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 +2Posted on Oct 24th | re: Download Run The Jewels RTJ2 (43 comments)

El kills that line. The entire song is just dripping. If I had no idea who these guys were and just heard Crown by itself, from their style and flow alone I’d think that these were the two coolest motherfuckers on the planet (and they very well may be). A great contrast to how harsh the rest of the album is.

It’s still early (roughly 4 hours since reading this post), but Crown may have overtaken A Christmas Fucking Miracle as my favorite RTJ track.

 +10Posted on Oct 24th | re: The Psyche Of Jaime & Mikey: Inside Run The Jewels 2 (12 comments)

I love how un-manufactured their relationship is.

Awesome read, thanks Chris.

 +2Posted on Oct 24th | re: Download Run The Jewels RTJ2 (43 comments)

Damn, El-P knows how to dial in the tension through his production. Setting intial excitement aside, Jeopardy and All My Life just get my heart in my throat. Dude has it down to a science.

 0Posted on Oct 22nd | re: Ringo Starr Is The New Face Of Skechers (9 comments)

You’d think he’d be a millionaire by now with all of those Shining Time Station royalties.

 +7Posted on Oct 21st | re: Album Of The Week: Jessie Ware Tough Love (41 comments)

I get giddy just thinking about RTJ2

Really didn’t mean for that to be a Reply to you, RJ.

The internet is hard.

“The only thing that close quicker than the caskets be tha factory.”

A little nod to Ashes in the Fall?

God I love ZDLR’s flow, didn’t realize how much I missed it until this very moment.

That number includes hispanic-whites. The number for non-hispanic whites is closer to about 19.6 million.

Regardless, if he were Venezuelan or “something South American” he’d be considered white in the US, cuz that’s just how we roll.

See, now you’re stereotyping brunchers and not leaving room for people the brunch the way they see fit.

I rarely brunch before noon (that’s just weird IMO), and it’s typically an “after the storm” kind of deal for me, never to get the party going. That isn’t to say I don’t enjoy a delicious casked ESA or two while devouring a breakfast burrito.

No matter how all of us feel about Tyranny (I honestly didn’t give it even a single courtesy spin), at least we can all agree brunch is great. Its really just an excuse to eat breakfast food whenever we feel like it, and its mere existence is a true embodiment of American ideals.