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Yeah, come on guys. Stop just making shit up.
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April 22, 2015 on Kanye West Performs At Time 100 Gala, Is Not Amused By Amy Schumer
Loving the cover art. Nice ink Jesus.
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April 21, 2015 on Weezer – “Everybody Needs Salvation”
Guys, this album's great! Listen to it! What are you doing not listening to it?!
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April 10, 2015 on Will Butler – “Something’s Coming” Video
Way to play it cool blochead
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April 9, 2015 on The Wrens’ New Album Is Done
This is great... I prefer their netflix categories to the real categories
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April 7, 2015 on Tanlines’ New Website Is A Funny Netflix Parody
I concur.
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April 2, 2015 on The National – “Sunshine On My Back”
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April 2, 2015 on The National – “Sunshine On My Back”
Corban must be squealing with delight at this moment
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March 31, 2015 on Justin Bieber Is Working With Kanye West And Rick Rubin On His New Album
Great write-up James. Do you know if he's put up the song lyrics anywhere? I can't find them on his bandcamp, hopefully he includes them in the cd copy.
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March 31, 2015 on Stream Fred Thomas All Are Saved (Stereogum Premiere)
"Jay has until 3/11 to convince them"...... wait a sec! ... 3/11 = 3 divided by 11 = 0.272... 0.27 rounds up to 0.3 (3) and 2+7+2=11....... GUYS 311!!!
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March 4, 2015 on Jay Z’s Attempt To Become A Music Streaming Magnate Hits A Snag
I <3 Harris Wittels
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February 28, 2015 on Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments
This dude and his sing/sex face are going places!
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February 27, 2015 on Watch Tobias Jesso Jr.’s TV Debut With The Roots On Fallon
Good one.
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February 26, 2015 on Watch Madonna Fall Off The Stage At The BRIT Awards
Rape jokes aren't funny.
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February 16, 2015 on Hear Conor Oberst Discuss Rape Accusation With Marc Maron On WTF
The theory I've seen on some forums is that this was supposed to be a mixtape but Drake decided to drop it on iTunes so it would count as the 4th album of his 4 album contract with Birdman, and he could be free to sign with someone else. Not sure if that's true, but it kinda makes sense considering the subject matter on some of these songs (Now and Forever) and the name of the project.
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February 13, 2015 on Drake Drops Surprise Mixtape If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late
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February 12, 2015 on Watch Drake’s Short Film Jungle
*blochead shows himself out, then immediately lets himself back in and comments six more times*
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January 29, 2015 on These Are Pandora’s 10 Most Liked Songs Of All Time