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Top 3 Rock and Roll interviewees:
1. Noel Gallagher
2. Ryan Adams
3. Billy Corgan

 +1Posted on Aug 28th | re: Will Someone Please Right Swipe Adam Duritz On Tinder? (29 comments)

I actually had that shirt on yesterday when I saw this article, no joke! I damn near threw my phone across the room – freaky deaky!

As the Moz Turns, sheesh!

 +2Posted on Jul 14th | re: Radiohead Will Record In September (62 comments)

Nailed it.

absolutely no sexual tension in that first clip, sheesh

“Sixty percent of the time it refreshes every time…”

I’m sure it was an honor to be considered for a role in such a major show… but, sheezus!

 +4Posted on Apr 18th | re: Throwing Copper Turns 20 (85 comments)

Used to dig this band during their peak, even kept following them for a few more albums. My tastes have changed considerably since then (high school). It’s funny, when i’m feeling nostalgic i still enjoy listening to some of my favorite albums from that period (such as REM’s Monster, hell even some Sublime or Everclear), but i just cannot get myself to revisit Live… and I think alot of that has to do with reading too much into the stories surrounding their breakup. Ed came off as a greedy jerk

 +1Posted on Mar 17th | re: Seven Swans Turns 10 (22 comments)

folkin’ A, what an album!

 +8Posted on Feb 26th | re: The 10 Best White Stripes Songs (82 comments)

Rag and Bone… anyone? That song rips, and to me it’s the quintessential Stripes song, has all the elements you want/need.