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There was a period in high school where I was borrowing my dad’s minivan a lot. I actually got my copy of The Black Album (it sounded AMAZING in that van) stuck in the cd player at one point. It actually stayed in there for months, and then disappeared one day. We never had a confrontation about, but I feel like it’s simmering, getting ready to blow up the next time I’m home.

My father works at a church and thinks that Switchfoot is a little too edgy.

Anyway, minivans and rap go great/terrible together.

Great choice. I never thought I’d get tired of Atlanta weirdos, but I feel like that’s all that’s been in this column lately (maybe it’s all that’s worth listening to right now, not a bad thing, it’s just gotten a little repetitive). This is just the dose of nostalgia I needed this week.

 +1Posted on Oct 17th | re: Foo Fighters - "Something From Nothing" (53 comments)

Do they play rock in Gap? Every time I’m in one I hear Disclosure, which is pretty sweet (and not just “Latch,” either).

 +3Posted on Oct 10th | re: Shut Up, Dude: This Week's Best And Worst Comments (17 comments)

I’d watch that sitcom.

Dicks or GTFO.

I can’t wait for another round of dumb Morrissey drama. Will the Hall go vegan for the inductions? Will Moz actually show up for the inductions? Will he launch a screed against the capitalist system that drives this kind of thing and throw around Nazi metaphors?

The Smiths deserve to be recognized purely for musical achievement, but I grow weary of this already.

 +1Posted on Oct 6th | re: Kanye Has 20 Finished Songs For New Album (19 comments)

Ah, you misunderstand. I did not laugh (even a slight chuckle) at your joke. I meant that I laughed once upon a time at jokes about Kim’s ass, but I won’t this time because it’s old news now.

Mostly, you got a “Does this guy think this is still funny?” from me.

Anyway, moving on. I’ll be keeping my distance from your bridge in the future.

 +8Posted on Oct 6th | re: Kanye Has 20 Finished Songs For New Album (19 comments)

Is this a joke about how big Kim’s butt is? Cause, been there, laughed (minimally) about that.

Also, I haven’t been around lately. Are you someone that I shouldn’t be engaging in conversation with? Some type of troll of sumpin’?

 +10Posted on Oct 6th | re: Kanye Has 20 Finished Songs For New Album (19 comments)

Hurry up with my damn album.

Or, you know, take your time and make sure it’s a quality product I can spin for years. I can wait. Doo dee doo.