYC rock resurgence of the ’00s (i.e., the bands that were cool when I started this blog 75 years ago). Meanwhile, several bands that were popular 20 years ago — Soundgarden, Faith No More, the Smashing Pumpkins — released surprisingly strong tracks. Chumped’s Teenage Retirement was our Album Of The Week and Pusha T’s “Lunch Money” was our favorite song. Police halted a Mac DeMarco concert and a heckler ruined a Morrissey one. And tweets about a snowstorm were the most interesting thing Interpol released all year. Your best and worst comments are below.

A highlight of tonight’s funny (really) and cameo-filled (Jennifer Lawrence, Crazy Eyes) episode of Saturday Night Live was the fake commercial for Young Tarts & Old Farts, a compilation of duets in the style of Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga’s recent chart-topping album Cheek To Cheek. This gave the cast an opportunity to break out impressions of current pop stars like Ariana Grande, Megan Trainor, Sam Smith, Robyn, Macklemore, 2 Chainz, and Lorde. The episode’s musical guest Kendrick Lamar played himself in a duet with Taran Killam’s Barry Manilow. Watch it below.

This week almost went by with no news about Mark Kozelek. Almost! Last week at this time, Koz was making friends with El-P when Sun Kil Moon was booked opposite Run The Jewels at Fun Fun Fun. At the fest, Kozelek played his infamous, unprovoked diss track “The War On Drugs: Suck My Cock” live for the second time. It is now part of his repertoire. If you see Kozelek on this tour and don’t get a War On Drugs diss, ask for your money back. That’s like seeing Gallagher and not getting splashed with watermelon juice. Anyway, at last night’s show at Duluth’s Karpele’s Museum, when it was time for “Suck My Cock” Koz enlisted his old friend Alan Sparhawk from openers and hometown heroes Low on beer commercial lead guitar.


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Nice, I forgot that one.

We’ll have to do a list of 20 more.

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Almost all!

I remember when they were seen at Shake Shack (not far from Stereogum HQ). Seems like only yesterday.

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It’s the thought that counts.

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You’re correct, I’ve fixed that. Thanks.

Ha — I meant to say, thank you Benjamin for fact-check. This is corrected now.