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 0Posted on Oct 18th | re: Sea Ghost - "Cave Song" Video (1 comments)

I like these dudes

I didn’t know the specific history of the term. Thanks for the informative comment! It really provides context for how people using the term now will appear to future generations.

 0Posted on Oct 9th | re: Pink Floyd - "Louder Than Words" (69 comments)

I didn’t have high hopes

Very well put shuffles! The way politically correct is seen as a bad thing by many people is confusing to me. I think it’s because people are used to being able to be openly racist/homophobic/misogynistic to some degree and now that people are calling them on they’re bullshit they have no option but (a) to admit their mistake, (b) embrace their ugly character trait, or (c) to claim the person is the “PC police”.

And this isn’t to say that people can’t be mistaken when they call out someone for being offensive but if you feel that you’ve been wrongly accused of being racist/homophobic/misogynistic/whatever then give some actual reasons why you don’t agree with your interlocutor’s claim. The PC deflection is just lame and meaningless.

 +8Posted on Oct 6th | re: Mark Kozelek, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down (120 comments)

Great article Michael

It’s actually a decent album guys, settle down

 +1Posted on Sep 29th | re: Download Rich Gang Tha Tour Part 1 Mixtape (2 comments)

Looking forward to hearing this, but that has to be one of the worst album covers ever

 0Posted on Sep 23rd | re: Kendrick Lamar - "i" (91 comments)

I hope you’re right about the last song thing. I think I could swallow this better as a cathartic closer after a bunch of deeper and darker songs

 +2Posted on Sep 23rd | re: Kendrick Lamar - "i" (91 comments)

After listening to this song like ten times today I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t think it’s good… I hope the rest of the album doesn’t sound like this.

 +4Posted on Sep 20th | re: Shut Up, Dude: This Week's Best And Worst Comments (28 comments)

Uhh you should… this means you get to go too cool parties (w/ girls) and play all the sports real well. (I used to be popular so trust me, I know)