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Earlier this month, I spent a Saturday afternoon at the Brooklyn metal-themed bar Duff's: a cluttered dive situated in the basement of an apartment building, illuminated even in the daytime only by…   Read Story »
Before the quibbling starts: I didn't include YOB's Atma because it isn't out until August. It would be way up there. I've also been listening to Dragged Into Sunlight's Hatred For Mankind quite a…   Read Story »
As mentioned when posting songs from Morne's excellent Untold Wait last year, the Boston post-sludge quintet got a boost in visibility when Darkthrone included their name, along with Teitanblood, in…   Read Story »
I owe Darkthrone for this one. When I interviewed Fenriz, I asked him about the Teitanblood patch Max Necro's wearing on Circle The Wagon's cover. His response: "Ted and me had settled for Morne.…   Read Story »