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Yes! I’m glad there is so much love for this song. I’m afraid even the more than casual Sufjan fans have no idea this perfect song is out there. It’s hidden at the tail end of a underhyped album length EP, and people just don’t ever get there. And then, the song itself is like the Garden of Eden whose gate of entry is guarded by a pair of angels with the most abrasive flaming guitar Sufjan could create, each of them wielding their blades in circles for what feels like an eternity. But if you break through that wailing wall you are greeted by something supernatural in beauty. The witnessing of a genuine musical kiss on the forehead from a brother to a hurting sister. It gives me chills just thinking about it.

I really think it’s a masterpiece of art. It totally encapsulates in this surreal medium of music what it is like to be trapped in an abusive relationship. I see the squalling guitars as the abuse. The obnoxious noise that starts quiet and then slowly builds and builds and builds. In the background is a chorus of friends and family beautifully singing for her to escape and find shelter in their love, but she’s overwhelmed by the noise. It’s just been going on and on and on and you can’t imagine what it is like to have it not be there anymore. You accept it, in all of it’s ugliness like embracing a tornado until it tears you to shreds. At least once she gets away, and there is some relief, but she gets sucked right back in a few moments later and it’s worse the second time, because you know what it feels like to have freedom.

Then when the moment finally arrives where it is gone. The deadbeat carpetbagger heart grabber is finally gone from her car. That moment is just sweeter than anything else I have ever felt in music. It’s a laying down of arm. A collapsing into family. A melting into love.

And that’s not even talking about that drum beat and the bull whip rhythm, and the lyrics that tumble into the lower register where Sufjan usually fears to tread. It really is by far his best vocal performance, and it’s so well done I think people don’t even notice this achievement.

Anyway. I really love “Djohariah”.

I find it really funny that the most surprising thing Sufjan could possibly do at this point in his career is release an 11 song album of what appears to be straight forward folk songs about his family, faith and life. This is pretty much what a normal musician would do, right? And yet, I’m like “Whoa! I was expecting a heavy metal album about Falconry that collaborates with Tibetan monks and is performed entirely on Mario Paint Music Composer for NES.”

 +7Posted on Dec 31st, 2014 | re: The 50 Best Stereogum Comments Of 2014 (42 comments)

The prophetic vision of #21 really is quite astounding. Or really, sad for how it wasn’t very astounding and how certain we all were that it was going to be true.

 +1Posted on Dec 24th, 2014 | re: Watch Eminem Reveal He's Gay In A Scene From The Interview (16 comments)

This is dumb and this movie looks really dumb.

 0Posted on Dec 6th, 2014 | re: Peter Gabriel - "Why Don't You Show Yourself" (2 comments)

Wow. This is actually, you know, really good.

Yeah. I’m kind of disgusted by our online society. Every event has turned into a race to see who can make the cleverest one-liner. Entire lives are dismissed with a narcissistic attempt to garner +1s from strangers in an anonymous online world. Our debates are reduced to anemic 140 character twitter posts presenting self righteous opinions carved on stone tablets. It’s really embarrassing. And I say that as someone that spends a great deal of time making stupid jokes on the internet. I just sometimes step back and think, “What the hell are we even doing?”

I’ve never been a fan of Creed or Scott, but I can recognize that he isn’t just a character in a TV show or something. He’s a human being. Give him some dignity. Give yourself some dignity.

 +6Posted on Nov 20th, 2014 | re: Watch The Unreleased Marilyn Manson Video In Which Lana Del Rey Is Raped (93 comments)

Things never change, because people don’t change. They are predicable and therefore easily manipulated. Why is Mr.Manson and Mr.Roth doing this? Because it will drive sales of Manson’s brand and future album. Why is Stereogum posting about it? Because we are flooding their site with hits and comments because of it.

Anyway, here is an Onion article from 2001 that accurately illustrates the stupidity of this repeating history.
“Marilyn Manson Now Going Door-To-Door Trying To Shock People”,459/

 +1Posted on Nov 11th, 2014 | re: Watch Future Islands Experience Tour Bus Trouble On Comedy Bang! Bang! (2 comments)

I would have had them play a song!!

Apparently you don’t think Pentatonix is popular enough to use their actual name in the headline though?

Also, I’m not a huge Pentatonix fan, but I would challenge the accusation of it being “supremely autotuned”. I think this accusation comes from the perspective of someone that isn’t used to A Capella music. There is a fair amount of production work going on there (they weren’t recorded in the woods), but I don’t think you can say they are autotuned.

I agree that it’s a very strange song choice though.