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 +12Posted on Dec 18th, 2014 | re: Watch The Daily Show Defend Jay Z's Honor After Fox News Smear (20 comments)

If you consider John Stewart far left, you’ve not experienced a significant swath of ideologies on the political spectrum.

 +2Posted on Nov 29th, 2014 | re: Watch Busta Rhymes' Bloody, Ill-Advised Stage Dive (6 comments)

Looks more like after half a bottle of Henny he lost his footing.

Well now I look stupid, thanks a lot Scott.

I’m going to cosign this spam b/c I’d rather not think about this movie.

 0Posted on Nov 11th, 2014 | re: Major Lazer - "Vegan Vampire" (Feat. Ezra Koenig) (12 comments)

And this is where you outed yourself as some FXX PR Flack.

 0Posted on Nov 4th, 2014 | re: Wu-Tang Clan - "Ruckus In B Minor" (5 comments)

Did Meth unironically tell people to pull their pants up? If so, that’s some Charles Barkley level bullshit.

 0Posted on Oct 28th, 2014 | re: Nicki Minaj - "Only" (Feat. Lil Wayne, Drake, & Chris Brown) (2 comments)

Forreal only Pills, Anaconda, and this are on the album? I just stopped caring about The Pinkprint.

 0Posted on Oct 14th, 2014 | re: Stream DJ Quik The Midnight Life (1 comments)

Best opening skit/track combo in recent memory. That banjo bangs too.

 0Posted on Oct 9th, 2014 | re: Download Gunplay Gunplay Mixtape (2 comments)

This is great news. 601 and Snort still gets heavy play in my house.