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Stream Mourn Ha, Ha, He.

Last year, the self-titled debut from the young Barcelona punk band Mourn impressed us enough to end up in the Album Of The Week column.
Tom Breihan | 3:17 pm

Maria Usbeck – “Moai Y Yo” Video

Last week, former Selebrities frontwoman Maria Usbeck released Amparo, an album of lovely, shimmering mutant pop songs sung in Usbeck's native Spanish. Today, she unveils…
Tom Breihan | 2:34 pm

Stream Psychic Ills Inner Journey Out

Later this week, the long-running New York psychedelic rock group Psychic Ills will release their fifth studio album, which has the extremely lava lamp-friendly title…
Tom Breihan | 1:57 pm

Jack White – “The Maya And Marty Theme Song”

Tonight, the variety television show, a total lost art, returns to TV when Maya Rudolph and Martin Short's new show Maya And Marty debuts on…
Tom Breihan | 11:37 am

Prophets Of Rage Revealed: Members Of Rage Against The Machine, Public Enemy, & Cypress Hill Play LA Tonight

A few weeks ago, Rage Against The Machine started teasing something mysterious with a countdown clock on their website. At first, we thought this might…
Tom Breihan | 11:16 am

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I went to college there, and I can say with some authority that no, it isn't, come on.
+16 |
May 18, 2016 on Post Malone’s Codeine Dirtbag Blues
Pavement were godawful terrible at Lolla 95. (I saw the set where they got pelted with mud.)
+9 |
May 16, 2016 on Let’s All Remember The Late-’90s Swing Revival
He used his DatPiff account to post it.
+16 |
May 13, 2016 on Premature Evaluation: Chance The Rapper Coloring Book
The Ferg album is good! I planned to write about it! But Ferg's label sent me a stream that expired after one listen. I had to keep re-requesting it. I can't really write about an album like that. But I'll have things to say about it once I get reliable access.
+21 |
April 19, 2016 on Album Of The Week: Wire Nocturnal Koreans
Can't believe I didn't recognize it at first, but that's the beat from Super Cat's "Dolly My Baby."
+3 |
April 12, 2016 on Action Bronson – “Mr. 2 Face” (Feat. Meyhem Lauren & Jah Tiger)
Yeah, that's my bad, wrote that too fast. Fixed.
+9 |
April 6, 2016 on R.I.P. Merle Haggard
I've tried again and again and again. They have, I want to say, 4 songs that I think are pretty good. I can list them if you want.
+3 |
April 5, 2016 on Album Of The Week: Parquet Courts Human Performance
"One Dance" > "Pop Style." So maybe, in this one instance, music > rap.
+35 |
April 5, 2016 on Drake – “Pop Style” (Feat. Kanye West & Jay Z) + “One Dance” (Feat. Wizkid & Kyla)
I don't miss working at Pitchfork. I just have a very high self-opinion, is all.
+33 |
April 5, 2016 on Album Of The Week: Parquet Courts Human Performance