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 +1Posted on Jan 30th | re: It Sure Seems Like Neil Young's Pono Player Is Bullshit (63 comments)

What is with all of the pre-emptive PONO bashing?

 -2Posted on Jan 30th | re: It Sure Seems Like Neil Young's Pono Player Is Bullshit (63 comments)

That is not true. Bit depth is noticeable. The audible difference is more about dynamic range and headroom than the frequency spectrum, though.

 +1Posted on Jan 29th | re: The Black Market: The Month In Metal - January 2015 (48 comments)

If there is indeed a avant-garde black metal arms race on then, Mr. Gorbachev, keep up that wall!

Also, Mastery’s immediate neighbors on this list, Wounds and Sarpantium!

 +1Posted on Jan 29th | re: Limp Bizkit Guitarist Is Dreading Next Week's Nü-Metal Cruise (54 comments)

The worst:

Fred Durst OR Robert Durst?

 0Posted on Jan 29th | re: Steely Dan Albums From Worst To Best (86 comments)

“intricate music-theory-bait arrangements”

Does that mean they know more than 4 chords?

 0Posted on Jan 29th | re: Tom Petty Releases Statement "About The Sam Smith Thing" (32 comments)

1. Are you born after 1970?
2. Are you from anywhere besides the UK?
3. Have you ever heard a Beatles song?

 +7Posted on Jan 23rd | re: Will 2015 Be The Year Of The '70s Singer-Songwriter? (59 comments)

Will there ever be a year we move forward again? Or is the future just doomed to be a perpetual rehash of 1965-2000?

 +2Posted on Jan 22nd | re: Premature Evaluation: Björk Vulnicura (126 comments)

Definitely Post.

Maybe ’cause Seattle actually has, or at least tries to cultivate, some sort of cultural identity instead of just letting, say, Taylor Swift become the de facto municipal musical ambassador after living in town for about 6 weeks? (BTW, how great of a good-luck charm has Taylor Swift been for the Knicks?)

Beating the Packers despite sleepwalking/taking a dump for the first 55 minutes of the game is a far more impressive win than hammering the erratic Colts, IMO.