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 +1Posted on Aug 29th | re: The Black Market: The Month In Metal - August 2014 (17 comments)

Some really good stuff here as usual. Swallowed, Horrendous, Uncle Acid and Yob are the highlights for me although there is a quiet passage in the Yob track that gets a little close to ‘Wicked Game’ (by Chris Isaak) for comfort.

 +2Posted on Aug 29th | re: Definitely Maybe Turns 20 (48 comments)

This album became so overrated that it became underrated. When I first heard it, probably later that fall, it was a breath of fresh melodic air. I wonder if I heard it now for the first time if I’d still like it as much or if it would register as something far more crappier like Jet.

This is exactly the sort of thing Cage did (and many, many composers since have done) only this is, from what I’ve sampled, is way more boring. Any match with Monica Seles in it sounded more interesting than this. In a more indie rock vein, The Flaming Lips dabbled in this sort of aleatoric realm around the time of Zaireeka with far more interesting results, as have Oval and Autechre.

Credit is given because it legally has to be given. Kanye ain’t selling mixtapes out of the trunk of his car. This is high-profile big business. If writing credit is not given and settlements and aren’t made beforehand then judges and juries will end up apportioning the proceeds.

If you can fill in the gaps on RDJ’s anecdote, Kanye tried to pass it off as his own, but the track somehow made its way to RDJ anyway. Who do you think that was? A carrier pigeon or the legal department of Kanye’s record label?

Yeah, sure, it’s Kanye just giving credit where credit is due as the great and generous artist that he is and not lawyers and corporate clearance people doing due diligence in order to pre-empt a potentially costly future lawsuit precipitated by this jackass’s “never heard a good idea that wasn’t his” wanton pillaging.

Exhibit 1000,001 that Kanye is a fucking tool.

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Define “standard rock n roll stuff.”

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One of the few ways in which music has improved in the past 20 years is that there are now a lot less people pretending to like this kind of rock-critic-bait crap.

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“Jeff Buckley would have slayed on American Idol.”

Chris, I guess congratulations and cigars are in order! Anyway, I hear being a grandma is great! You get to spoil’em while their parents do all the hard work! Is “Grace” on your Pinterest page yet?

Cheapsuit are you for real?

Anyone who thinks they know so much about music that they are an authority on how people should employ the term “harmony” ought to be able to identify a simple progression of 3 root chords by ear. Otherwise, in addition to looking up “harmony”, I would recommend you also look up the word “irony.”