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So, wait, the song is called "Grammy's"? This changes everything...
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April 28, 2016 on Drake Reveals Views Tracklist
Do you have Charli's number? I've been looking for a girl that brushes her teeth.
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April 18, 2016 on Watch Taylor Swift Lip Sync Jimmy Eat World In Latest Apple Music Commercial
Clarity was such a great record. I was in my first year in college when it came out. I had scored a single room in the dorm. I was pumped about this, till I realized it meant that I not only didn't know anyone on campus, but I also had no reason to ever get to know anyone. I hid in my room and didn't say a word for most of the year. I was a loner. Out of place. I ate alone. Listened to music. Wore headphones even when I wasn't. It just felt less embarrassing to sit alone in the commons with headphones on. I discovered Jimmy Eat World and fell in love with the tracks I was able to get off of Napster. I ordered a physical copy of Clarity and checked the shipping every couple of hours for several days waiting for it to arrive. A few afternoons later I eagerly checked my mailbox and found something more than just junk mail for once. I was shaking with excitement as I tore open the package and stepped out the door into the courtyard with my shiny new jewel case in hand. As I popped it open, however, the disk was not seated in the shell properly and it flipped out into the air. I dropped everything I was holding and fumbled for it, but it fell to the grounded and rolled and bounced down the steps. In every direction people were laughing and moving out of my way as I ran after it. At the bottom of the steps it finally fell over and I scrambled to pick it up and dust it off. Sheepishly I walked back up to the top of the steps. I sat down right there and stairs and slid it into my Walkman. Three seconds in and already the disk was skipping. Everything from the second track on was fine, but "Table for Glasses" was almost completely destroyed. I didn't cry. I didn't react at all. In fact, I felt nothing. I was numb to it by this point. I simply put on my headphones and pretended the album started with "Lucky Denver Mind" from that point on. I moved on, damaged, skipping, but alive, bandaged by music. Bandaged by Clarity.
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April 18, 2016 on Watch Taylor Swift Lip Sync Jimmy Eat World In Latest Apple Music Commercial
I'm glad to find so many other Rossen fans. He's such a quiet personality. I feel like you really have to be paying attention in order to notice how great he is at what he does. I was introduced to Gizzly Bear through the Take Away show recording of "Knife" it was entirely acapella, beatboxed and handclapped. It blew me away. I went back and watched it so many times. There was so much positive playful energy swirled in with obvious glistening talent. Everyone had their place and their part to play and they fit together so well. Except for the short guy in front that kind of seemed irrelevant. I was describing the band to some friends a week or so later and I only remembered the three of them. Oh yeah, and their's the other guy. But there is always "that other guy" in a band, right, he's probably not important. I remind myself of this often, because my first impressions where so entirely wrong. The short guy walking in front snapping his fingers and supporting Chris' percussion sounds would one day join a short list of my favorite songwriters and musicians. So, who else would I laugh off and take no notice of? What quiet talent would I shoo off the stage so that other louder talents could take their place?
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April 11, 2016 on Daniel Rossen, Christopher Bear, & The National – “Terrapin Station (Suite)” (Grateful Dead Cover)
I honestly believe Department of Eagles 'In Ear Park' was a better album than any Grizzly Bear record. And that's not a knock against Grizzly Bear because I love all of their albums as well. But 'In Ear Park' had a timeless magic to it. It was haunted with all of these deep felt emotions. It was like the nostalgia itself was playing the instruments for him. I don't think people gave it the right attention. Pitchfork panned it, and then left it off their year end list. And everyone sort of approached it as a placeholder "solo" album between the real deal Grizzly Bear records, but that just ignores the history of the album. It had been in the works since before Grizzly Bear existed. And it was a serious labor of love of everyone involved, especially Dan would poured his heart out in a somewhat concept album about his relationship to his father. And what a unique relationship to explore in modern music, but to also do it with a collection of songs that each stand on their own as a creative and singular accomplishment, is just really praiseworthy. For example, the way "Waves of Rye" just slowly spirals into space as if it were lifted in the air by a tornado. And then it's carried straight up to heaven in the final fourth where "Heaven is a ballroom with high ceilings, filled with white balloons and smoke machines" It's masterful. Every part of it is meticulously timed and every word is crafted to align with a particular mood as the song meanders the dream. (
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April 11, 2016 on Daniel Rossen, Christopher Bear, & The National – “Terrapin Station (Suite)” (Grateful Dead Cover)
A few months ago I had a dream that I went to a Bruce Springsteen concert. I was pretty excited, and I found I was going to be sitting on the front row. Then, before the concert started, Bruce himself came out and shook my hand and thanked me for coming. He said he was looking for someone to volunteer for a special interactive thing during the concert and he wanted to know if I was interested. I was beside myself. Hell yeah I was going to do whatever he wanted me to. He shook my hand again and then went back stage. A few minutes later one of his crew motioned me over to a seat on the far side of the stage, near the steps. I hurried over. He quietly sat me down and handed me a bankers box full of papers. It turns out I had mistakenly agreed to do Bruce Springsteen's taxes while he was giving the concert. So, the entire time he was out on stage rocking out, I was over in the corner with a calculator and a pile of confusing papers trying to read numbers off forms in the strobe lights. I was actually frustrated by the music because I was trying to think and it was just so loud and everyone around me kept standing up and dancing and knowing over my well sorted little piles. Screw you Bruce Springsteen. I'm never dreaming about going to one of your concerts ever again, I can tell you that.
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April 8, 2016 on Bruce Springsteen Cancels North Carolina Show To Protest Discriminatory Bathroom Law
I'm an outsider here, because I haven't ever listened to Smith Westerns. But I HAVE been listening to Cullen Omori a lot over the past few days and there are some serious gems on that album. These Whitney tracks are also great though.
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March 24, 2016 on Whitney – “Golden Days” Video
blochead leans back in his lawn chair, reached into a blue cooler full of ice and without opening his eyes cracks the top off another super chill Kendrick Lamar.
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March 3, 2016 on Spotify Leaks Info About Surprise Kendrick Lamar Album untitled unmastered.
I'm not clear about the conclusions here. Should I check out that The 1975 album or what?
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February 26, 2016 on Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments
It's weird that a guy talking about how much alcohol he drank would make such poor decisions.
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February 23, 2016 on Rob Thomas Apologizes For Racist Joke
It's a shame that the shamed head of Donald Trump didn't make the album cover crop. This song is great though. Just the right amount of tension that leads you on into warm water. No explosions, no fireworks, just warm water that slowly crawls up your body to rest underneath your chin.
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February 11, 2016 on Yeasayer – “Prophecy Gun”
I was super excited because at first glance I thought the album was called The Life of Potato. In my mind it will always just be called The Life of Potato.
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February 10, 2016 on Kanye West Reveals The Life Of Pablo (!) Tracklist
Seriously, he gave us a remix of "Blue Bucket of Gold" and I was so angry when I saw it was less than 15 minutes long. He needs to at least release a live album of these reinterpretations.
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February 8, 2016 on Watch Sufjan Stevens’ Live “Carrie & Lowell” Video
Oh man. I loved Sense Field. This is just completely out of the blue. Lame.
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February 3, 2016 on R.I.P. Jon Bunch
I can't wait for someone to ask me who The Flaming Lips are, because that is going to be my answer.
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February 2, 2016 on Kurt Vile Was An Answer On Jeopardy!
I agree with both of you. Except I have to defend the album Fate as a definite masterwork. Sometimes their songs can be pleasant but forgetful with a collection of standouts, but Fate was top to bottom a fantastic album. Great songs, great sequencing, dynamic range of moods that fit together wonderfully, a consistent mood and theme. Anyone that has ever had any interest in the band and wants to know where to start HAS to pick up Fate.
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January 29, 2016 on Stream Dr. Dog The Psychedelic Swamp
That's one of my favorite parts of any song.
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January 28, 2016 on Nigel Godrich’s Dialogue In Star Wars: The Force Awakens Revealed
This group and everyone in it deserve so much more respect and attention than they receive. There are real sparks flying around in every one of these guy's heads.
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January 22, 2016 on Nevermen – “Hate On”
According to WebMD a "Yezzy" is someone infected with the Yeezy virus, which attaches to the patient's Larynx causing respiratory problems and inflammation of the ego. This condition often leads to delusions of grandeur, irregular outburst of hot air, and erratic behavior eventually leading to a beautiful death by jumping out the window, letting everything go.
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January 18, 2016 on Kim Kardashian Explains Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Fridays Delay