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And what about ignoring Art School Confidential? I bet they're his favorite movies!
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November 30, 2009 on The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: You Will Miss Me When I Burn
You guys, I think taquitos are called clues in England, you know like lifts=elevators etc. No?
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November 30, 2009 on This Sherlock Holmes Tie-In Campaign Is So Bad That It Is Good
No Lethal Weapon? Disappointed.
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August 12, 2009 on I Am Going To Need Your Badge And Your Gun
What about the Klansmen joke? Woof.
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August 12, 2009 on To Be Fair, I Am Not Motherhood’s Target Audience
Makes me want to do this. (I know, quality sucks but I couldn't find another one).
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August 11, 2009 on Party! Pizza Party! Video Pizza Party!
Is there anywhere you can watch this if you're not American?
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August 11, 2009 on Let’s Discuss This Creepiness
Oh man you guys missed out, I'm still so hungover and shit, must've fucked about 10 dead dogs while on meth woo woo!
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August 11, 2009 on The 10th Annual Gathering Of The Juggalos: Remembered
She makes a "documentary".
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August 10, 2009 on Some Predictions For Gossip Girl Season 3
Is it me oor does the CGI look terrible?
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August 10, 2009 on The Imaginarium Of Dr. Parnassus Looks Crazy Bananas
That laughter will haunt me forever in my dreams.
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August 7, 2009 on Some Important Relationship Advice For Jennifer Aniston, Actor
Life moves pretty fast.
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August 7, 2009 on Sincerely, John Hughes
What you wrote represents exactly how I feel about my summer Gabe. Thank you for this.
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August 6, 2009 on These Monkeys Having A Pool Party Are Making Us Look The Fool
That guy is a terrible driver. Way to show off that steering wheel!
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August 5, 2009 on Tiny iPhone Steering Wheel Is Tiny Reminder Of Why Nerds Are Lonely
Why are roosters always anthropomorphized as black people?
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August 5, 2009 on This Is Your Face
That was clearly in reply to Marianne. Downvote away...
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August 5, 2009 on Paula Abdul Leaves American Idol In Typically Poor Fashion
HAHAHA The Amish are so funny!!! LOLZ! ))<>((
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August 5, 2009 on Paula Abdul Leaves American Idol In Typically Poor Fashion
Haha I can only think of all the parents who bought this for their kids who were having a rough time in school, only to end up making them getting beat up even more.
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August 5, 2009 on Videogum’s Teen Korner: Learn How 2 Be Cool With Malcolm Jamal Warner