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you’re a recorded version

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Titus Andronicus was the show of the weekend for me. Absolutely life-affirming.

LCD Soundsystem was also great, except I fucking hate “Pow Pow,” which he played, but he didn’t play “Dance Yrself Clean.” oh well.

Panda Bear sounded exactly how you’d expect him to in a grass field in the middle of an afternoon — awful — and just like everyone else I’m going to qualify that with a “and and and I LOVED “Person Pitch!”

Surfer Blood sounded really good but dude’s got no stage presence, just stands there like Ezra Koenig’s slightly pudgier, nerdier cousin, occasionally holding his guitar at a cool angle, but that’s just being nitpicky. Surfer Blood sounded great.

Modest Mouse sucked.


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anyone else hear the Animal Collective vibe in “Mickey Mouse”?

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that was “tight.” sorry, but damn that was nice.

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i like it more after a second listen (this time with better headphones) but this seams more power-pop oriented and less an amalgamation of punk and classic rock. It’s all a little softer – the muted rhythm guitar, Craig seams to be trying to actually sing instead of spitting all over the place. I hope the rest of the album rocks a little harder.

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We would all be lucky to see the Pixies perform Doolittle, Jim DeRogatis. Spoiled children don
t appreciate their presents.

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“bursting at the seams” is an annoying cliche, so now, it’s not funny or interesting, and it shouldn’t have been used as a lyric by either songwriter.

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I had the exact same reaction … i was ambivalent about DP … but now I know that chick doesn’t have an unusual voice, she has a disabled voice.