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Trust -- now the solo project of producer Robert Alfons -- recently put out the album Joyland, a record filled to the brim with dark, glittery dance music. Director Will Joines has now made a video…   Read Story »
The dark Toronto electro-pop act Trust are a couple of weeks away from releasing Joyland, their second album but their first with producer Robert Alfons as the sole member. Early tracks "Rescue,…   Read Story »
It's hard to say whether Toronto's Trust are the same group that released the debut album TRST in 2012. They've gone from being a duo to becoming Robert Alfons's solo project. And on the two tracks…   Read Story »
If you stared at an expensive nightclub's light display for a few minutes, then closed your eyes and pressed your thumbs into your eyelids, you might see something that looks like Trust's "Rescue,…   Read Story »
Earlier this month we heard the newest single by Toronto producer Trust, a shadowy, glittery club jam titled "Rescue, Mister." Now up-and-coming Australian producer Null has given the track a remix…   Read Story »
Two years ago, the doomy Toronto synth duo Trust made their debut with the ominous album TRST. Since that time, Trust has become a solo project, with Robert Alfons running the whole show, and the…   Read Story »
Eleven years have passed since the Faint released Danse Macabre. With a deluxe remastered edition released today, the Faint have been traversing the country, playing the whole album in its entirety…   Read Story »
Canuck electro-goths Trust have a new EP out, a collection from which we've already heard the throbbing title track "Dressed For Space." Now they've put another cut from that release out into the…   Read Story »
Canadian electro-goth duo Trust's debut album TRST might exude gloom and darkness, but the video for their track "Dressed For Space" is a neon blur of primary colors and bodies moving. Norman Wong…   Read Story »
Labelmates TRUST impose their downstated electro pulse on Feist's Metals jam "Graveyard," and the result is a pretty seamless, cool little number. Download it below. Feist - "Graveyard (TRUST…   Read Story »