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 +7Posted on Jun 13th | re: Premature Evaluation: Lana Del Rey Ultraviolence (44 comments)

“and not just for the slut-shaming sexism”

lol stop

 +5Posted on May 31st | re: Justin Bieber - "Looking For You" (Feat. Migos) (43 comments)

I share some of Breihan’s taste in hip hop BUT I think he is too susceptible to what’s “buzzing” at the time, to the point where people he doesn’t care about/actively dislikes initially he starts giving props once they get more ubiquitous. I’m not saying music can never grow on you but I reject this approach because at some point it’s like you’re trying to hard to be “in touch” with the genre. it’s OK to dislike something even if it’s popular or comes from the same “scene” as other rappers you like (Atlanta in this case)

 -4Posted on May 31st | re: Justin Bieber - "Looking For You" (Feat. Migos) (43 comments)

It’d be cool if in a year or so critics admit they were trolling with the Migos praise. Future I get, Young Thug I get, these guys? C’mon dude, repetitive flow, obnoxious voices, terrible hooks. “Populist street rap” should have a limit, these guys aren’t any better than frothy Flo Rida type crap. It just seems like there’s a certain critical approach to rap that’s the mirror image of previous early/mid ’00s underground/backpacker orthodoxy that’s not very discerning.

awful & drony song them aside too

ooo zing

But I never said I don’t like pop. Am I required to like Mariah Carey or Beyoncé’s music if I do?

I post a lot on albums I’m particularly into atm. If a good and “important” new rap album comes out I’d post a bunch on that.

also no one should care about my opinions on anything, or any commenters’ really

I dunno about ridiculous but a cursory skim of this makes it clear it’s not very good. when poptimism goes wrong

But I mean I didn’t like the Beyoncé album either. Or any of the sad indie&B that’s supposed to be the alternative to this sorta thing. So I dunno

 -2Posted on May 29th | re: Spoon's "R.I.P." Coming 6/10 (84 comments)

R.I.P. just killed the fork

…look, I couldn’t think of anything good

 -1Posted on May 29th | re: Mixtape Of The Week: PeeWee Longway The Blue M&M (8 comments)

also 2 Chainz is a bad-flow craftsman, not sure about the joke part

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Breihan are there any rappers you dislike besides obvious targets (past their prime, backpacker types, white rappers who aren’t Mac Miller, guys who’ve blown up and are no longer “cool?”) just wondering cuz you don’t seem particularly discriminating. + hyping that Young Thug/Bloody Jay tape as Mixtape of the Year makes me wonder if you have functioning ears

I didn’t say it did. just a general comment on topics you could safely classify as liberal-interest ones. It’s sort of odd watching people who don’t substantively disagree on almost anything (not just talking this subject) nitpick each other.

not that I don’t get why someone’d have this issue, but it kinda reminds me of the handwringing over “Same Love” last year

social media is crazy with left-on-left violence man, the way certain people talk any liberal who makes a vague “misstep” is some kind of blackhearted reactionary