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The Californian noise-rap group clipping. make bracing, confrontational music, but it's not really political music, at least in the way that "political rap" is usually understood. Still, the three…   Read Story »
Last month, we heard "Hunger Of The Pine," our first taste of new alt-J album This Is All Yours. Around the same time, alt-J drummer Thom Green discussed his appreciation of clipping.'s noise-rap…   Read Story »
The experimental rap group clipping. have a few recurring themes on their two albums. They always start with an "Intro," they end with a mind-melting sound collage, and they both include a very…   Read Story »
We just named clipping.'s CLPPNG our Album Of The Week, and one of the record's finest noise-rap dispatches is the booming "Body & Blood," its second track and first proper song. Just a day after the…   Read Story »
The minute the L.A. trio clipping. emerged, combining clinically precise raps with assaultive squalls of electro-noise, they invited comparison to another California group, Death Grips. But those…   Read Story »
The problem with a lot of noise-rap is that it falls apart a bit when it comes to the actual rapping. That's not a problem for the L.A. trio clipping., whose squalid digital chaos screeches and…   Read Story »
The fascinating noise-rap trio clipping. are a few weeks away from releasing their gut-liquefying Sub Pop debut CLPPNG, and we've posted the eerie first single "Work Work," as well as its staggering…   Read Story »
Hey, whoever's in charge of music video releases! Can you space things out a little better, please? Last week, I scrambled to come up with five watchable videos. This week, I have to leave out a few…   Read Story »
As if rap group clipping.'s "Work Work" wasn't already intense enough, now the group has teamed with director Carlos Lopez Estrada to up the ante. Daveed Diggs raps the entire track while biting a…   Read Story »
This year marks the 10th anniversary of Wolf Eyes signing to Sub Pop. It was a strange move to many, that such a high-profile label would team up with a group so dissonant and grotesque, but from the…   Read Story »