Baltimore's Wye Oak play hushed, sometimes loud, always lush pop. It's refreshingly tough to pin the duo down, but not in some over-eclectic, pseudo-avant way. It's also refreshing to say they…   Read Story »
The Brooklyn duo and BTW High Places don't need too much of an introduction in these parts. Personally, I find myself listening to to their scattered, recently collected tracks quite a bit without…   Read Story »
Not Panthers. I already talked with them. This is Panther, the Portland duo of founder Charlie Salas-Humara (vocals, cello, guitar, keys) and 31 Knots' Joe Kelly (drums). 14kt God, the band's first…   Read Story »
I won't pull punches: I love Blood On The Wall. From their self-titled debut to 2005's Awesomer and the even, yes, awesomer Liferz the trio's managed a scowling Mudhoney rock explosion that feels on…   Read Story »
The last time we heard from the Swedish retro doom rockers Witchcraft was via their excellently appropriate Roky Erickson cover this past Halloween. Actually, as fitting as that would've been…   Read Story »
It happens. Like when I called up Hutch last March to talk about his life as a barista he'd recently quit. (Come to think of it, same thing happened with another singing ex-coffee slinger, Man Man's…   Read Story »
Surprisingly, Pig Destroyer's Phantom Limb ended up on quite a few non-metal '07 lists (along the Dillinger Escape Plan, another metal crossover). I prefer the double-stuffed 2004 half grind/half…   Read Story »
I find myself returning to the Roadside Graves' No One Will Know Where You've Been at least once a week, which considering all the music piled against the walls in my apartment is a pretty huge feat.…   Read Story »
This first proper QYDJ of the year looks at work and life via an angle that's close to my own background and heart: Justin Vernon, aka Bon Iver, grew up with the woods, and is currently building a…   Read Story »
It was a good year for indie-rockers with day jobs ... or bad, depending on how you view work or if downloading free music makes you feel guilty. Quit Your Day Job launched at the beginning of…   Read Story »