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Ryan Hemsworth's Secret Songs project has become a treasure trove of under-the-radar producers and up-and-coming artists. Besides releasing a new song every week, they also got into the compilation…   Read Story »
Last week we heard, "Shibuya," the new single by Beat Culture. That song was paired with "Drifter (feat. Psychic Twin), and today, remix prodigy Ryan DeRobertis aka SAINT PEPSI (who in addition to…   Read Story »
Beat Culture is really Sunik Kim, a Yale student who has been making sparkling laptop compositions for sometime now. "Shibuya" begins with a fragile formlessness that gradually builds in every way.…   Read Story »
Last night was Hype Machine's Fast Forward League Night, which was put on by the Hype dudes themselves as well as Consequence Of Sound, Gorilla Vs. Bear, I Guess I'm Floating, Awesome Tapes From…   Read Story »