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RTJ2, the second album from the Killer Mike/El-P rap juggernaut Run The Jewels, was not supposed to come out until Monday. But El suddenly dropped the free-download album, a legitimate contender for Album Of The Year, two hours ago, in the middle of the fucking effing night. (Maybe he wanted to make sure you’d get to hear it before ebola overtakes New York?) The album pushes what these two were doing on their amazing self-titled debut even further, and it will absolutely hurt your brain from the opening seconds on. It is just a beast of a thing. We’ve posted the early songs “Blockbuster Night Part 1,” “Oh My Darling Don’t Cry,” and the Zack De La Rocha collab “Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck).” And right now, you can, and absolutely should, download the whole thing right here.

Just call in sick to work tomorrow and just let this thing rip your whole shit up completely. You deserve it. Let’s talk about this thing in the comments section.

For his new single “Bugatti,” the Montreal dance producer Tiga links up with the great Clipse rapper Pusha T. It’s perhaps a bit weird for someone to name a song “Bugatti” so soon after the great Future/Ace Hood/Rick Ross track, but fancy cars can inspire that level of dedication. The song is a clipped seven-minute house track about said car’s ability to impress girls. (We accidentally ran an earlier Pusha-free version, but he’s on this one, we promise.) Listen below.

Early in the year, we saw reports that U2 were teaming up with producer Danger Mouse for a full album, one that was expected in April. They teamed up for the 2013 soundtrack song “Ordinary Love” and the free-giveaway single “Invisible.” And then the album never came out. When U2 did pull off their surprise release of Songs Of Innocence a few months later, Danger Mouse was in the credits a lot, but he was far from the sole producer, and those two previously released songs weren’t on the album. And based on what the band and their collaborators told Rolling Stone in a new profile, the band may have scrapped an entire Danger Mouse-produced album, one that sure seems like it was far along the way to completion.


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I don’t think people ever remember the whole tax thing when they’re doing Kickstarter project. You have to cough up a fuckton of that money.

Romanitical Rancid is so underrated:

I worked for the Village Voice when I got married, so I can’t say. There were a bunch of writers at my wedding, though.

He was on Twitter before just about anyone, giving away albums for free before just about anyone, did the whole Year: Zero viral marketing thing, maintained a lively connection with online fans before it was cool. Nobody prominent from his generation was on it the way he was.

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Wow, yup, good catch. Thanks.

Breathe easy. Ben Allen isn’t remotely a hip-hop producer. He did, like, the Gnarls Barkley album, which is probably what they’re talking about. He used to mix and engineer rap records, like back in the ’90s. But his recent resume is way more indie rock: Washed Out’s Within and Without, Deerhunter’s Halcyon Digest, a couple Bombay Bicycle Club albums. It’s not like they ran out and got DJ Mustard.

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It appears that only I have a magical computer where Soundcloud has a “download all” button. Watch me go mad with power now. Also, nobody will ever love you, arsetothat.

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That has to be Thundercat on the bass, right?

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The drummer’s Daddy, it might be worth mentioning, is Max Weinberg. Also, Jay was really fun to watch onstage, and he totally acted like he was the frontman of the band. SO MUCH stick-twirling.

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Great answer. I was thinking possibly Scarface too, but he’s been pretty inactive for the past few years.