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 +2Posted on Oct 15th | re: Rainer Maria Announce Reunion Show (2 comments)

<3 Rainer Maria! They might be my #1 emo band as well (Mineral is the main contender, I guess unless you throw Jawbreaker in the emo boat). Look Now Look Again is perfect as fuck!

 +1Posted on Sep 30th | re: Primordial - "Where Greater Men Have Fallen" (3 comments)

Primordial’s last record was sooooo dope – I’m psyched!

 +3Posted on Sep 23rd | re: Album Of The Week: Perfume Genius Too Bright (51 comments)

‘Too Bright’ is good as fuck and something I’ll probably be listening to for years, but woah, I listened to the new Leonard Cohen on a whim and it’s soooo much better than I would have expected (not sure why I’d doubt Leonard Cohen at this point?) Dude’s still got it.

 +1Posted on Jul 22nd | re: 30 Essential Songs From The Golden Era Of Emo (159 comments)

Oh word, I should have looked at that part more closely.

 +5Posted on Jul 22nd | re: 30 Essential Songs From The Golden Era Of Emo (159 comments)

I’ll just say it, if you’re going to include “Jude Law and a Semester Abroad” (which by all means you absolutely should), it’s kind of silly not to include “Cute Without the E” as well.

drummer729 – I didn’t have a chance to go on a Birthright trip to get the information you’re providing, sorry about that bro.

Here’s to hoping anti-Israel sentiment becomes more widespread in mainstream media.

 +3Posted on Jun 17th | re: The 50 Best Albums Of 2014 So Far (253 comments)

Excluding anything from this week for lack of exposure, overall top 10 so far:

1) Sun Kil Moon – Benji
2) Sharon Van Etten – Are We There
3) Nux Vomica – Nux Vomica
4) The Hotelier – Home, Like No Place Is There
5) EMA – The Future’s Void
6) Swans – To Be Kind
7) Isaiah Rashad – Clivia Demo
8) Real Estate – Atlas
9) La Dispute – Rooms of the House
10) Angel Olsen – Burn Your Fire for No Witness

 +4Posted on Apr 30th | re: The Black Market: The Month In Metal - April 2014 (40 comments)

The Nux Vomica is probably up there with Benji as one of my most two most listened to albums from this year. I can’t get enough of that ish.

 +3Posted on Apr 25th | re: The 5 Best Songs Of The Week (10 comments)

I think I kind of love the Hannah Diamond song and it sort of reminds of the (horribly un-)dope Farrah Abraham album that came out a couple years ago (My Teenage Dream Has Ended).