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 +10Posted on Nov 24th | re: Bob Dylan Played A Show For One Person (6 comments)

The Lonesome Show of Fredrik Wikingsson

I want you, thin crackers
I wanted you, thin cracker crumbs
And when you, churn downwards
I wanted you, I needed you
Oh, oh-whoah
To make me butter

 +10Posted on Nov 8th | re: Shut Up, Dude: This Week's Best And Worst Comments (13 comments)

Dippy eggs are the best.

 0Posted on Nov 7th | re: Schoolboy Q - "Hell Of A Night" Video (1 comments)

It’s Friday and I’m tired, so I’m just going to assume that was an actual Sioux war chief walking around, and not some sort of cultural appropriation that I should be getting all riled up about.

My thoughts on The Week in Pop:
1) I don’t hate “Jealous.” I don’t love it, but I certainly don’t hate it.
2) I grew up in NASCAR country. The pit crews aren’t nearly as sexy as Formula 1′s, apparently.
3) I also grew up in Jesus country (go figure). My Facebook feed is full of 20-45 year old women posting that Carrie Underwood song saying “Can you believe she had the courage to release a song like this?!” Courage nothing. She’s got a country full of fundamentalists willing to plop down money to snatch up any twangy theologically-muddled piece of Christo-pop-country garbage. It’s genius. Psychotic, but genius.
4) I’m too bitter to listen to the rest right now. I’m skipping on to Hold On.
5) Well fuck.

 +27Posted on Nov 6th | re: Azealia Banks Surprise-Releases Broke With Expensive Taste (43 comments)

Gee whiz! It IS a tune! And the next one is such a song!

 +7Posted on Nov 1st | re: Shut Up, Dude: This Week's Best And Worst Comments (18 comments)


“Morrissey Accidentally Eats Steak, Refuses to Tour With Self” is a headline I live for.

That Fergie track is atrocious. I felt like I was watching a sub-par SNL Digital Short without jokes.

Also, as a North Carolinian, there was something that deeply offended me about the way she said (and spelled) “Cac-ill-ack.”

Cackalack. Or Cakalack. And generally with a “y” on the end.

The more you know.

I have taken to watching Hardee’s commercials on silent while playing the songs that Stereogum posts today. The results are…occasionally transcendent.

Such as that Interpol remix with this one:

Content warning: scantily clad women (Including, for some unknown reason, Paris Hilton. This is 2014, don’t we have a more up to date sex symbol? I didn’t watch it with the audio on, maybe they explain the joke? Maybe I’m thinking too much about a hyper-sexualized fast food commercial? Maybe I’m not thinking enough?) and really, really gross looking burgers. Also, an antler chandelier. Because racks.