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 0Posted on Sep 29th | re: Stream Godflesh A World Lit Only By Fire (1 comments)

This thing is sounding so good! It is even heavy streaming from my computer. Easily ranks among their greatest work. Can’t wait to listen to this properly. I feel like I have been saying this every year for the past few years now but what a great year for heavy music.

 +2Posted on Sep 27th | re: Shut Up, Dude: This Week's Best And Worst Comments (22 comments)

2014 has been a great year since May 12th. It has only gotten better since.

 0Posted on Sep 19th | re: NehruvianDOOM - "Caskets" (2 comments)

I don’t know about anyone else but my year end list is gonna be stuffed.

 0Posted on Sep 16th | re: Album Of The Week: The Juan Maclean In A Dream (16 comments)

Shellac is always on point. For me there is no point in ranking their albums, there is not a misstep in the bunch. I do see this new one having the potential to be a favorite for a lot of people because it is so consistent and there are no real patience testing or “too weird” songs. Fucking Gary! I also like that I get to hear a record that has not already had a million words written about it before it is even released.

 +4Posted on Aug 26th | re: Stream Yob Clearing The Path To Ascend (9 comments)

Oh man. This is wicked good. What another great year for metal!

I absolutely love your defense of R.D.J. Raptor Jesus!

 0Posted on Aug 25th | re: The 11 Most Awkward Moments From The 2014 VMAs (21 comments)

It is taking up a lot of my time. But season 9 is almost over so it will become easier to avoid from here on out.

 +5Posted on Aug 25th | re: The 11 Most Awkward Moments From The 2014 VMAs (21 comments)

Really glad there is a Simpsons marathon on right now.

 +1Posted on Aug 22nd | re: Bakesale Turns 20 (12 comments)

Bubble & Scrape is my favorite too but I agree that Bakesale is more coherent and an easier listen. So many great songs here. I still find it impossible to see how this got ranked below Harmacy but great write up.

 +3Posted on Aug 22nd | re: Bakesale Turns 20 (12 comments)

Yeah. ’94 really did have it going on. The list of classics from that year is impressive.