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Really didn’t mean for that to be a Reply to you, RJ.

The internet is hard.

“The only thing that close quicker than the caskets be tha factory.”

A little nod to Ashes in the Fall?

God I love ZDLR’s flow, didn’t realize how much I missed it until this very moment.

That number includes hispanic-whites. The number for non-hispanic whites is closer to about 19.6 million.

Regardless, if he were Venezuelan or “something South American” he’d be considered white in the US, cuz that’s just how we roll.

See, now you’re stereotyping brunchers and not leaving room for people the brunch the way they see fit.

I rarely brunch before noon (that’s just weird IMO), and it’s typically an “after the storm” kind of deal for me, never to get the party going. That isn’t to say I don’t enjoy a delicious casked ESA or two while devouring a breakfast burrito.

No matter how all of us feel about Tyranny (I honestly didn’t give it even a single courtesy spin), at least we can all agree brunch is great. Its really just an excuse to eat breakfast food whenever we feel like it, and its mere existence is a true embodiment of American ideals.

The album he just did with The Voidz.

Sigh. Sometimes I miss the days when the response by the typical indie, music-snob asshole to someone of their ilk “not minding” a rendition like this would be the immediate sentence to the stocks, where the perpetrator would be subject to public mockery and be target practice for an ornery audience with a surplus of rotten fruits and vegetables.

This is one of those times.

Good god this is a hot mess.

Half of the genius of the original is Brian Wilson’s perfect execution of chromatics and impeccable half-tone differentiation. His minor thirds are low, his major thirds are bright and crisp. These guys just neuter it.

Just listen to the “You never need to doubt it, I’ll make you so sure about it” line, perfect example.

Covering the Beach Boys is like covering Nick Drake in my book. The music is so subtle and nuanced that a cover, even a completely different take on the song, will never do the original any justice.

Noooo why did you tell me that? Way Out Weather is now forever tainted.

(clearly, I jest…)

 +4Posted on Oct 7th | re: Album Of The Week: Tinashe Aquarius (97 comments)

It’s Steve Gunn for me.

That FlyLo is one tight little album, though.