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 0Posted on Oct 16th | re: Album Of The Week: DJ Quik The Midnight Life (54 comments)

I hear people’s complaints about bloat and nonsense on it, but I’ll still take the new Foxygen for this week. Sure, it would be a better single disk-er (imagine that!) but I think there’s plenty enough to like in there, too, and I’ve been listening to that stuff quite a lot this week.

 +3Posted on Oct 4th | re: Pisces Iscariot Turns 20 (25 comments)

So of course I’ve been listening to PI since I saw the article this morning, and I’m on the generally under-mentioned “Girl From Sandoz” and thinking how easily Corgan remains my favorite rock guitarist of the 90s.

 +3Posted on Oct 4th | re: Pisces Iscariot Turns 20 (25 comments)

This is second only to Siamese Dream, my favorite album of the 90s and third favorite of all time, in the SP catalog (I originally typed “second or third”, but then I thought about it and realized I definitely prefer this to MCIS. That first era was just incredible to me, they sounded perfect.

I often skip “Soothe”, and sometimes do the same with “Landslide”, but that’s mainly because I don’t listen to this to go down those emotional routes. Ignoring “Space”, the rest is hard to beat. “Blew Away” is still my favorite Iha track, “Whir” & “Obscured” are exceptionally unique in their mellow spaciness, and every single rocker is absolutely on point. I’ll stop, because I’m about to veer off on a monster rant, but Pisces Iscariot is not to be messed with. And not only did it leave off “Drown” and “Glynis”, but also “Slunk”, “Jackie Blue”, etc. Corgan was unstoppable back then.

 +4Posted on Oct 4th | re: Pisces Iscariot Turns 20 (25 comments)

Early Verve is the closest thing there was to a sonic peer of the Pumpkins of that era. The former is a bit more heroin-y, as opposed to the Pumpkins acid-sound, but they both traded in big, emotionally potent hard psychedelia.

 0Posted on Sep 29th | re: Chocolate And Cheese Turns 20 (22 comments)

Oh yeah there’s definitely good stuff sprinkled throughout – I’ve always loved “Sarah”, and “Doctor Rock” and your namesake are both excellent, too.

 0Posted on Sep 27th | re: Chocolate And Cheese Turns 20 (22 comments)

I like Ween but am certainly no mega-fan. I have a low tolerance for some of the early stuff. The Mollusk is among my favorite albums of the 90s, though.

This represents all of that pretty well – I like about half of the album enough to consistently listen to it, specifically “Freedom of 76″, “Roses Are Free”, “Joppa Road”, “Voodoo Lady”, “What Deaner Was Talking About”, and “Baby Bitch”. A lot of the other stuff is alright, but nothing I need to listen to often. And I’m sorry, but fuck “Spinal Meningitis” – it blows my mind how much that and “HIV Song” made it onto their setlists.

 0Posted on Sep 26th | re: Watch Norah Jones Cover George Harrison On Conan (3 comments)

Actually, watching it yesterday, I thought “wow, this is kinda country-sounding for her”, even if that was possibly more the band then her vocal delivery.

From this song on, I’m really digging the album. The first three leave me unimpressed. Definitely took a few listens to get through the grime, though.

But then again, I really liked most of Angles a lot. There were two or three stinkers (“Call Me Back” for sure and kinda “Metabolism” & “Games”), but I love the rest. Drives me nuts how it gets talked down in ever Stroke-related review. I like Comedown Machine well enough, too, but I don’t feel nearly as compelled to defend/rep it.

Hopefully for the LA crowd they’ll get some Lanegan action, too.

I dig post-Deaf QotSA, but I still get excited about the prospects of the all-star line-up back in action, sue me.

 +1Posted on Sep 24th | re: Album Of The Week: Perfume Genius Too Bright (51 comments)

Awesome week. Very happy with Aphex Twin, Goat, & JC & the Voidz.