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It's pretty hard to carry on Stereogum business as usual on the day that Amrit Singh, the guy who brought me to the site and one of my favorite people, announces his departure. Like, I'm sure, a lot…   Read Story »
Earlier this year you may have heard journalist-turned-songstress Anika's cover of Chromatics' "In The City" for her Geoff Barrow produced EP on Stones Throw. It was a fantastic cover, and now it has…   Read Story »
Last we heard from Anika, she was adding seedy elements to Chromatics' "In The City" for her self-titled EP. The collection is mostly covers, including her take on the Crystals' "He Hit Me" and,…   Read Story »
Anika's follows up her 2011 self-titled debut with an eponymous EP and its first single is a cover of Chromatics' "In The City." On it Anika takes her brand of post-punk/no wave and rubs it all over…   Read Story »
Here's a remix of Bear In Heaven's "Sinful Nature" composed by multi-instrumentalist/political journalist/cratedigger Anika and BestMate, where they've reshaped the track into a sky-buzzing jam fit…   Read Story »
Multi-instrumentalist/political journalist/cratedigger Anika DJ'd our 2011 SXSW collaboration with Sacred Bones. In the recap, I mentioned hoping she'd come back and actually play at some point: Her…   Read Story »