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No. But , for my money, Magpie, Feral, and Lotus Flower come closer than anything on In Rainbows aside from maybe 15 Step.

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Are you seriously telling me that Reckoner (or just about anything else from In Rainbows for that matter) is in a league with ‘Paranoid Android’, ‘Let Down’, ‘Exit Music’, ‘Lucky’, ‘Pyramid Song’, “Dollars & Cents”, “Morning Bell”, “Everything in its Right Place”, “How To Disappear Completely”, “Idioteque”, “Scatterbrain”, “Where I End and You Begin”, “2+2=5″, “Talkshow Host”, ‘My Iron Lung’, ‘Sulk’, ‘nice dream’ or any of about 2 dozen other songs Radiohead recorded between 1995-2003? I think not.

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In Rainbows is kind of boring.

15 Step is great;
Bodysnatchers zzz;
Nude is nice but not a top-tier Rh ballad by any stretch;
Weird Fishes is cool; All I Need is closer, but still not a top-tier RH ballad;
Faust Arp – there are better White Album-esque throwaways than this;
Reckoner meh;
House of Cards – the main riff sounds like an Outback Steakhouse commercial jingle;
Jigsaw is good;
Videotape -i like it fine but there have been better “grand gesture” RH album denouements than this (like every other one of them including Blowout)

It is a good album but inferior to all other RH albums aside from Pablo Honey.

The King Of Limbs is RH staking out new sonic territory since Kid A. Sure there are comparisons and a debt of influence deferment to be made to Flying Lotus and James Blake, but the songs here are better and Yorke, unlike JB, doesn’t sound like a bullfrog on Quaaludes.

Bloom kicks the album off perfectly with twitchy minimalism of the band contrasting nicely with the soaring vocals, trumpet and strings which is all built on the scaffolding of the strong bass line.

Morning Mr. Magpie – the band sounds a little more conventional here as it propels the song through the waving and cresting of the high synth sounds. Again the bass is strong.

Little By Little is essentially Yorke’s solo material filled out lushly by the rest of the band to great effect.

Feral picks off where Bloom left off and takes things even further into new territory- possibly my personal favorite Post-HttT 3 minutes of Radiohead.

Lotus Flower takes things in a poppier/skewed quasi-R&B direction and is one RH’s best singles.

Codex and Give Up the Ghost are, after an unsteady diet of twitch and glitch, are a completely unexpected left turn into placidity. Beautiful if a little inert.

Separator – “if you think this is over, you’re wrong” – now that’s a closer!

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It is okay. “There Is No Ice (For My Drink) is the standout for me thus far. That said, by hasty comparison, Amok is better, The Eraser is better, and TKOL is much, much better. “Boxes” is more in line with the Pulled Apart By Horses/TheHollowEarth single from a few years ago. Perhaps it will grow on me.

In general, y’all really seem to be overly dismissive of TKOL. For my money, it is the best material out of the Radiohead camp since Hail To The Thief.

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The Ween list on Stereogum could be the most wrongheaded of them all.

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This is their masterpiece.

Turn to the left
Turn to the right
We are the goon squad and we’re coming to town
Beep beep!

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Dearest Stereogum,

You can devote upwards of 40% of your content to the earnest coverage of McMusic from ex-tweenstar meth-addled porn-formance artists or self-aggrandizing wannabe-Freemason rappers 15 years past it;


You can be an actual indie rock website that sticks to covering AnCo, Thom Yorke,and the like, produces its little Bjork and REM album tribute albums and then you might have the critical authority to somewhat justifiably rationalize taking gratuitous potshots at jam bands.

The choice is yours, but you cannot have it both ways.


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“Not to mention, painfully white”.

Yeah, because 4 blokes from a rural part of England ought to have sounded more like The Commodores, right? Jackass.

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Really? Big Express? That is some serious dreck.