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 -2Posted on Apr 15th | re: Stream Future Honest (11 comments)

‘Benz Friendz’ sounds a little too close to ‘Ben’s My Friend’ for my liking

 +22Posted on Apr 11th | re: Shut Up, Dude: This Week's Best And Worst Comments (14 comments)

It actually warmed my heart to see RubJon take the top worst spot. It just feels right.

 0Posted on Apr 11th | re: The 5 Best Songs Of The Week (13 comments)

Love the Batman analogy, I totally understand what you mean, and I would like to nominate RIff Raff as the Riddler for no reason other than he looks a little like Jim Carrey.

That was thoroughly entertaining

Watched Mistaken for Strangers the other night and it was great, I highly recommend it.

 +1Posted on Apr 8th | re: Outside Lands Lineup 2014 (5 comments)

This makes me more hopeful that Kanye’s album will come out in August or September.

 +3Posted on Apr 8th | re: Album Of The Week: EMA The Future's Void (22 comments)

I love this time of year. Lots of great summer albums coming out combined with the weather getting better is great to bring me out of the Canadian bummer that is winter. Really digging Mac DeMarco, Woods, and S. Carey’s albums right now.

 0Posted on Apr 4th | re: Good News For People Who Love Bad News Turns 10 (44 comments)

One Chance is one of my favourite Modest Mouse songs ever, I think it’s super underrated

Did anybody see that Frank Ocean PMA April Fool’s joke? It actually crushed me. This is great news though.