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Radiohead main man Thom Yorke apparently really enjoys showing up at random gatherings and playing music for whoever’s there, even if it’s just eight people in a field in Cornwall. Way back in 2009, he showed up at the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles and spun records. On Tuesday night, he was back there again, doing an unannounced DJ set at the weekly Nightswim party at the Tropicana pool. This time, quick-thinking partygoers got a few video clips of Yorke at the CD turntables; check them out below.

The New York trio Lemonade made their name by crafting hazy synthpop jams, and three albums into their career, they’re sticking with the sound that brought them to the dance. The band’s new LP Minus Tide arrives in a couple of weeks, and they’ve already let the world hear their songs “Stepping,” “Orchid Bloom,” and “Come Down Softly.” Today, they’ve shared two more, “Minus Tide” and “OST,” and both of them are shimmering, rippling sighs, though “OST” has more of a thumping rhythm track than anything we’ve heard from these guys lately. Listen to both songs below.

Jack U is the EDM wonder-twins super-team of Diplo and Skrillex. Though they’ve been recording together lately, their music only seems to exist in the form of tracks that Diplo plays during festival DJ sets. One of those tracks is “Take U There,” a collaboration with Kiesza, the singer behind the monster house-pop anthem “Takeaway.” Diplo played it during a recent Mad Decent Block Party, and a live recording has since made its way to the internet. This probably isn’t the ideal way to hear the song, but it’s fast and catchy and insistent, and it will probably feel like the end of the world to anyone who didn’t like Grimes’ “Go.” You should probably familiarize yourself now, since there’s a decent chance this song will be inescapable in a few months. Check out the live recording below.


 +62Posted on Aug 29th | re: Riff Raff To Sam Smith: "Your Face Is Super Huge" (44 comments)

You have to adjust for distance. Sam Smith is sitting one mile away from the camera.

 +1Posted on Aug 22nd | re: Dummy Turns 20 (43 comments)

They were great! Early on, anyway! But the idea of grouping them into a hot-new-scene with Portishead was a fundamental misunderstanding of everything all 3 of them were doing, as was the idea that they represented the music of the future.

Yes. This is not up for debate. Nobody has ever cried to Aesop.

 0Posted on Jul 31st | re: Tom Petty's Lackluster New Album Will Be His First #1 (16 comments)

Man I’m just fucking with you. Lese Majesty is a fine piece of arty rap splurge, but I don’t love it the way so many of y’all do. And I can’t get my mind around the idea that it’s better than a sparkling, insightful, gorgeously recorded Jenny Lewis album.

 +3Posted on Jul 28th | re: Premature Evaluation: Spoon They Want My Soul (100 comments)

Thanks guys. Fixed.

 +1Posted on Jul 24th | re: Chance The Rapper Teases New Music In Video (3 comments)

You are exactly right. My brain is breaking.

 +14Posted on Jul 18th | re: Portrait Of An American Family Turns 20 (32 comments)

Oh shit, I missed the Punk in Drublic anniversary?!?

 +4Posted on Jul 7th | re: Death From Above 1979 - "Trainwreck 1979" (30 comments)

Yes and yes, thanks.

Yes and yes, and also shout out to Jessica Szor from Gossip Girl.

This is true. Fixed.