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 0Posted on Jul 21st | re: "Weird Al" Yankovic - "Tacky" Video (Pharrell Parody) (40 comments)

I could watch Jables dance for hours.

 0Posted on Jul 21st | re: Watch St. Vincent Explode David Letterman's Brain (15 comments)

Do really simple choreography during a rock song: Melt indie blogger brains.

Good album though.

 +1Posted on Jul 21st | re: Portrait Of An American Family Turns 20 (32 comments)

Well put. To me, the scariest and most shocking part of the whole was the look of MM, especially his eyes and just the grotesque-ness of his face combined with the subject matter in the music. Hearing these songs today reminds me of being up into the late hours of night playing games like Doom 2 and other FPS’s, likely under the influence of THC and a lot of teenage hormones. As I’ve no doubt matured well beyond where I was when this came out, I can still appreciate it for what it was and consider it “good.” It was truly unique, and a lot of it rocked quite hard.

 +5Posted on Jul 21st | re: Weezer - "Back To The Shack" (52 comments)

Sounds like the same vapid crap. Snooze.

 0Posted on Jul 10th | re: Watch Sylvan Esso Play The Tonight Show With ?uestlove (4 comments)

It’s still a nice song and her vocals sounded great live, but I’ll never stop being disappointed by seeing electronic acts “perform.” I can’t get past the karaoke aspect.

 +1Posted on Jul 8th | re: Death From Above 1979 - "Trainwreck 1979" (30 comments)

I dig the video, but the song is a little generic, despite the promising start. It’s a little too polished. Sounds a lot like Band Of Skulls, which isn’t a bad thing, but it just isn’t DFA, which should be a little meaner and dirtier.

Sounds like a future car commercial during the chorus.

Conventional or not, this is hilariously bad in every conceivable way, and is getting rightfully panned. Nice try though.

 +3Posted on Jun 19th | re: TV Party: Best Coast Talk Seinfeld (17 comments)

This post totally needs to exist. Life changing.

I love Gabe (obvs) but these are all a bunch of nothing. What the.

 +2Posted on Jun 9th | re: Purple Turns 20 (61 comments)

Tiny Music was one of my favorite albums of the 90s, without question. Cool write up, and a great reminder to delve back into STP’s catalog. Talented band, despite the unfair comparisons to Pearl Jam early on, which you can’t really blame people for.

Also, enough with the silly definitive subjective statements. Pearl Jam and STP: Both great 90s bands.