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Right now, our busiest comments section is a heated debate over whether a white lady is racist for dancing with black men in her music video and then being defensive about it. That is how indie rock, and every other form of media, works in 2014. You get used to it, I guess. Here’s what might be getting lost in that conversation: Sky Ferreira made a very fun and ridiculous video for a great song. That video is below, as are four other good ones.

When Prince was one of the world’s biggest and greatest stars, he released all his music on Warner Bros. But in the early ’90s, Prince and the label fell out. For a while there, Prince was posing in photo shoots with the world “slave” written on his cheek, and as soon as he could, he left to start his own label. But now, Prince and Warner have a new deal that somehow works for both parties. Prince now owns all the masters for the songs he recorded back in the day, and he’s planning a deluxe, remastered 30th-anniversary reissue of Purple Rain. He’s also got a new album on the way, as well as “other planned projects.”

Outside Love, the last album from Black Mountain frontman Stephen McBean’s Pink Mountaintops side project, was one of 2009′s best and most underrated rock albums, an endlessly warm and welcoming set of stoned, fuzzy campfire singalongs. Since that one dropped, McBean has relocated to Los Angeles, and that move might explain why the new Pink Mountaintops album Get Back is so different. The new one is heedless, flopsweat-drenched, cocaine-hangover California party-rock, with some truly appalling rap verses in there. It’s a weird album. We’ve heard the early tracks “North Hollywood Microwaves,” “Ambulance City,” and “The Second Summer Of Love,” and now the whole thing is streaming at Pitchfork.

Get Back is out 4/29 on Jagjaguwar.


We’re deleting that comment. I wasn’t joking or anything. It was more like “fuck, this poor kid, I can’t pay attention to this song.” If it came across as sarcasm or anything like that, I’m sorry.

 +6Posted on Mar 27th | re: EMA - "3Jane" (9 comments)

Dude there’s a song on the album called “Chthulu.” She is not messing around.

 +8Posted on Mar 25th | re: Album Of The Week: Future Islands Singles (54 comments)

In the great art-pop vs. art-rock battle, I will always side with art-pop. Also don’t get me started on art-rap.

 +3Posted on Mar 19th | re: Wu-Tang Clan - "Keep Watch" (11 comments)

If someone wants to write an argument for why this is a classic Wu-banger, I will listen. I wrote like 2000 words articulating my position on that YG album. As it stands, I like every song on 8 Diagrams better than this. (8 Diagrams is deeply, deeply underrated.)

 +2Posted on Mar 18th | re: Neneh Cherry (Feat. Robyn) - "Out Of The Black" Video (7 comments)

From hearing “Bufflao Stance” in 1989?

 +1Posted on Mar 13th | re: Future Islands Owned Last Night At SXSW (12 comments)

Weird, maybe my show memories are just wrong. But now they’re playing bigger stages, and he has more room to move around.

 +1Posted on Mar 12th | re: Album Of The Week: Le1f Hey (15 comments)

Figured I’d wait for the American release, but you’re probably right.

 0Posted on Mar 12th | re: Premature Evaluation: The War On Drugs Lost In The Dream (69 comments)

Close! Charlottesville.

 -7Posted on Mar 4th | re: Watch Wild Beasts Cover Miley Cyrus's "Wrecking Ball" (10 comments)

It would be less annoying if Wild Beasts had ever written a song anywhere near as good as “Wrecking Ball.”

 +5Posted on Feb 28th | re: Mellow Gold Turns 20 (53 comments)

This is an awesome idea, but there are a lot of blurry edges there. Like is the Beta Band’s “Dry the Rain” a post-Beck single? Or “Novocaine For The Soul”?