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Random Fact: They actually had a much longer name originally, hence the ellipsis. They shortened it by request from their record label. Their full, original name, was “Kid Rock Subpoenaed To Produce Glass Dildo As Evidence In Insane Clown Posse Lawsuit And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead”.

This will easily be the best thing Kid Rock has ever produced.

 0Posted on Jul 18th | re: Hiss Golden Messenger - "Lucia" Video (2 comments)

I’m so pumped about this album. I’m glad there is some hope from more stripped down acoustic tracks, because they tend to be my favorite of his. But I’ve warmed up to his full band sound a great deal as well and am looking forward to that as well.

 0Posted on Jul 3rd | re: The Presets - "No Fun" Interactive Video (2 comments)

The video thing was kindof a let down, but that song is GREAT.

 0Posted on Jul 3rd | re: Hear Some New Wrens Music Cut From Their Forthcoming Album (5 comments)

Anyone know what their plans are for distribution? Are they still with Absolutely Kosher?

I know it won’t be hard to sell an album like this (follow up albums to critical successes sell regardless of how good they are, honestly). But I would hate to see this thing languish on the shelf after finally being finished.

 +3Posted on Jun 27th | re: Watch Spoon Play Two They Want My Soul Songs On Kimmel (9 comments)

Seriously. Best moment in music this year.

This is how I picture that killer bridge:

 +1Posted on Jun 27th | re: Watch Spoon Play Two They Want My Soul Songs On Kimmel (9 comments)

Counterpoint: These songs are hot. I’m not saying your opinion is wrong, because it’s your opinion, but there is an energy and a driving passionate force behind these songs, and that is what entangles me the most. I find it hard to break away from them. Spoon songs are unique and fascinating in that they are so often focused on intricate juxtaposition of sounds, rather than outright bombast or surprise twists. They travel and grow without ever getting physically bigger or more complex. I am mesmerized by songs like “Rainy Taxi” because it’s like watching a wall of detailed flowered wallpaper slowly burn from the ground up. The contrast between beautiful and dangerous, and that driving beat that pulls to the eventual conclusion of cleansing flames.

Counter-Counterpoint: They’re rock songs, dude. Don’t over think it.

 +8Posted on Jun 24th | re: Vote For The Song Of The Summer 2014 (183 comments)

I would have voted for any song on ‘Lost In The Dream’.

In fact, let’s just delete the track breaks and I’ll vote for the entire album as if it were all one song. In fact, play it twice without stopping and I’ll still vote for it. In fact, play nothing but ‘Lost In The Dream’ on repeat all summer and forget there ever was anything else in the world. No more voting. No more searching for better music. The game is over. Let’s just enjoy the end credits as the universe dissolves.

 +13Posted on Jun 24th | re: Vote For The Song Of The Summer 2014 (183 comments)


Round 2.


 +7Posted on Jun 16th | re: Let's Shortlist The Song Of The Summer 2014 (286 comments)

I would nominate “The Ocean Between the Waves” or “In Reverse”, but “Red Eyes” is a good choice too.

I think that album is definitely fit to be considered the best summer album, for people that like their summer full of guitars and not so much pop tunes.

“Song of the Summer” lists are always dominated by short catchy pop tracks, which is cool and all for driving with friends with the windows down, etc. But I have always found that my personal summer playlists are more often inhabited by lazy ethereal creatures. Creatures that know how to rock and dance, but aren’t in such a hurry to get there. They are long slithering beasts whose beauty is more than surface level that you have to lay around with in the tall grass waiting for the clouds to align and form the perfect shape. So, you just wait for it to hit. Pop songs are about deadlines and charging out of the gate with catchy hooks, and summer should be devoid of that mess. Just let me lay here and listen to this slow moving magic.