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 +13Posted on Oct 10th | re: Aphex Twin Albums From Worst To Best (33 comments)

Drukqs is a blast. Every Aphex Twin album is a blast.

 +4Posted on Oct 8th | re: Mixtape Of The Week: Rome Fortune Small VVorld (3 comments)

This is unrelated to Rome and mixtapes in general, but Vince Staples’ Hell Can Wait EP hits HARRRRDDDD. Between this and his mixtape from earlier this year, I’m beyond excited for his next move. Anyway a Four Tet-cosign is pretty unheard of when it comes to rap, so I’ll be checking this one out too.

Rap got weird this year.

 +14Posted on Oct 7th | re: Album Of The Week: Tinashe Aquarius (97 comments)

No disrespect to Tinashe, who I haven’t heard and I’m sure made a good album, but with Our Love Caribou passes the “five-albums test” (including Up In Flames, the Milk of Human Kindness, Andorra and Swim) that Steven Hyden offers as the standard for a great artist/band. That’s worth something.

Also FlyLo is AOTY, but that got a PE so that’s out.

 +8Posted on Sep 30th | re: Premature Evaluation: Weezer Everything Will Be Alright In The End (110 comments)

I’d argue Raditude has, at least, “If You’re Wondering If I Want You To (I Want You To)” but that more or less gets negated by the Lil Wayne track.

Thanks for getting me amped for this! More excited about Weezer than I’ve been in a while.

 +2Posted on Sep 26th | re: Thom Yorke Tomorrow's Modern Boxes Comment Party (101 comments)

Sounds like Atoms for Peace by way of “Feral”. Loving it.

 +10Posted on Sep 23rd | re: Album Of The Week: Perfume Genius Too Bright (51 comments)

So much to discuss and unpack this week.
-Great pick in Perfume Genius. Not that they really sound all that much alike, but the stylistic leap between Put Your Back N 2 It and this reminds of Portishead to Third (further underscored by the Adrian Utley connection).
-SYRO is still a wonderful mbv-esque return a week after the leak.
-Still unsure of what to make of Tyranny, but trying to figure that one out has been a fun, rewarding series of listens.
-Was anyone else bummed by DOOM’s sparse showing on NehruvianDOOM? I felt like I’d been tricked into listening to a Bishop Nehru album.
-80 years old and Leonard Cohen is still my man.

 +2Posted on Sep 18th | re: U2 Are Planning To Save The Music Business (36 comments)


 -1Posted on Sep 17th | re: BeyoncĂ© And Jay Z Are Allegedly Working On An Album Together (1 comments)

If it’s anything like their interplay on “Drunk in Love,” we could be looking at “Watch the Bone” or “Watch the Moan”.

 +9Posted on Sep 12th | re: Ready To Die Turns 20 (24 comments)

One of the best rap albums of all time, and simply one of the best albums of all time. No question.