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 +3Posted on Oct 29th | re: Led Zeppelin Albums From Worst To Best (66 comments)

My numero uno is Physical Graffiti.

I don’t have much left to argue other than that one should enjoy the catalog on vinyl if one has the opportunity.

I see what you’re saying. On the flip side, if p4k is his go-to, he may very well know that article on Adam and was very deliberate about how he decided to address him.

Regardless, p4k should have been better about that and (refer to above meme).

” In completing his first cassette, he labeled it “Granduciel,” a portmanteau and nickname given to him by a high school French teacher as a joke, a word-for-word translation of the English words in his real last name, Granofsky.”

Oh yea, I agree with you. To sort of flip-flop on my original not-so-concise post, yea, using Granofsky rather than Granduciel is disrespectful in its own right, but it wasn’t like Koz intentionally fucked up his name to show how little he knows/cares about Adam.

And thinking about it a bit more (perhaps thinking about this too hard), calling him Granofsky rather than Graduciel is an additional “fuck you” by Koz. Kind of like the cherry on top of his whole tirade.

The longer this bullshit goes on, the sadder it makes me knowing how nice, humble, and totally grateful Adam and Co. are for their fan dedication and success this year.

Like, genuinely sad.

To be fair, Adam Granofsky is his real name, but that’s not where the disrespect is…

“And it’s been awhile since I’ve gone and fucked things up just like I always do.”

 +1Posted on Oct 25th | re: R.I.P. Jack Bruce (4 comments)

Jack Bruce is was what made Cream, Cream.

 +2Posted on Oct 24th | re: Download Run The Jewels RTJ2 (53 comments)

El kills that line. The entire song is just dripping. If I had no idea who these guys were and just heard Crown by itself, from their style and flow alone I’d think that these were the two coolest motherfuckers on the planet (and they very well may be). A great contrast to how harsh the rest of the album is.

It’s still early (roughly 4 hours since reading this post), but Crown may have overtaken A Christmas Fucking Miracle as my favorite RTJ track.

 +10Posted on Oct 24th | re: The Psyche Of Jaime & Mikey: Inside Run The Jewels 2 (14 comments)

I love how un-manufactured their relationship is.

Awesome read, thanks Chris.