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Anyone excited for Record Store Day? I’m in line outside NYC’s Other Music* right now and in 14 hours that glow-in-the-dark Ray Parker, Jr. 10″ is mine. You can check out the full list of exclusive releases here or just listen to SoundClouds of all the new songs here. In all seriousness, though, good luck to all you vinyl fetishists and eBay flippers. Our (gif-free!) list of your best and worst comments of the week are below.

There was a point during last night’s minimally audacious Rock & Roll ceremony — maybe halfway through the E Street Band’s interminable shoutouts — when I remarked to the guy from Billboard that this was the opposite of Coachella. But boy did that Nirvana coda make the whole thing worthwhile. It was surreal and thrilling to hear Dave, Krist, and Pat revisit those songs two decades later, even if Lorde was too green to do Kurt justice on the band’s best song. Also surreal to run into Courtney backstage and find her completely lucid and polite. Happy 20th, Live Through This! Of course while we’re all happy for Nirvana, it’s OutKast’s turn to reunite now. Nobody (outside of the Snow Queen of Arendelle) gets the spotlight for more than a day in 2014. Tune in here and check back throughout the weekend for Chris’ reports from Indio. But first…

An early highlight of last night’s Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame induction was Chris Martin’s words about Peter Gabriel, and the pair’s performance of Gabriel’s “Washing Of The Water.” Martin’s speech quoted from “the book of Genesis”…


 +8Posted on Apr 18th | re: Throwing Copper Turns 20 (47 comments)

I saw this tour at Jones Beach. It was Live / Veruca Salt / PJ Harvey.

 0Posted on Apr 13th | re: The Week In Pop: What Is Ed Sheeran Thinking? (22 comments)

Would not be surprised if “Ain’t It Fun” ends up on my top 10 songs of the year list.

 +1Posted on Apr 12th | re: Coachella 2014: The 8 Best Things From Friday (14 comments)

Sorry, that was my fault. Fixed.

 +6Posted on Apr 11th | re: Watch Coachella 2014 Here All Weekend (11 comments)

Crowd during HAIM:

That’s gotta be distracting.

 +2Posted on Apr 9th | re: Michael Jackson - "Xscape" (10 comments)

I saw someone on Instagram write, “I thought that was Aubrey Plaza.”

 +4Posted on Apr 9th | re: Famous Album Cover Art Imagined From A Different Perspective (12 comments)

And … they’re gone!

 0Posted on Apr 8th | re: Drive-By Truckers - "Made Up English Oceans" Video (1 comments)

Coincidentally listened to Jason Isbell on WTF last night and it was good:

Patterson Hood did a recent episode too, but I haven’t listened yet.

 +10Posted on Apr 8th | re: Famous Album Cover Art Imagined From A Different Perspective (12 comments)

Hey, good news: those photo ads are going away permanently.

You’re right, we should’ve had Joan Jett.

 +14Posted on Apr 8th | re: Famous Album Cover Art Imagined From A Different Perspective (12 comments)

They’re not new, but I agree they’re terrible. I’m trying to get them banned from the site. In the meantime: adblock!