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 0Posted on Aug 19th | re: Phil Collins Announces First Concert In 4 Years (3 comments)

Is he still retired as a drummer though?

Seventies (Hackett era) Genesis is one of the most underrated bands in the history of music, even if Patrick Bateman thinks that they were too arty back then.

LOL, you should look up the definition of harmony.

 +4Posted on Aug 11th | re: Hell On Earth Discovered In Times Square Guitar Center (56 comments)

And what about all those people who insist on test driving cars before buying them? Don’t they know they are just clogging up the roads, needlessly belching emissions into the air and wasting the nice salesman’s time?

 +2Posted on Aug 11th | re: Hell On Earth Discovered In Times Square Guitar Center (56 comments)

Snark-fail, since if there has to be a Guitar Center, then it might as well be right around the corner from 48th Street. Also, while GC may be the musical instrument equivalent of Walmart, a lot of their locations do have an extensive selection of used stuff (stuff that is often more interesting than what they sell new) at very good prices.

 0Posted on Aug 8th | re: Album Of The Week: Kix Rock Your Face Off (121 comments)

Oh, and Ratt!

 +1Posted on Aug 8th | re: Album Of The Week: Kix Rock Your Face Off (121 comments)

This is okay for a latter-day effort from an eighties hard rock band, but it ain’t exactly revelatory.

Also, if you want to talk quality bands from that era, you really were barking up all the wrong trees with your intro (aside from, obviously, G’n R and maybe Skid Row). It reads like someone making a list of favorite “grunge” bands and populating it with 7Mary3 and Bush. Also Def Leppard came out of NWOBHM and did their best work before nearly all of those bands existed.

Whitesnake (the souped-up mach II version), Blue Murder, Dokken, Tesla, White Lion, Cinderella; that’s where it’s at!

Yeah, bad taste. If you don’t like it, don’t like it. But don’t try to shroud that opinion in half-understood musical terms (if key changes detract from “quality songwriting” then Pet Sounds is the worst album evah).

At least Slayer have always clearly been going for shock value with their symbolism and I don’t take “Angel of Death” to be a ringing endorsement of such beliefs.

Sporting swastika tattoos and explaining it as having some pre-Nazism significance (yes, of course, those psychopaths stole it from the ceiling of the Hofbrauhaus) IS silly. Whatever significance that symbol had throughout history has been both obliterated and superseded by its association with Nazism. If you hail from central or northern Europe and, in particular, the German-speaking part of the world (they are from Switzerland are they not?), then it is nearly impossible to take the swastika for any other possible meaning than the one it had from 1923-1945. It is rather like trying to explain sporting a narrow mustache in 2014 as an innocent homage to Charlie Chaplin.

 +1Posted on Jul 9th | re: Judas Priest Albums From Worst To Best (30 comments)

Painkiller is definitely the one for me.

BTW, Touch of Evil is easily the greatest song ever written about being sodomized by satan.

 +1Posted on Jul 3rd | re: The Black Market: The Month In Metal - June 2014 (71 comments)

Lots of great stuff here!

Especially Bastard Sapling, Mournful Congregation and Vuyvr!

I think part of the reason there is a dearth of heavier sounding music in the mainstream is that the attributes that can help something break through in the world of metal are now completely at odds with what works for the mainstream. That is one tricky double gauntlet to run.