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Africa Express is Damon Albarn's project that brings together Western musical luminaries (Brian Eno, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Nick Zinner, Albarn himself) with Malian musicians. Last year, they released…   Read Story »
Low is certainly one of David Bowie's very best albums, but when it comes to backstory, no other album compares. As covered in Hugo Wilcken's reverent 33 1/3 book, the thing was recorded when Bowie…   Read Story »
As the tragic violence in Gaza has been heating up again, so has debate about the conflict between Israel and Hamas. Rock and pop stars have been getting in on that discourse, including Rihanna,…   Read Story »
Someday World, the team-up from Brian Eno and Underworld mastermind Karl Kyde, has only been out for a few weeks, but the duo has already announced another album for release this summer. High Life is…   Read Story »
Brian Eno's latest project is a collaboration with Karl Hyde, leader of the classic UK dance group Underworld. We've already heard a sample of the album, Someday World, in the form of tracks "The…   Read Story »
The gorgeous Brian Eno collab "Heavy Seas Of Love" was one of the many tracks Damon Albarn released ahead of Everyday Robots. Now it's the third to get a video, joining the beat-driven laments…   Read Story »
For his latest trick, Brian Eno has recorded Someday World a full collaborative album with Karl Hyde, of the long-running British dance group Underworld, and we've already heard the early track "The…   Read Story »
Art-rock eminence Brian Eno has linked up with Karl Hyde, frontman for the long-running British dance group Underworld, to record a collaborative album called Someday World. The duo, working under…   Read Story »
UPDATE: YouTube's now available below... // It is a massive pain in the ass to hear "Heavy Seas Of Love," the song that ends Damon Albarn's forthcoming solo album Everyday Robots. You have to…   Read Story »
While we wait around for a new Blur album, Damon Albarn continues to give us everything but, from a collaboration with the Child Of Lov (RIP) to a stage version of his Monkey opera. Damon did say a…   Read Story »