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The Detroit rapper/producer Black Milk has plans to release a conventional album sometime this year, and we've already posted his pretty great single "Sunday's Best/Monday's Worst." But Black Milk's…   Read Story »
The Detroit rapper/producer/Dilla disciple Black Milk has a new album coming sometime this year, and the first thing he's let anyone hear from it is a two-part song called "Sunday's Best/Monday's…   Read Story »
Though "Black And Brown" first appeared on Black Milk's 2010 LP Album Of The Year, it set the table for the collaborative EP Black And Brown, a release where Milk and fellow Detroit rapper Danny…   Read Story »
Alright, y'all know what time it is. It's the Halloweekend, and today we've got some of the best tracks from the last month that fit nicely into whatever theme-heavy environment you're trying to…   Read Story »
Previously on Stereogum, we heard "Zap," the first track from Danny Brown and Black Milk's collaborative EP Black And Brown. Now, the entire EP, which is an exciting combination of Black Milk's…   Read Story »
Detroit's finest sync up for the upcoming Black And Brown EP, a release that features the tandem of Danny Brown's rapping and Black Milk's production. And, given that we're somewhat iffy on Brown…   Read Story »