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I like this more than the new Future album, which is kinda depressing in a way.

I’ve never messed with Gucci’s flow (that marblemouthed deal you mentioned is not a positive for me, and there’s not a lot of dynamics in his verses IMO, everything just slurs out) but the beats are dope and Thug has his moments. Actually though Gucci might be more on his particular A-game here than Thug is, even if it’s not an A-game I really care about.

“OMG BRO” knocks & is funny as hell

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y’all motherfuckers always post shit like this whenever Breihan picks a rap album to highlight. Just give up already

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See, what you call “tourettic-bersker drum programming” on “Covered n Money” to my ears just sounds like a splattered mess, as opposed to their previous collab “Same Damn Time” which knocked and was straightforward. The bangers on this album really don’t work for me — neither does the album as a whole really, but a few lower-key tracks are really nice.

great description of “I Be U” man. There’s one harmonizing moment toward the end of that that’s absolutely gorgeous

Breihan you get too wrapped up in narratives. Is Thug THAT good on this? Compared to his last solo tape especially? I like the tape but let’s be honest

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The reason Revolver doesn’t jump out to you as BEST EVER is cuz every classic-era Beatles album is better real talk

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“everything?” I dunno about that

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‘Dre’s raps on this really ain’t shit, just bein’ honest

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his verse is pretty whatever tbqh. def. no “Walk It Out.” Or “Royal Flush.” Or Carter IV interlude even

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well he’s not wrong about dude’s influence

“I Be U” is gorgeous (that bit where the multitracked vocals join/get more robotic, damn…) but this is a big letdown IMO, and I dug Pluto

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main beefs: the “Muddy Banks” version of “Negative Creep” is a million times better than the sludge album version. and “Drain You” is way too high.