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Well. In the Kurt’s defense, it was made pretty clear that everyone on that island was seriously hammered.

 +7Posted on Mar 10th | re: Premature Evaluation: The War On Drugs Lost In The Dream (69 comments)

This album is a warm cup of tea that will happily sit next to me at my desk for a very long time, and “In Reverse” is just the sugar at the bottom of the glass.

 0Posted on Mar 10th | re: Chipotle Sues Frank Ocean (29 comments)

I like to imagine that this is why he is changing his name. He is avoiding unpaid student loans.

 +1Posted on Mar 6th | re: Watch Lena Dunham Tickle The National In Their SNL Promos (3 comments)


Anyone just discovering this band should be aware that they wrote and recorded on of the best songs in the past several years, and they didn’t even release it on an album.

It’s called “The Fountain”, and it is inexplicably hidden away as a B-side on a single that is far less exciting and was also not even included on an album.

Check it out here:

 +1Posted on Jan 29th | re: Damon Albarn - "Heavy Seas Of Love" (Feat. Brian Eno) (6 comments)

I hate when bands preview an album by sharing the closing track. I’m always really sad when I get to the end of the album and realize all of the fresh material is behind me and there is nothing new ahead to look forward to. And the first play through of an album is really foundational towards my future opinion of the album. It’s a subtle difference, but I think it’s bad marketing.

Also, data mining your fans and forcing a robotic watermark onto your preview track is bad marketing.

 0Posted on Jan 27th | re: Elbow - "New York Morning" Video (1 comments)

Excellent, as always. Beautiful build into a satisfying conclusion. I’m really looking forward to this album. They have yet to disappoint me.

However, I have no idea what was going on in that video. What an awkward pairing… The music distracted from whatever the video was about and the video distracted from the song. It didn’t do either of them any favors.

 -1Posted on Jan 20th | re: Beck - "Blue Moon" (24 comments)

“”It’s a Blue Moon, Baby. So, why don’t you kill me.” C’mon Beck. Stop writing the same song over and over and do something original. “-A very sarcastic fan

 0Posted on Dec 18th, 2013 | re: Stream Burial Rival Dealer (80 comments)

Confirmed. Richard D. James is Burial.

 +12Posted on Dec 12th, 2013 | re: Can You Answer These Alt-Rock Jeopardy! Questions? (33 comments)

Yeah Phil. Nice try plugging your band.