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 0Posted on Dec 6th | re: Peter Gabriel - "Why Don't You Show Yourself" (2 comments)

Wow. This is actually, you know, really good.

Yeah. I’m kind of disgusted by our online society. Every event has turned into a race to see who can make the cleverest one-liner. Entire lives are dismissed with a narcissistic attempt to garner +1s from strangers in an anonymous online world. Our debates are reduced to anemic 140 character twitter posts presenting self righteous opinions carved on stone tablets. It’s really embarrassing. And I say that as someone that spends a great deal of time making stupid jokes on the internet. I just sometimes step back and think, “What the hell are we even doing?”

I’ve never been a fan of Creed or Scott, but I can recognize that he isn’t just a character in a TV show or something. He’s a human being. Give him some dignity. Give yourself some dignity.

Things never change, because people don’t change. They are predicable and therefore easily manipulated. Why is Mr.Manson and Mr.Roth doing this? Because it will drive sales of Manson’s brand and future album. Why is Stereogum posting about it? Because we are flooding their site with hits and comments because of it.

Anyway, here is an Onion article from 2001 that accurately illustrates the stupidity of this repeating history.
“Marilyn Manson Now Going Door-To-Door Trying To Shock People”,459/

I would have had them play a song!!

Apparently you don’t think Pentatonix is popular enough to use their actual name in the headline though?

Also, I’m not a huge Pentatonix fan, but I would challenge the accusation of it being “supremely autotuned”. I think this accusation comes from the perspective of someone that isn’t used to A Capella music. There is a fair amount of production work going on there (they weren’t recorded in the woods), but I don’t think you can say they are autotuned.

I agree that it’s a very strange song choice though.

 0Posted on Oct 17th | re: Bono Explains Why He's Always Wearing Sunglasses (24 comments)

Because there is a new U2 album that is being sold in stores as of a few days ago.

 +4Posted on Oct 17th | re: Bono Explains Why He's Always Wearing Sunglasses (24 comments)

Glaucoma is also, coincidentally, the reason why all the members of KISS wore makeup.

These photos imply that he does his own album artwork. Is this true?

 +1Posted on Oct 1st | re: Watch Future Islands Take "Seasons" To Jools Holland (7 comments)

But Gerrit is the mastermind right? I mean. Listen to that music. Gerrit is the real product here. Sam is just great advertising. Will is of course the charging cable that it comes with that you don’t realize is great until it breaks and you have to try to order a replacement online.

I hope your last name is really Scientist, otherwise it is going to be weird when I write your name in for the next presidential election. President Scientist would be the best president since Jackson.

And can you imagine all of the doors that would open up for Hip Hop music if they started putting President Scientists face on our money?