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Two songs from The Wild, the Innocent, & The E-Street Shuffle? Hell yeah!

Sign me up for all of the above. Petty is the man.

 +2Posted on Mar 19th | re: Check Out These Lego Versions Of 20 Famous Bands (25 comments)

Maybe that’s why normally docile James Iha looks so pissed.

 +2Posted on Mar 19th | re: Stephen Malkmus Albums From Worst To Best (39 comments)

I can see Pig Lib getting #1 (it’s not mine, but along with seeing the band open for Radiohead in 2003, it’s what got me into them/him). But man, I do not agree with much else. Face the Truth is my favorite – so dynamic, colorful, and fun.

I also feel like most of the list is WAY too referential to Pavement songs – I’m glad we got a solo list, but I wish it would have been treated like its own thing and not beholden to the old band.

I like the new one well enough and I agree with a lot of the objective stuff said in the write-up, but most of it doesn’t really stand out much to me. I’d say “Chartjunk”, “Planetary Motion”, “J Smoov”, “Houston Hades”, and “Cinnamon and Lesbians” are keepers, but the rest is kind of tepid. Though I did randomly get “Lariat” in my head for a while yesterday, so maybe there’s still hope.

I never listened to the first one for some reason, but as for the rest, I’d say:

1. Face the Truth
2. Pig Lib
3. Real Emotional Trash (very close behind #2)
4. Wig Out at Jag Bags
5. Mirror Traffic

No offense to Arctic Monkeys, but “ouch” is right.

 +2Posted on Mar 15th | re: The Week In Pop: It's Time We All Agreed That Coldplay Is Great (181 comments)

I’d say it’s time to check your watch.

 0Posted on Mar 11th | re: Premature Evaluation: The War On Drugs Lost In The Dream (69 comments)

I hope they have come into their own, because I really wanted to like them last time out but felt like they sounded like Springsteen on xanax.

But I also didn’t like Smoke Ring for My Halo beyond two or three songs, and Waking on a Pretty Daze was my favorite album of last year, so I guess there’s hope.

 +1Posted on Mar 7th | re: The Downward Spiral Turns 20 (40 comments)

I loved this as an angsty art-rock teen and even tried to write a few similarly-themed concept albums of my own because of it. But then when I got out of my prime angst era I went through a period where, like i still do with OK Computer, I found it to depressing and emotionally draining to really listen to.

But then a few years later still I listened to it just to listen to it, not to wallow or anything, and ever since I have loved it again – I love just how filthy and dark and fierce and vaguely funky it is, and would put it in my top 10 of the decade for sure/

 +1Posted on Mar 6th | re: Watch The Julian Casablancas + The Voidz Album Trailer (23 comments)

No no no, it’s all about Angles, even with 3 of the songs being less that spectacular.

 +2Posted on Mar 1st | re: Mellow Gold Turns 20 (53 comments)

And oh, right, it’s also where I took my internet call name from.