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I spent my week working with a large group of college kids. In terms of songs I heard them singing/whistling/humming/screaming, the College Week in Pop chart rankings looked like:

1. Anaconda
2. Anaconda
3. Anaconda
4. Wiggle
5. Anaconda
6. Anaconda
7. Anaconda
8. Anaconda
9. Anaconda
10. You Can’t Stop the Beat (from the musical Hairspray)

But therein lies the problem. Swift is making fun of herself in the video, with the takeaway being “dancing well is not as important as just having fun.” Nothing wrong with that, but will Swift’s legions of (presumably mostly white) fans draw the line between self-deprecation and cultural deprecation? I see this video (and song, yerg) becoming very popular, which could easily lead to tons of white middle school girls thinking it’s ok to blatantly make fun of black culture.

Hurry up with my damn next song.

 +8Posted on Aug 10th | re: Shut Up, Dude: This Week's Best And Worst Comments (16 comments)

I like it when I read a comment like cheap_suit’s, agree with it, and then realize it’s in the bottom 5. It makes me feel like less of a mindless trendy sheep.

I also like it when someone with multiple comments in the bottom 5 has a Redskins avatar and has never heard of Spoon. It reminds me that people still get lost on the internet.

 +2Posted on Aug 7th | re: Juicy J - "Low" (Feat. Nicki Minaj, Lil Bibby, & Young Thug) (6 comments)

Damn. Someone needs to start throwing Young Thug and snares on every new track.

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 +7Posted on Aug 5th | re: Album Of The Week: Kix Rock Your Face Off (121 comments)

Hey guys! I haven’t been around much this summer, but I’m back! I headed straight to the AotW comment section to re-introduce myself. I haven’t even read the article yet, but I haven’t heard of the band, so I’m super excited about discovering some great new underground act. I’ll be right back with my thoughts!

 0Posted on Jun 16th | re: Let's Shortlist The Song Of The Summer 2014 (286 comments)

La Roux- Let Me Down Gently

At least “Yeezus” is short and sweet, and doesn’t involve superfluous ellipses.