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 +3Posted on Oct 31st | re: Billy Corgan Responds To Anderson Cooper's Dumb On-Air Insults (9 comments)

After getting high on Kozelek/Granduciel this weak shit isn’t doing it for me anymore. Anyone got some Miley feud I can get into?

Boy look at all that smoke.

Must be a someone with a fog machine.

 +27Posted on Oct 28th | re: Owen Pallett, Amanda Palmer Weigh In On Jian Ghomeshi Scandal (54 comments)

I am a much happier person when I don’t read what Amanda Palmer has to say.

 +37Posted on Oct 28th | re: The War On Drugs: Mark Kozelek Is "Such A Douche" (110 comments)

Oh, there’s the beef.

 +22Posted on Oct 23rd | re: Wayne Coyne Comments On Kesha/Dr. Luke Controversy (8 comments)

The full quote is actually:

“I think Kesha will get to that eventually,” said Wayne Coyne. “She doesn’t have that sort of power now, but I think she will eventually. There is nothing wrong with blackface.”

 +3Posted on Oct 16th | re: Watch Run The Jewels' Ridiculous Trailer For Meow The Jewels (14 comments)

It’s going to be weird when Meow The Jewels becomes a more important and revered album that Run The Jewels 2

 +5Posted on Oct 15th | re: New Radicals' Gregg Alexander Gives First Interview In 15 Years (16 comments)

Depends on the artist. Some artists, their mystery and myth is what makes them interesting. I don’t need to relate to Burial. I’m into Mountain Goats a lot more though because of his Twitter feed.

Can we just use this space to talk about the new John Cena/Wiz Khalifa songs instead

 +5Posted on Oct 14th | re: Ariel Pink Dissed By Grimes, Dismissed By Madonna (201 comments)

Yeah. I don’t think everyone would factor gender into the Ariel Pink remarks, but I can see why someone might.

It would be hard to factor it in to the Weezer example though because there aren’t a ton of examples of female songwriters telling male songwriters that their work isn’t legitimate enough. The original quote is that it’s “emblematic,” that it represents a common relationship and perspective.

 +4Posted on Oct 14th | re: Ariel Pink Dissed By Grimes, Dismissed By Madonna (201 comments)

Criticism isn’t, again, it’s the perception of the attitude (which you can reasonably disagree with). Mindset/attitude changes the context of a lot of things. Giving a homeless person a dollar isn’t bad; giving a person a dollar and thinking that you’re blessing this bottom feeder with your remarkable generosity, even if it’s the same action, is totally different.