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Twas the Shut Up, Dude before Christmas when all through the blog not a reader was trolling not even RubJohn. This week D’Angelo messed up our Best Albums Of 2014 list, but his surprise LP doesn’t have to mess up yours: The Gummy Awards will launch next week — sorry for the delay, there was a tech problem — and you’ll all get a last chance to weigh in on the year’s best music. We also have a lot more great features coming to our year-end coverage. Your best and worst comments are below!

ICYMI, our 50 Best Albums and 70 Favorite Songs year-end lists are up. Although now it looks like a new D’Angelo album is out next week? Thanks a lot, D’Angelo. Make your own lists if you haven’t yet, because we’re launching the 9th annual Gummy Awards readers’ poll next week. Also, since you guys are so good at commenting I wanna remind you that if you ’like’ us on Facebook, you have a few more days to comment to win new box sets from R.E.M., the Velvet Underground, and Daft Punk, or our 10 favorite 2014 albums on vinyl.

SU,D was on hiatus for Thanksgiving, so comments made since all the way back on 11/21 were eligible for this edition. Consider it This Week And Last Week’s Best And Worst Comments if you want. We are just starting our year in review series — you probably saw our 50 Best Albums Of 2014 list on Tuesday — so hopefully you are ready to argue with us for another few weeks.


I hope this Joe Jackson cover is on it.

 +10Posted on Dec 20th | re: Madonna Releases Six New Tracks, Announces Album Rebel Heart (14 comments)

“I hate myself, I think Americans are wack, but other countries leave me feeling weird like afternoon naps. Summer 2014, Shmoney dancing with some goth teens. Motherfuckers leaking nudes, why they gotta be so rude? I lost my samurai, feel like a fucking rōnin, and now my only friends are Despot and Makonnen.” Ezra!!

This is presumably Hennessy’s clean version. Hopefully there is another coming.

Looks like it’s fixed now!

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 0Posted on Dec 17th | re: Watch Kendrick Lamar Debut A New Song On Colbert (29 comments)

That is fixed!

 +4Posted on Dec 15th | re: The 50 Best Metal Albums Of 2014 (79 comments)

Not a ranked list, but Ryan will had a year-in-review Trackspotting.

 0Posted on Dec 13th | re: Shut Up, Dude: This Week's Best And Worst Comments (50 comments)

OK, we are looking into it!

 +1Posted on Dec 12th | re: Shut Up, Dude: This Week's Best And Worst Comments (50 comments)

What browser are you using?