The Austin garage trio Woven Bones make dark, fuzzed, primitive, foot-stomping garage rockabilly shot through with J&MC, VU, and the Damned. (And you can extend that list to include a number of "the"…   Read Story »
Reyna Kay is one half of Blessure Grave, the gothy Hellhammer-referencing South California death rock band and one-time Outsiders you should expect big things from in 2010. (Well, amongst those of us…   Read Story »
San Francisco's the Fresh & Onlys make for great autumn listening. There's something gothy about their psychedelic rock 'n' roll swing, but the sort of vintage wind-blown vibe that's more internal…   Read Story »
A couple of months ago, we posted Bear In Heaven's "Lovesick Teenagers" in the midst of the deaths of John Hughes and Patrick Swayze. It colored the song then and has provided me a framework that…   Read Story »
When we called recent Philadelphia/New York crew Cold Cave a Band To Watch last December, we mentioned Heartworm Press, which frontman Wesley Eisold runs with the writer, curator, and now-again Cold…   Read Story »
The sunny psychedelic pop housed on LAKE's Let's Build A Roof deepens and interestingly darkens the Olympia group's previous output. The dozen songs were produced by Karl Blau, someone who clearly…   Read Story »
When we spoke with Matt Popieluch about non-album track "Wander Aimlessly," the Foreign Born vocalist/guitarist/"lo-fi renaissance man" mentioned that the song was partially inspired while he was…   Read Story »
At the beginning of the year, we said UK trio the Rayographs were a band worth watching. As mentioned then, guitarist/vocalist Astrud Steehouder conjures Grace Slick (or, to get more contemporary,…   Read Story »
Lately Brooklyn's the Antlers have been the topic of more (and more) conversations. Yesterday we posted a track from the icily anthemic trio's self-released and emotionally drained/draining Hospice,…   Read Story »
So far the group-chanting Brooklyn BTW Suckers are best known for their outfits, a self-titled EP produced by Yeasayer's Anand Wilder and Chris Moore (TV On The Radio, Yeah Yeah Yeahs), and a lineup…   Read Story »