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Natasha's made good use of her time on the coasts, combining a couple of hailed shows with a Letterman appearance here, and stopping over at Kimmel's place last night while in the vicinity for some…   Read Story »
When Natasha Khan came to NYC to do Letterman and a pair of shows at Bowery Ballroom and Music Hall Of Williamsburg earlier this spring, she was the only thing anybody wanted to talk about. This week…   Read Story »
Under the guise of 909, TV On The Radio's studio guru has injected some tribal, mystical funk into Two Suns's chilly synth jam "Sleep Alone." Hear 2:11 of 909's In The Dark Mix at MySpace.   Read Story »
Natasha Khan's newest Two Suns video treatment features the same slo-mo dreaminess as Letterman-approved "Daniel," but with less of a sinister (and modern dancing and Karate Kid) feel. New single…   Read Story »
On a whim I checked in with Breakfast At Sulimay's, the amusing Web video series in which three elderly music fans review indie and hip-hop singles over coffee at a Philadelphia diner. Turns out…   Read Story »
Natasha Khan fans who purchased a Two Suns CD found a special surprise when ripping it to their laptop, being taken to a special site to download the bonus (and apparent live staple) "Lo-Fi" version…   Read Story »
If it wasn't for last night's Dark Was The Night live show, I'd probably continue working Natasha Khan's stunner at Bowery into every conversation I have this week. Or her similarly gripping show at…   Read Story »
Natasha Khan has what might be the song of the year, a spellbinding new album, a performance on Letterman tonight, and the Thom Yorke stamp of approval. It's an impressive fact sheet, and it got…   Read Story »
Natasha Khan's presented up her song of the year contender in various states of dress, from Karate Kid and La Russoed to stripped and lo-fi. Each has been a good look for "Daniel," although this…   Read Story »
No matter how much people on this side of the Atlantic adore Kings Of Leon (debatable), they should know that Europeans hear the band very differently. It's one thing to like the Followills, but it's…   Read Story »