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When Thom Yorke tweeted that mystery record on Sunday I don’t think any of us expected an Eraser followup this week. Even though Radiohead “pulled a BeyoncĂ©” long before BeyoncĂ© did, I was prepared for like, PolyFauna remixes. Fortunately, as Chris wrote, Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes is Yorke’s most satisfying music in years. It’s also pretty cool that this is the first paygated BitTorrent in history, the Radiohead frontman’s latest experiment in selling directly to fans. The Chief Content Officer of BitTorrent didn’t mince words in his postmortem with Billboard:

There’s a great movie out called The Skeleton Twins. It stars Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig as suicidal siblings, but it’s much funnier than that sounds. When I saw a test screening last year, the most memorable scene (and all anyone wanted to talk about after) was the main characters’ skillful lip-sync to Starship’s cheese-ball duet “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now.” You can see some of it in this trailer.

Grimes made an album that sucked and scrapped it. U2 made an album that sucked and snuck it into your iTunes. And as for albums that don’t suck, Arcade Fire’s Funeral turns ten years old tomorrow. It’s not just an instant-classic, but the rare life-altering discovery that inspires the whole mission of this site (i.e., to stoke band beefs to spotlight vital new music). I remember writing about Funeral for the first time; 387 Arcade Fire posts later it’s rightly recognized as one of the best albums of that decade. So fire up Funeral this weekend and head to N. 10th & Driggs in Brooklyn to wonder what happened to the last ten years.


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Made it a DL for you. Enjoy.

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Sorry, this is fixed now.

I only know what I read on their Facebook.
While you wait, check out our Meadowlands oral history, blochead!

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They are my new 2nd favorite celebrity couple.

I never heard of Unhappy Triad before. That’s a good name for a band.

The stage diving/crowdsurfing I saw at Ty Segall last week looked fairly safe:

But I’ve certainly been in situations where it was just not the right venue/band/crowd for it.

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Fun bit of Monster ephemera:

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If you buy it (and I think keep your BitTorrent client open) that player will stream everything.

Does Urban have punk vinyl? I’m looking for something to listen to in my punk jacket.