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Chairlift leader Caroline Polachek has taken on the side-project alter-ego Ramona Lisa, and she recorded all of her new album Arcadia by herself, on her laptop. She’s already made a video for the album’s title track, and now she’s followed that one with a new self-directed video for “Dominic,” another hazy track from the album. In this one, Polachek pilots a rowboat through some picturesque marshlands in Florida’s Everglades National Park, and she seems way calmer about all the alligators surrounding her than I would be. Also, she’s got a new haircut, and I really like it. Check out the video below.

The always-sharp Brit-rock lifer (and former Jam and Style Council frontman) Paul Weller released a new single called “Brand New Toy” on Record Store Day. It’s a clean, bouncy power-pop number, and in its new Joe Connor-directed video, Weller and his backing band casually knock the song out while the camera makes it look like they’re part of a huge kaleidoscope. Enjoy it while you can because Weller is done with this Record Store Day business. In a post on his website, Weller brings up the common complaints that everyday fans, including some who’d lined up for hours, couldn’t get the single because predatory types had bought up all the copies and were selling them on eBay before RSD even started. Well claims he won’t be participating in Record Store Day again. Check out the video and the note from Weller below.

Every year, the people behind the Tribeca Film Festival also hold the Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards, a ceremony designed to honor “those whose ideas have broken the mold to create significant impact.” This year, one of the honorees is the Roland TR-808 Drum Machine, an iconic beat-programming gadget that did a ton to help develop the sound of rap music, among other genres. Kanye West and Rick Rubin, two men who have made a ton of noise with the 808, are accepting the award for the machine at tomorrow night’s ceremony, but they won’t be there in person. Instead, they teamed up with the great music video director Mark Romanek to make an exceedingly strange chopped-up minute-and-a-half “acceptance speech” that attempts to honor the brutal low-tech sampling capabilities of the 808 by mimicking them. Check it out below.


 +5Posted on Apr 22nd | re: The Rise And Fall Of The Britpop Dance Night (15 comments)

Because fuck white people.

We’re deleting that comment. I wasn’t joking or anything. It was more like “fuck, this poor kid, I can’t pay attention to this song.” If it came across as sarcasm or anything like that, I’m sorry.

 +6Posted on Mar 27th | re: EMA - "3Jane" (9 comments)

Dude there’s a song on the album called “Chthulu.” She is not messing around.

 +8Posted on Mar 25th | re: Album Of The Week: Future Islands Singles (54 comments)

In the great art-pop vs. art-rock battle, I will always side with art-pop. Also don’t get me started on art-rap.

 +3Posted on Mar 19th | re: Wu-Tang Clan - "Keep Watch" (11 comments)

If someone wants to write an argument for why this is a classic Wu-banger, I will listen. I wrote like 2000 words articulating my position on that YG album. As it stands, I like every song on 8 Diagrams better than this. (8 Diagrams is deeply, deeply underrated.)

 +2Posted on Mar 18th | re: Neneh Cherry (Feat. Robyn) - "Out Of The Black" Video (7 comments)

From hearing “Bufflao Stance” in 1989?

 +1Posted on Mar 13th | re: Future Islands Owned Last Night At SXSW (12 comments)

Weird, maybe my show memories are just wrong. But now they’re playing bigger stages, and he has more room to move around.

 +1Posted on Mar 12th | re: Album Of The Week: Le1f Hey (15 comments)

Figured I’d wait for the American release, but you’re probably right.

 0Posted on Mar 12th | re: Premature Evaluation: The War On Drugs Lost In The Dream (69 comments)

Close! Charlottesville.

 -7Posted on Mar 4th | re: Watch Wild Beasts Cover Miley Cyrus's "Wrecking Ball" (10 comments)

It would be less annoying if Wild Beasts had ever written a song anywhere near as good as “Wrecking Ball.”