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Yesterday, we lost Kim Fowley, the legendary psychedelic/glam/punk rock weirdo and con man who managed to place himself at the center of virtually every rock-history advancement of the last 40 years.…   Read Story »
Mexican Summer is gearing up for a nice fall season, as the next few months bring heavy-hitting full lengths from Weyes Blood and Torn Hawk. Before that, though, they're going to drop a new EP by…   Read Story »
Alexis Georgopoulos, aka Arp, released his most recent album last summer, the psych-pop-indebted MORE. Now he's set to release a new EP, titled Pulsars E Quasars, which sounds like it will be working…   Read Story »
Arp, aka bedroom composer Alexis Georgopoulos, just released an album called MORE that forgoes his former synthetic tendencies for a tactile combo of piano, cello, and guitar. But for their remix of…   Read Story »
When Arp (aka Alexis Georgopoulos) released "High-Heeled Clouds" earlier this summer it was a bit of a surprise. If you had listened to some of the older work from Arp and then heard that new song it…   Read Story »
ARP is Alexis Georgopoulos, an artist and musician who you may remember from the Alps or right here on Stereogum. He's gearing up for the September release of his album More and has released the…   Read Story »
The situation is this: You should have Subiza, because we've gushed enough, and because you like good music, and because they turned a listening room near you into a blissed out crowd surf party…   Read Story »
Welcome to summer, welcome to free and legally downloadable summer jams. Time to CELEBRATE on ROOFTOPS. But you know, oil spills. And crazy people waiting in lines for phones for hours. And poorly…   Read Story »
ARP is Alexis Georgopoulos, aka the San Francisco to New York composer whose second album The Soft Wave is something I've suddenly found myself listening to on a regular basis. The mix of analog…   Read Story »
A couple of months ago MoMA PS1 Director Klaus Biesenbach -- the person who organized MoMA's ridiculously popular Marina Abramović exhibition, among other things -- asked me if I'd want to help…   Read Story »