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 0Posted on Aug 29th | re: Fox Is Making A Sitcom About Rivers Cuomo's Life (13 comments)

I hope his Asian fetish is a reoccurring plot point.

 0Posted on Aug 29th | re: Riff Raff To Sam Smith: "Your Face Is Super Huge" (43 comments)

Isn’t Katy dating Diplo now? Riff Raff and Katy going to the VMA’s was just a way for Diplo to promote the only artist on Mad Decent that has an album to promote? (also the only artist on the label that he spent a lot of money for).

 +4Posted on Aug 27th | re: Third Album From Mysterious Singer Lewis Discovered (8 comments)

Let me guess: 4th Album discovered/unearthed by the end of 2014?

 +1Posted on Aug 22nd | re: Grace Turns 20 (51 comments)

2003. Going through a break up. found Grace and fell in love with it. bought Live at Sin-e and loved him even more. tripped on mushrooms and someone told me he already died years ago. I lost it and sobbed the whole night. I couldn’t believe it.

 0Posted on Aug 21st | re: Gucci Mane Gets More Prison Time (4 comments)

Good picture choice

NOBODY disses Our Lady Peace!

thank you for this! Great Read!!!

Why did you use a pic of Rooney Mara tho?

Oh wait so she DID get tweaked up and record Visions…

During this next albums press tour, I think she should just make it a point to say that she was “in a bad place- not in her right head” when recording Visions. over and over so it will be regurgitated on wiki eventually.

 -1Posted on Aug 18th | re: Kanye West Working On Album With Paul McCartney? (14 comments)

haha I’m ready for Jay to beat him to it and do a Jay Z and McCartney collab