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more curious about who wrote the song that plays over the end credits.

i think the show is alright, overall. got picked up for a second season already.

 +4Posted on Aug 27th | re: Grimes - "Go" Video (39 comments)

+ David Hayter (Solid Snake) voiceover at the beginning!

i read this blog post twice to make sure i didn’t miss some info… what does this jewelry have to do with drugs? am i gonna have to google “kandi” just to understand this post?

(happy friday)

 -4Posted on Jul 2nd | re: Spoon - "Do You" (22 comments)


“Especially coming four years after Transference, a ho-hum record that broke their streak of excellent albums during the 2000s”


 -4Posted on Jul 2nd | re: Spoon - "Do You" (22 comments)

son… At Mount Zoomer is the best WP album and Spoon’s last album was kind of a snoozer.

indeed… he just seems more and more fickle about creating “pop” music nowadays. i feel like he kinda phoned it in on Together.

gonna assume that “Spidyr” is a “cover” of Dan’s Swan Lake song of the same name.

hope there are a few Dan originals besides that tho.

 +1Posted on May 22nd | re: The Week In Pop: Ain't Paramore Fun? (43 comments)

AbsolutePunk may be more your speed.

 +23Posted on Mar 20th | re: The Week In Pop: The Mis-MGMT Of Foster The People (86 comments)

They had four SINGLES. One hit.

 +13Posted on Mar 19th | re: Watch Weezer Tease New Music From The Studio (44 comments)

I’ve gotten my hopes up so many times before but this time I’m sure: AOTY 2014. Believe.