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 +6Posted on Nov 18th | re: Pusha T - "Lunch Money" (Prod. Kanye West) (20 comments)

DAAAAAAAAAAAAMN. King Push indeed.


What I mean to say is that this, coupled with his selling “i” to the NBA, makes me think that Kendrick’s label is holding the reins tightly and might be holding back his artistic potential as a result. It’s a shame.

That Flying Lotus couldn’t put this on his already great You’re Dead! for “political reasons” underscores exactly why I’m annoyed with Kendrick the phenomenon. He’s SUCH a commodity that he can’t put out one mor? Would the hype-train for this guy would dissolve if music became over-saturated with his verses? No, selling his song to

Killer verse tho.

 +38Posted on Nov 13th | re: Lorde Tells Diplo To Do Something About His Tiny Penis (28 comments)

Where’s the beef, Diplo?

 +7Posted on Nov 11th | re: TV On The Radio Seeds Comment Party (82 comments)

Gotta say that as someone who loves all of their other albums (including Nine Types of Light) this isn’t doing much for me. The singles are good, and the last song is an instant classic, but a lot of this feels uninspired to me. There’s also a conspicuous lack of low-end, but we all know why that is. Sort of like TVOTR’s take on synth pop, but without the ambition that made their early records so thrilling.

That said, I’d love to be convinced otherwise. Dear Science is easily one of the best indie rock albums of the last 10 years.

 +5Posted on Nov 6th | re: Azealia Banks Surprise-Releases Broke With Expensive Taste (43 comments)

Huh, so this is actually pretty good. Surprised it exists at all.

 +8Posted on Nov 4th | re: Album Of The Week: Les Sins Michael (27 comments)

This week is all about Arca’s Xen for me. Took a few listens, but his all-over-the-place aesthetic is exciting and operates under its own logic that reveals itself the more familiar you become. And to me it resembles what I imagine the soundtrack to Half Life 3 would sound like (assuming that game was EVER coming out, ugh).

 +4Posted on Oct 28th | re: Album Of The Week: Run The Jewels RTJ2 (116 comments)

Was exited about this write-up and it didn’t disappoint. Great work Tom, thanks.

This album is bananas. Best verse for me is Mike’s second on “Jeopardy,” but there’s obviously stiff competition there.

 +18Posted on Oct 24th | re: Download Run The Jewels RTJ2 (53 comments)

Is it too soon to call this AOTY? Probably. But come on people, this is album is the real deal.

Production-wise RTJ2 is on fire; there’s more of a cohesiveness than the debut, and the beats are darker/grittier. In terms of mood, whereas their first one was a gleeful fuck-boy assault, this new album seems to recognize the grimness of constantly keeping the fuck-boys in check but shoulders it with aplomb anyway. Rhyme-wise it also tops the debut. Listening to this you get the impression that hanging around El-P motivated Mike to write denser rhymes, and he does so in a great way here, El-P is great too, obviously – you’re always going to get some dense, thought-out rhymes with him.

Christmas came early today and it’s a fucking miracle.

 +1Posted on Oct 22nd | re: Album Of The Week: Jessie Ware Tough Love (42 comments)

What do you think of it, RJ?