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I like to think about what I can learn from watching this or that movie. What statement did it try to get across? It's been two days since I watched The Master and I still can't figure out if I really learned anything from it besides the Importance of Posture. We need to stop slouching, guys!
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September 24, 2012 on The Videogum Movie Club: The Master
I thought David gave the black goo to Charlie because of that conversation they had about creating life, where David was like "Why do you care about creating life, why did you guys create me?" and Charlie was like "because we could." And then David was like "Hmmm, you have planted an idea in my head, maybe *I* can create human life because I can communicate with the Engineers, I've got an edge over you humans, so now I'll keep snooping around, checking out the black goo and other parts of the caves without the group, and then I will feed the weird goo to Charlie because of how I saw it replicate things in the cave, maybe that will do something." I thought that was pretty clear? That was David's motivation, not ~immortality~. That's dumb! Which is why the thing he said to the Engineer at the end made him angry. He wanted to know how to make more people/people-type things, which the Engineer guys were very much against doing because of JESUS. Or whatever.
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June 11, 2012 on The Videogum Movie Club: Prometheus
Wow, a real interview! And with Hot Saucerman! What a treat.
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June 7, 2012 on An Interview With Comedy Bang Bang’s Scott Aukerman
That WAS a good kill. Sigh.
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June 4, 2012 on Game Of Thrones Season 2 Finale Open Thread
But Arya never danced in the books! ARRRRGH HOW COULD THEY DO THIS
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June 4, 2012 on Game Of Thrones Season 2 Finale Open Thread
Was anyone else disappointed by the House of the Undying scene? Like, it was cool that we got to see Khal Drogo again and yay for Dany burning Evil Dean alive with her dragons, but I was kind of expecting more? Because of all that half season’s worth of buildup? Also, pardon me for getting all “BUT THAT ISN’T HOW IT WAS IN THE BOOOOOK!!” but 1) Why didn’t Arya kill anyone? All I wanted was for little Arya to kill a bunch of guys in a really gruesome fashion, preferably with boiling soup. It’s so important for her development as a (spoiler!) master assassin that she kills people and doesn't let Jaquen do all the work for her! Yeesh. 2) I don’t understand why Robb married not-Jeyne. No one knows who she is! It doesn’t matter if Robb has a rendezvous with some lady on the side! I know he has an ~ironclad honor~ but he didn’t need to MARRY her just because he loves her. You can’t just MARRY everyone you love, Robb! Such is life.
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June 4, 2012 on Game Of Thrones Season 2 Finale Open Thread
I'm a bit concerned. But it doesn’t seem like they are at all worried about fitting everything in, what with all these Storm of Swords plotlines that are already happening. Which is kind of neat! The Jamie and Brienne roadshow is underway! Ygritte is such a hoot! But also. WHERE WAS THE WEASEL SOUP INCIDENT??? Why did they not include the part where Arya kills a bunch of guys with boiling soup and then that one guy’s face is ripped off by his own dog? Was that not awesome enough??
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May 21, 2012 on Game Of Thrones Open Thread
I actually really like AFFC, aside from the parts where GGRM forces the reader to become deeply acquainted with a new Greyjoy practically every other chapter. Ugh, those guys. Those fucking guys! But there are definitely a lot of exciting things that happen, and a few classic “What did I just read!” moments, of the sort that made me look quite the fool when reading them for the first time on the bus. Some people that we love continue to do awesome stuff. Others continue down the path of doing nothing forever and ever. All in all, it's a pretty great time. As for the rapes, they show no signs of stopping, alas.
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May 14, 2012 on Game Of Thrones Open Thread
I really liked Cersei's scenes. I remember she had a frank, lady-to-lady chat with Sansa in the books that was very effective at convincing me that she is not 100% cold, calculating, heartless bitch. She's got layers! So I'm glad they included that. Re: Brienne and the Hound. YES! Love them. Because they are extremely fierce and dance to their own tunes. They're both great so far and I cannot wait for them to . . . do more things. Musn't spoil!
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May 14, 2012 on Game Of Thrones Open Thread
I love Ygritte. She is so SAUCY!
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May 14, 2012 on Game Of Thrones Open Thread
Oh yes. Yes yes yes. I'd go ahead and say that Gendry and his surprisingly toned torso were the Hottest in Westeros this week. If Jon Snow wants to keep his spot at #1 he needs to start taking off some of those thousands of pounds of fur he's always sporting. It's a fetching look, don't get me wrong, but it COULD be better.
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April 30, 2012 on Game Of Thrones Open Thread
Second this. Davos is like Ned Stark, but if Ned Stark had an ironclad sense of honor AND some common sense. It's a magical combination!
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April 23, 2012 on Game Of Thrones Open Thread
If I remember correctly, the thing that made us understand that Book Joffrey was definitively Evil and not just a particularly accomplished brat was when he killed a bunch of really cute bunnies with his crossbow and took apart their insides just for fun. Which was bad! But this was worse! I'm kind of impressed (if that is the right word??) by how much they are consistently making all of the nastiest things from the books even nastier. It's quite the accomplishment! Like the rat torture thing? Yikes yikes yikes. If they keep this up I will have a VERY hard time not barfing all over the place by the time we get to all that Ramsay Bolton nonsense.
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April 23, 2012 on Game Of Thrones Open Thread
Seriously! They should cut out some of those gratuitous sex scenes and spend more time on Arya and Gendry being adorable and killing people. After you've seen one sexing-from-behind scene you've pretty much seen them all.
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April 9, 2012 on Game Of Thrones Open Thread
Seriously, what is going on there! I haven't watched Glee in a while but it kind of seems like he's Blaine's dad because of that flashback he had mid-song? Maybe not, though. That guy is WAY too young and handsome to be Blaine's dad.
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April 5, 2012 on Here Are Some Afternoon Links!
Yes! It's like a best generation of Skins mini reunion except not really because they will never run into each other. But how cool was it that he got the first cliffhanger of the season? Gendry! Our favorite guy from Skins is now our favorite blacksmith!
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April 2, 2012 on Game Of Thrones Open Thread
Or Katpee! Which sounds marginally less silly.
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March 26, 2012 on The Videogum Movie Club: The Hunger Games Open Thread
Best Picture – The Artist Best Director – Michael Hazanavicius Best Actor – Jean Dujardin Best Actress –Viola Davis Best Supporting Actor – Christoper Plummer Best Supporting Actress – Octavia Spencer Best Score – The Artist Best Makeup – Albert Nobbs Best Costume Design – Hugo Best Original Screenplay – The Artist Best Art Direction – Hugo Best Cinematography – Tree of Life Best Film Editing – Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Best Doc Short – Saving Face Best Foreign Language – A Seperation Best Animated Feature – Rango Best Adapted Screenplay – The Descendants Best Short Film – Wild Life Best Sound Editing – Drive Best Sound Mixing – Hugo Best Visual Effects – Rise of the Planet of the Apes Best Doc Feature – Pina Best Original Song - The Muppets Best Short Film – Raju
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February 23, 2012 on Enter The Videogum Oscar Pool!
I was so delighted to see Skins on here! It really is great and surprisingly clever (the first two seasons? SO GOOD. Cassie! Chris! The old gang!), and even when it gets bad later on, it's pretty entertaining. So, we should watch that and have fun while also getting mad at the writers for the entirety of season four TOGETHER, LIKE A FAMILY. That being said, we might as well do Downton Abbey since Gabe is always talking about it anyway. As they say, GOOD GOD! what a crazy show.
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February 14, 2012 on The Videogum TV Club Poll: What Do You Wanna Watch?!