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"Y'all, phife is really sick maybe we should wait to put this out so we can grip the hype once he passes cuz no one is checking for y'all right now. and the good thing is the profits will be bigger for each of you with one member gone!" -LA Reid 2015
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August 22, 2016 on L.A. Reid Says A Tribe Called Quest Recorded One More Album Before Phife Dawg’s Death
Wow that sucks. I DL'd those albums on Valentines Day too and felt very touched by the generosity. Gonna pre-order the new one now.
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August 10, 2016 on De La Soul Talk Frustration Over Catalog’s Digital Unavailability
They completely dropped the ball by not having this in Suicide Squad!!!
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August 9, 2016 on Uh… Soundgarden Just Released An EDM Remix Of “Spoonman”
wait didnt this happen like a year ago too?
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June 24, 2016 on Chicago Police Looking For Possibly Suicidal Sinéad O’Connor
wow. really thought it was coming sooner than "the fall"
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June 13, 2016 on Apple Unveils Apple Music Redesign
warp give us a date youre killin me!!
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June 8, 2016 on Aphex Twin’s Cheetah EP Appears Imminent
lol some of those in the pic are really good lol
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June 6, 2016 on Axl Rose Wants Google To Remove Fat Axl Meme
Wow. Just randomly put D2 on my ipod a week ago after not hearing it for at least 3 years. Holy shit i almost shed a tear at how cool and charismatic and fun Wayne used to be. He actually SOUNDED good! Great write up for such a legendary tape.
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May 23, 2016 on Dedication 2 Turns 10
Anyone have any info on the rumor that "GOD" is Richard D James/Aphex Twin ?
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May 19, 2016 on Download Die Antwoord’s Suck On This Mixtape
This is awesome. I wish more bands would RANDOMLY play full albums live. It seems so much less weird when its random, instead of a whole tour devoted to the album.
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May 11, 2016 on Pearl Jam Surprise Fans With Full Album Performance For The Third Time This Year
"The main albums are being made available in their original form as a start, before non-LP material is reconfigured." LOL What?
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April 5, 2016 on Radiohead’s Catalog Changes Labels, B-Sides Removed From Streaming Services
So glad someone did this. Its been a long time since NYC had a real Jewish Deli.
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April 4, 2016 on El-P, Despot, & Holy Ghost!’s Alex Frankel Open Jewish Deli In Brooklyn
finally a little more clarity. Sounds like they just want to charge u to listen to the big names. Rather than what people actually use the service for. so maybe this is okay? (i hope?)
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March 29, 2016 on SoundCloud Launches Subscription Service
When this came out I was 13 and I had a love for "Purple" (one of the only cassettes I owned-traded Use Your Illusion 1 for it). But his voice sounded different, i didnt like the video for Big Bang Baby and the cover looked dumb AND my cousin had just dubbed a mixtape of this band TOOL for me. It wasn't until I was 23 that I finally came around to this album and oh man it's soooo good! Im kind of glad that I left it alone because it was basically like a brand new STP album to me in 2005/6. Love it more than the others now
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March 25, 2016 on Tiny Music… Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop Turns 20
whoa hang on. Im Up was "very good"?
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March 24, 2016 on Young Thug – “Digits”
lol yes i came here to post that both of these stores were notorious for overcharging in that way
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March 24, 2016 on Jack Antonoff Is Writing A Book About ’90s CD Culture
Seems like it was CBSNews who made the request tho. but its reasonable to believe that the ppl requesting this info were in the perfect era to have been Nirvana fans.
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March 18, 2016 on Seattle Police Release Photos Of Kurt Cobain’s Suicide Gun In Response To Public Records Request
Moz is waiting for the theatrical release before he cries foul and sues
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March 18, 2016 on Morrissey Biopic Has Its Lead
THANKS MORRISSEY Using my imagination since no pics of the letter!
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November 25, 2015 on Universal Denies Blocking Morrissey’s Paris Tribute
LOL they both have eachother's phone numbers and could easily text/call but we got this going on instead. haha
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November 10, 2015 on Young Thug Goes Off On Metro Boomin & Future On Twitter
"Ride or Die" is a 2015 phrase???
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October 16, 2015 on Joanna Newsom Says Spotify Is Evil, Garbage
That being said I will happily pirate this release.
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October 8, 2015 on Kurt Cobain Montage of Heck: The Home Recordings Tracklist Revealed
oh god we've long passed that point! Of course he wouldn't be okay with it. I don't think he would be a fan of "Montage..." either and I REALLY don't think he would like having his journals published for all to read lol. I already had a huge dumb fanboy crisis about the journals when they were published in 2003- i refused to read them.: then got them as a gift in 2009 and finaly gave in to reading them.
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October 8, 2015 on Kurt Cobain Montage of Heck: The Home Recordings Tracklist Revealed