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Earlier this morning, British DJ/television presenter Lauren Laverne announced the dozen 2009 Mercury nominees at London's Hospital Club. The prize, of course, is for the UK's album of the year…   Read Story »
Natasha's made good use of her time on the coasts, combining a couple of hailed shows with a Letterman appearance here, and stopping over at Kimmel's place last night while in the vicinity for some…   Read Story »
When Natasha Khan came to NYC to do Letterman and a pair of shows at Bowery Ballroom and Music Hall Of Williamsburg earlier this spring, she was the only thing anybody wanted to talk about. This week…   Read Story »
Under the guise of 909, TV On The Radio's studio guru has injected some tribal, mystical funk into Two Suns's chilly synth jam "Sleep Alone." Hear 2:11 of 909's In The Dark Mix at MySpace.   Read Story »
Natasha Khan's newest Two Suns video treatment features the same slo-mo dreaminess as Letterman-approved "Daniel," but with less of a sinister (and modern dancing and Karate Kid) feel. New single…   Read Story »
On a whim I checked in with Breakfast At Sulimay's, the amusing Web video series in which three elderly music fans review indie and hip-hop singles over coffee at a Philadelphia diner. Turns out…   Read Story »
Natasha Khan fans who purchased a Two Suns CD found a special surprise when ripping it to their laptop, being taken to a special site to download the bonus (and apparent live staple) "Lo-Fi" version…   Read Story »
If it wasn't for last night's Dark Was The Night live show, I'd probably continue working Natasha Khan's stunner at Bowery into every conversation I have this week. Or her similarly gripping show at…   Read Story »
Natasha Khan has what might be the song of the year, a spellbinding new album, a performance on Letterman tonight, and the Thom Yorke stamp of approval. It's an impressive fact sheet, and it got…   Read Story »
Natasha Khan's presented up her song of the year contender in various states of dress, from Karate Kid and La Russoed to stripped and lo-fi. Each has been a good look for "Daniel," although this…   Read Story »