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We're live tweeting and shooting everything 'Roo at Here's the best of Saturday...   Read Story »
We're live tweeting and shooting everything 'Roo at Here's the best of Friday...   Read Story »
Stereogum's been descending upon the inevitably muddy swampland that is the Bonnaroo family farm since 2003, each year getting a little better at balancing immediacy with being comprehensive in our…   Read Story »
The thing that distinguishes Bonnaroo from most every other festival -- aside from people smelling worse than most every other festival -- is that it's on a remote farm with absolutely no noise…   Read Story »
From naming stages and tents Which, What, This, That, and Other so that asking for directions can't help but become a stoned Abbot & Costello routine, to unveiling its lineup via a protracted runup…   Read Story »
Add Jay-Z, Stevie Wonder, and Kings Of Leon to the previously speculated Paul Simon, Dave Matthews Band, and Lips Covering Floyd. The new names aren't confirmed, but likely. Full lineup Tuesday.   Read Story »
That's right, LiveDaily adds him to the lineup that includes the Flaming Lips doing Dark Side Of The Moon and, according to rumors, Paul McCartney. Boomer's delight! Allegedly! We'll know for certain…   Read Story »
Wayne Coyne told Spinner that the band plans to make like New Year's and do the complete DSOTM after a regular Lips set, so get your drugs now. It's also looking like DMB is likely. Pavement perhaps?…   Read Story »
Next year's pilgrimage to Manchester, TN has been confirmed for 6/10-6/13. Tix go on sale 11/27. (And for what it's worth, Pavement seem to be free that weekend.) Meanwhile, the future of Morrison,…   Read Story »