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Last week in this space, I wondered where the hell all the Halloween-themed videos were. They all finally showed up this week — including a few today, which puts them out of contention for this week’s list. But some of the best videos of the week weren’t dark or spooky at all. They were technicolor joy explosions. “Techinicolor joy-explosion,” it turns out, is probably still the most dependable music-video context. This week’s picks are below.

Last year, DJ Paul, the former leader of the massively important Memphis rap collective Three 6 Mafia, reunited most of that group’s original lineup (everyone but co-leader Juicy J jumped on board) to form a new group called Da Mafia 6ix. 6ix Commandments, the mixtape they released last year, was a rowdy and chaotic and great tribute to the group’s anarchic early sound. And even though the death of group member Lord Infamous last year could’ve ended the project, Da Mafia 6ix is now back with a new mixtape called Hear Sum Evil. Past Three 6 collaborators like MJG, La Chat, Lil Wyte, Paul Wall, and Fiend make appearances. Check out the new tape below.

Arca previously linked up with the director Jesse Kanda for the ominous, staggering video for “Thievery,” a track from Arca’s forthcoming album Xen. And now Kanda has directed another video for a Xen track. The new clip for the lurching, staggering instrumental “Now You Know” starts out as a drone’s-eye-view of a nighttime cityscape, as fireworks explode all around it. Those fireworks, and everything else, are presumably CGI, since they flash right along with moments in the song, and since the laws of physics go out the window quickly. It’s a dense kaleidoscope of a video, and you can watch it below.


 +18Posted on Oct 27th | re: Premature Evaluation: Taylor Swift 1989 (163 comments)

Start one.

And please stop with the “we don’t take this stuff seriously and we write about it for money” argument. It’s stupid.

 +6Posted on Oct 27th | re: Premature Evaluation: Taylor Swift 1989 (163 comments)

Too bad I couldn’t work in the bit about how I tear up every time the “marry me Juliet” bit kicks in on “Love Story.” Taylor Swift songs stay affecting me.

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Taylor has a bad habit of releasing albums the same day as immediate rap classics. Red came out same day as Good Kid, m.A.A.d. City.

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I somehow always do this. Fixed, thank you.

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I don’t think people ever remember the whole tax thing when they’re doing Kickstarter project. You have to cough up a fuckton of that money.

Romanitical Rancid is so underrated:

I worked for the Village Voice when I got married, so I can’t say. There were a bunch of writers at my wedding, though.

He was on Twitter before just about anyone, giving away albums for free before just about anyone, did the whole Year: Zero viral marketing thing, maintained a lively connection with online fans before it was cool. Nobody prominent from his generation was on it the way he was.

 +6Posted on Oct 8th | re: Crystal Castles Break Up (50 comments)

Wow, yup, good catch. Thanks.

Breathe easy. Ben Allen isn’t remotely a hip-hop producer. He did, like, the Gnarls Barkley album, which is probably what they’re talking about. He used to mix and engineer rap records, like back in the ’90s. But his recent resume is way more indie rock: Washed Out’s Within and Without, Deerhunter’s Halcyon Digest, a couple Bombay Bicycle Club albums. It’s not like they ran out and got DJ Mustard.