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B/c there's a dearth of white people covered on stereogum? Did you get lost on your way to Stormfront?
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April 6, 2015 on Rihanna – “American Oxygen”
This is hilarious.
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March 31, 2015 on Janelle Monáe & Jidenna – “Yoga”
Cue the "audience paid for a perfomance" brigade...
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March 30, 2015 on Watch Danny Brown Walk Off Stage After Being Hit By A Glass Of Water
Flocka just tolerated all the haters he can stand.
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March 9, 2015 on Waka Flocka Cancels College Show After Frat’s Racist Video Goes Viral
With this plus his cousin-fucking 'grams, Kevin Gates either has the most deadpan sense of humor I have ever seen or is into some truly weird shit.
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February 11, 2015 on The Week In Rap: Your Old Droog And The Corniness Question
If you consider John Stewart far left, you've not experienced a significant swath of ideologies on the political spectrum.
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December 18, 2014 on Watch The Daily Show Defend Jay Z’s Honor After Fox News Smear
Looks more like after half a bottle of Henny he lost his footing.
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November 29, 2014 on Watch Busta Rhymes’ Bloody, Ill-Advised Stage Dive
I'm going to cosign this spam b/c I'd rather not think about this movie.
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November 12, 2014 on Watch The Treacly Trailer For Anne Hathaway’s Brooklyn Folk Scene Drama Song One, Featuring New Music By Jenny Lewis
And this is where you outed yourself as some FXX PR Flack.
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November 11, 2014 on Major Lazer – “Vegan Vampire” (Feat. Ezra Koenig)
Did Meth unironically tell people to pull their pants up? If so, that's some Charles Barkley level bullshit.
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November 4, 2014 on Wu-Tang Clan – “Ruckus In B Minor”
Forreal only Pills, Anaconda, and this are on the album? I just stopped caring about The Pinkprint.
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October 28, 2014 on Nicki Minaj – “Only” (Feat. Lil Wayne, Drake, & Chris Brown)
Best opening skit/track combo in recent memory. That banjo bangs too.
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October 14, 2014 on Stream DJ Quik The Midnight Life
This is great news. 601 and Snort still gets heavy play in my house.
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October 9, 2014 on Download Gunplay Gunplay Mixtape
Goddamn kids in my school been grinding on each other since like 1989. 2 Live Crew Represent!
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September 5, 2014 on Principal Cancels Homecoming Dance Because Kids Dance Like Miley Cyrus Now
Strippers also called dancers, tho.
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September 5, 2014 on Principal Cancels Homecoming Dance Because Kids Dance Like Miley Cyrus Now
To download: Go to your Albums, right click on it, select download. Its really buried in the interface and seems you can't do it from inside the selected album.
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August 11, 2014 on Stream DJ Mustard 10 Summers
It was totally and irrevocably eponymous tho.
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July 29, 2014 on Run The Jewels – “Blockbuster Night Part 1″ (Snippet)