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No offense, I love this site, but that’s Iggy Pop. Let’s check the tone.

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January 8, 2010 on Iggy Pop Lends What’s Left Of His Likeness To An Insurance Commercial

Wait- what is this in reference to? What has Brooklyn been saying to him, specifically?

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July 10, 2009 on Jay Reatard Vs Brooklyn

I really love this guy and a shit ton of the records he’s been a part of, but good things don’t always last.

Whatever- how many of his peers have started sucking in many more terrible, adventurous and frightening ways? Billy Corgan wrestling ad anyone?

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July 6, 2009 on Foo Fighters Debut “Wheels” At The White House

Saw them at MHOW last night, and not only did they all keep these same outfits on later that day, the melted my face straight off.

Screaming Females were great too.

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June 26, 2009 on Dinosaur Jr. Offer Fallon “Pieces”

I did a review of “Rather Ripped” recently that was sort of about stuff like this- they’re trying to appeal to a broader audience, I think. I really don’t blame them for it, ultimately. That said- this video’s kind of weak, and clunky to look at. Kind of fun though. Point, Dinosaur Jr though.


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June 16, 2009 on New Sonic Youth Video – “Sacred Trickster”

I guess i missed where this was a contest to know the most chords and have the most dynamic musicians possible. i think the line for segovia tickets forms that-a-way.

I think it’s weird that a group of seasoned music fans can’t take the reality that a) the most talented and b) the best/ most dedicated acts don’t make it to whatever plateau is so abhorrent for wavves to have reached. “deserve” is a funny word. you’re inventing reasons why he doesn’t just because you don’t enjoy the music- which, of course, is fine. it’s when I’m told it’s “pitchfork’s fault” and “its not right” because there are “better musicians that deserve it.” huh? tough shit. that’s sort of how it works.

i love when people say “oh man, have you even heard it?” YES! it’s obvious, braindead, catchy stoner/ surf punk songs. and? what’s the big problem here when it’s all boiled down?

i’m sure there’s a band out there catching heat that i feel the same way towards. you just shake your head. “what are people seeing here?” but luckily i’m a big boy and i can sort of see that it isn’t really anyone’s “fault” and that’s sort of just how it goes.

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June 1, 2009 on Wavves’ Meltdown In Spain (And Apology)

“pitchfork promotes something to appear trendy and informed…”

here’s your first problem. there’s no reason to think they don’t simply promote something because they genuinely like it- especially if, as you claim, everything they then profess to “like” is therefore ‘trendy and informed.’

Blaming any leg of the hype machine is lazy. like what moves your ass and let it be that. i mean, have any of you ever actually met someone that pretended to like something just to appear cool? i mean, don’t get me wrong- i’ve met fucking douchebags. they’re everywhere. if the argument eventually becomes- “well, only douchebags listen to wavves, then, ok? happy?” my response would be no, i liked it and i’m really not a douchebag at all.

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May 31, 2009 on Wavves’ Meltdown In Spain (And Apology)

i sincerely dont get the hate for this kid. is it just refracted pitchfork loathing (which, by the way, is just as off base, considering they do a great job of getting a lot of great bands legs under them)? i mean, its some like 22 year old kid who made a fun, goofy lo-fi record that people are enjoying on some level? why on earth would that get people so upset? im not sure i understand it completely.

i mean, i dont love the record- but c’mon, it is fun. if you ever sat in your room goofing off with your guitar and getting stoned- its just a fun record to listen to. why does it have to be life and death?

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May 31, 2009 on Wavves’ Meltdown In Spain (And Apology)

wouldnt it be “NINJA” and not “NINIJA” or am I missing something obvious?

Looks like a pattern emerging here in the wife department too

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May 19, 2009 on NIN|JA (Nine Inch Nails & Jane’s Addiction) @ The Pearl, Las Vegas 5/18/09

man, do you think in that taping, that strokes thing where he played guitar and she sang- do you think that as that’s happening he’s actually thinking “this is going to be one of those parts of my career im always going to be fucking embarrassed about”?

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May 8, 2009 on Courtney Love Does Not Approve Of Ryan Adams/Mandy Moore Union