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The British producer the Bug released his all-over-the-place album Angels & Devils a little while ago, and after dropping his epic dystopian “Function / Void” video, he’s made a very different clip for “Mi Lost,” a collaboration with the Israeli dancehall artist Miss Red. This is a small, low-budget video, one that focuses entirely on Miss Red and on smeary in-camera effects. Directors Aviya Wyse and Daniel Tsukahira filmed the clip in Miss Red’s Haifa City hometown. Watch it below.

Over the summer, the Scottish duo Honeyblood released a wonderfully incisive and hooky self-titled ’90s-style fuzz-rock debut album. It’s one of those albums that gets better every time I hear it. (The single “Super Rat” is a great place to start.) They’ve just made a video for “Choker,” a pointed song about falling in love with someone you can’t trust. The Tardo/Williams-directed video turns them into noir heroines, which is a good look for them. Check it out below.

Last month, Atlanta weirdo buddies Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug teamed up for Rich Gang: Tha Tour Part 1, the best mixtape anyone has made in 2014. Their collaboration has not ended with that. DJ Fresh has debuted a stray, vaguely Halloween-themed Rich Homie/Thug collaboration called “Young Thug,” in which these young men reference Street Fighter and John Elway and Paul McCartney while threatening to cut debtors into pieces. Listen below.


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I don’t think people ever remember the whole tax thing when they’re doing Kickstarter project. You have to cough up a fuckton of that money.

Romanitical Rancid is so underrated:

I worked for the Village Voice when I got married, so I can’t say. There were a bunch of writers at my wedding, though.

He was on Twitter before just about anyone, giving away albums for free before just about anyone, did the whole Year: Zero viral marketing thing, maintained a lively connection with online fans before it was cool. Nobody prominent from his generation was on it the way he was.

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Wow, yup, good catch. Thanks.

Breathe easy. Ben Allen isn’t remotely a hip-hop producer. He did, like, the Gnarls Barkley album, which is probably what they’re talking about. He used to mix and engineer rap records, like back in the ’90s. But his recent resume is way more indie rock: Washed Out’s Within and Without, Deerhunter’s Halcyon Digest, a couple Bombay Bicycle Club albums. It’s not like they ran out and got DJ Mustard.

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It appears that only I have a magical computer where Soundcloud has a “download all” button. Watch me go mad with power now. Also, nobody will ever love you, arsetothat.

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That has to be Thundercat on the bass, right?

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The drummer’s Daddy, it might be worth mentioning, is Max Weinberg. Also, Jay was really fun to watch onstage, and he totally acted like he was the frontman of the band. SO MUCH stick-twirling.

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Great answer. I was thinking possibly Scarface too, but he’s been pretty inactive for the past few years.