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“Morrissey Accidentally Eats Steak, Refuses to Tour With Self” is a headline I live for.

That Fergie track is atrocious. I felt like I was watching a sub-par SNL Digital Short without jokes.

Also, as a North Carolinian, there was something that deeply offended me about the way she said (and spelled) “Cac-ill-ack.”

Cackalack. Or Cakalack. And generally with a “y” on the end.

The more you know.

I have taken to watching Hardee’s commercials on silent while playing the songs that Stereogum posts today. The results are…occasionally transcendent.

Such as that Interpol remix with this one:

Content warning: scantily clad women (Including, for some unknown reason, Paris Hilton. This is 2014, don’t we have a more up to date sex symbol? I didn’t watch it with the audio on, maybe they explain the joke? Maybe I’m thinking too much about a hyper-sexualized fast food commercial? Maybe I’m not thinking enough?) and really, really gross looking burgers. Also, an antler chandelier. Because racks.

 0Posted on Oct 23rd | re: Thurston Moore Sees Your Snarky Tweets About Him (16 comments)

So being a dick on the internet to be funny is worse than being a dick in real life? Got it.

Time to track down Thurston Moore and tell him in person that his two-timing hypocrisy makes him total trash.

There was a period in high school where I was borrowing my dad’s minivan a lot. I actually got my copy of The Black Album (it sounded AMAZING in that van) stuck in the cd player at one point. It actually stayed in there for months, and then disappeared one day. We never had a confrontation about, but I feel like it’s simmering, getting ready to blow up the next time I’m home.

My father works at a church and thinks that Switchfoot is a little too edgy.

Anyway, minivans and rap go great/terrible together.

Great choice. I never thought I’d get tired of Atlanta weirdos, but I feel like that’s all that’s been in this column lately (maybe it’s all that’s worth listening to right now, not a bad thing, it’s just gotten a little repetitive). This is just the dose of nostalgia I needed this week.

 +2Posted on Oct 17th | re: Foo Fighters - "Something From Nothing" (56 comments)

Do they play rock in Gap? Every time I’m in one I hear Disclosure, which is pretty sweet (and not just “Latch,” either).

 +3Posted on Oct 10th | re: Shut Up, Dude: This Week's Best And Worst Comments (17 comments)

I’d watch that sitcom.

Dicks or GTFO.