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Mark Kozelek sounds like the bully tormenting the kid who accidentally bumped into him in the hallway. Wait, that’s exactly what he’s doing.

 +1Posted on Sep 29th | re: Stream Steve Gunn Way Out Weather (3 comments)

HUGE fan of his work, and his playing is seamless.

Hoping to be able to catch his album release show in a few weeks.

Anyone remember that rendition Paul Simon did with Graham Nash and David Crosby at the 25th Anniversary of the RnR Hall of Fame concert? Sublime.

 0Posted on Sep 23rd | re: Kendrick Lamar - "i" (89 comments)

Once Kendrick can do something better than Killer Mike’s ‘Reagan,’ (including the FANTASTIC music video), then I might start changing my mind.

But until then…

 +3Posted on Sep 23rd | re: Album Of The Week: Perfume Genius Too Bright (51 comments)

Anyone else digging that King Tuff album? It’s fun, it moves seamlessly, and the guitar is hot and thick.

I definitely think it was unfairly Cohen’d on P4K. Which I wouldn’t care about if I didn’t think it had a chance of hurting his album sales.

 +6Posted on Sep 23rd | re: Kendrick Lamar - "i" (89 comments)

I’m definitely more of a Killer Mike/RTJ fan. For me in 2012, RAP Music > GKMC, but I tend to gravitate toward KM’s style so it’s more preferential than anything.

 +3Posted on Sep 11th | re: Damien Rice - “My Favourite Faded Fantasy" (6 comments)

Wow, blast from the past. I wasn’t sure when we’d hear from Damien again, but I didn’t think his name would be in the lights on Stereogum.

That said, digging the track. I think The Blower’s Daughter was on every Mix CD I made for a girl in my late high school/early college years.

I haven’t read the full article yet, but he brings up a good point that highlights the gray area between Patriotism and Nationalism, and how the Freedom Tower now almost stands as a symbol for what will be considered a very dark decade in American history (I guess, depending on which textbook you’ll be reading). This is a gray area consisting of America reacting to direct adversity and banding together as a country, and using that adversity to propagate fear and as an excuse to push our ‘values’ on others via the protection of American interests overseas.

I sometimes fantasize that American isolationism is still an option. To stop investing time, energy, and money into foreign affairs and to redirect those efforts internally to tackle the issues that tear this nation apart. I’d rather see oil at $200 per barrel, but have sensible, level-headed, productive conversations that lead to appropriate gun or energy policies. What about figuring a way to educate America, so when they graduate they aren’t $60k in debt? Or on a more fundamental education note, to drive down unwanted teen pregnancy. It’s all about allocation of energy. We can solve these problems, we just have our mind on too many other things.

 +3Posted on Sep 9th | re: Album Of The Week: Hiss Golden Messenger Lateness Of Dancers (32 comments)

It’s pretty solid. Definite standout is “Rainbow,” which may honestly end up being one of my top 10 tracks this year.

It still impresses me at the quality of the material Robert Plant still puts out. Not many of his contemporaries do that, with the exception of maybe Paul Simon, and once in a while Neil.

Not sure about what they will say about the Beatles. I think they just want to play some of George’s groovy tunes, man.